Saturday, 24th October, 2,009.


DDD 10,000-1-a

World situation now.


Any readers are asked to observe the following points:-

Especially for those of you who have been wondering increasingly about what is going on in the world.


As the world continues to deteriorate VERY rapidly, AND acceleratingly so, note the following:-

1. Global Warming has been slowing down since 1998. It still exists, but is falling away. I doubt it will stop The Gulf Stream now. So no ice age that way.

2. Because the sun spots have(almost)stopped, we can expect a mini ice era. The first signs of this have existed for at least 2.5 years(the length of time the sun spots have stopped). It should last(average expectancy) about 30 years. Average temperatures world wide should fall ten degrees Celsius or more. I expect North Australia to become temperate. Within a few years. The fall will be increased further by aerosols, stratospheric down-blasts(as the warm troposphere pushes up, displacing cold air downwards). And further still when the Earth's orbit elongates. Winters will become awfully cold!!

3. Many are raving about how we are rising out of the economic and financial fall. The Dow and trade,etc. have been bounding upwards. However, we(the world is)(especially U.S.) are TRILLIONS in debt and deficit. THAT is not going to go away over-night!! Lessons are NOT being learned. Excess greed CONTINUES!! By bankers, brokers, financiers,etc. especially.


The reason The Dow,etc. have risen so far so fast of late - is because of the contrariness of The Mob!! The Stimilii and money printing has led to this. Buying has surged and business has followed. THAT is what has driven The Dow,etc. up!! EXPECT a new collapse beginning NOW!!

Australia and New Zealand should come off best, - because in with rising China!! And Asia.


The U.S. Dollar could collapse. Has been falling. This will send gold and silver up.(Rocketting.) Also the new key nations are demanding a new global financial system. Plus the rise of The Euro against The U.S. dollar!! ETC.



The Political East is rising fast. And should be on top within a few years.


The U.S. and Britain,etc. should fall.


Obama is a communist, socialist, Muslim and Negroid. He is Health and Peace mad. However, his methods to achieve these ends will destroy U.S. And The West!! He might as well be a traitor, for what he is doing!! He could be impeached. But Biden will be far worse!!


Obama is disarming U.S.(Which is fast going isolationist.), reducing nuclear weapons.(While North Korea and Iran develop theirs at top speed!!)

U.S. is losing(or has already lost) Japan.


He is giving Iraq(which had been saved)to Iran!! And is about to give away Afghanistan!!

He has given Iran the green light! But is now getting alarmed.(As it has or nearly has an atomic bomb!)(Which will give it dominancy over Israel and The Middle East.)

Inexperienced he has no idea what he is doing.

He has sold out Poland and Czechoslovakia.

He is against Israel!!


The West made two tragic mistakes. Electing Obama. (Electing Rudd was another one.)(Though AT FIRST Rudd will be far better than The Coalition.)

Expect destruction to start in just over five years!!(Via increasing Anarchy.)


Oil is rising.


Europe is rising. So is Germany!


North Korea races ahead.


The whole world is de-generating.

Humanity is going down. Taking all life- forms with it.

Humans never were very bright.


China is leading the pack.(Australasia in with them.)


Russia in with them.


The public in general neither knows nor cares about what is happening. They are much more concerned about local TRIVIA.


World economic and financial collapse on the way.


I expect the U.S. Dollar to crash.


India is rising.


The Taliban is winning(or was).

Al Quaedo,etc. following suit.


Coloured folk in ascendency.

Racial discrimination exist. Against THE WHITE SKINS!!!!


Australia being invaded by boat people(plus terrorists, increasingly).


The Australian Coalition is ... hopeless.

Inflation proceeds.

Rudd is baffled.



Muslim onslaught!!!!



I really think it is time the people WOKE UP!!!!




Getting a bit late now!!






Vic Conway.







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