Tuesday, 16th August,  2,011.





Supplement to M43.


Something big and horrible approaches us!!


You NEED telling - again and AGAIN!!!!




        In addition to what I said in M43, we have the global financial and economic crises, brought on by a failure to live within our means! Because spending too much!! Particularly governments!!     Plus the fact that too many humans are selfish. We simply are not very advanced spiritually in personal evolution!   Therefore instead of improving things, we make things worse!!




        Greed is making many put up their prices. Plus The Feds printing more and more bank-notes! And in other ways increasing how much MONEY(But MONEY is NOT wealth, you see??!!)(MATERIAL WEALTH is production ABILITY!!  SPIRITUAL WEALTH is LOVE,ETC. ABILITY!!)they have.  (I think they will be pressured to go QE3(creating more and more money)(IF people SPENT ALL OUT, yes, spending would be successful(at getting through(IN THIS ABNORMAL set-up we have now created for ourselves!(I am referring to U.S. in particular.  Where The Feds have gone for bust!(The U.S. has gone World Policeman, most THANKFULLY for The West, but is now NO LONGER ABLE TO.   So EXPECT THE POLITICAL EAST TO FLOOD over The West, LED BY Iran and North Korea, SUPPORTED by RED China(Australia obliged to pander to!)(Keating knew this and pandered to Asia!!), Russia,and now India!(West MUST slide into the ground!!)(So more and more people,etc.will GO for GOLD. But SILVER SHOULD be better still, by far!)(But from now on U.S. and rest of West - after initial great successes - should go down. China would normally take over. With its Yuan.   But NIBIRU interrupts the procedure!!  Followed by The Return of GOD and CHRIST.  In other words, the BEGINNING of A NEW SOLAR CYCLE of 26,000 years!! (Including, IMMEDIATELY,   a solar quarter cycle of 6,500 years!)When all is bright and NEW!!)  And by trying to run too many unpractical schemes have created a ridiculous SET-UP!!))(but SAVING is so deeply engrained into many and the OBVIOUS way to go, that many are now SAVING!!)(Don't you understand?   It is LIKE blood circulation. Money is the financial blood.  SPENDING facilitates THAT FLOW. Saving COAGULATES it!! LEADING to seizure and HEART ATTACK!!!!)(In other words the ENTIRE GLOBE grinding to a halt fiscally!!  With all the horrors THAT begats!(Since it is too hard for us to become loving and GODLY, our only hope(and the best one) is to TAKE REFUGE IN NIBIRU,ETC. BUT GET WITHIN THE EARTH!!(Saving is the way to go WHEN on top of everything, but right now we are AT BOTTOM!!!! So SPENDING is become OUR (FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC) ONLY HOPE!!)(In an idea society of LOVE, we would buy and spend FREELY, but the opposite is the case, so we NOW NEED TO SPEND!!), and beyond, which via inflation going out of control - will lead to Hyperinflation.(Like with Zimbabwe!))  This sends the value of The U.S. dollar down. (And gold up.  But SILVER best. IF it can stay above $37 per ounce.  It is VERY volatile -  due to being a by-product of other metals AND suppressed. Danger of confiscation. Silver,too.  Copper going up also.) UNLESS enough people spend. But people are opting for SAVING, which NORMALLY is the way to go.   However, our times are NOT normal!!(All right. I have  mixed subjects here. But Nibiru is the MAIN theme in this article. It is just that I forgot to add The Economic situation to my list of horrors in M43!!)(Men of Planet Earth!! We are in a most terrible, ghastly, HORRIBLE mess!!  Believe me, WITHIN The Earth IS The CRYING need - for as many as can!!)



       The Dow behaved recently like a Yo-yo(A spinning toy you string pull up and down.).  People are hoping that things will now settle down.(I think lowering the U.S. Credit Rating was a mistake.  Last thing the world needed!!)


       However, I think Dow could crash - and to the ROCKS!!  Maybe in four great falls. 10,000, 4,000,400 and O.(Zero.)


       Not in a straight line, perhaps.  But in a series of jerks. From now on.


       Far exceeding The Great Slump of 1929.





       Europe too is in a mess.










       Astronomical objects.



       An entire solar system, plus two planet PERHAPS captured from our Solar System, namely Planet Nibiru(Planet X)(Which orbits(or did) our sun far out beyond Neptune and Pluto(With Charon).(It is about the size of Saturn.) AND the core of Planet Phaeton.(Planet  IV)(5).(Which had its surface crust, with ocean,  blown off millions of years ago.)(It is slightly smaller than Mars.)


       It IS a fact. Let me send you videos of this.  In addition to the sun rounding the spiral arm of the group of stars it is in, heaving up the magma below much more - producing HEAT(The Second Sun produces even more heat.  HEAT will be our problem now!!), volcanic eruptions and earthquakes increasingly(until it has passed half way around the spiral arm(Dec.21, 2,012.)) - AND The Alignment with the centre of our galaxy(same date) - AND the beginning of The Age of Aquarius(ALL on the same date, 21.12.2,012). Along with all other cycles(same date).  We have this companion star sun name of Antoine WHICH MAY IN FACT BE NEMESIS!!(ALL(or nearly all) the heavenly bodies and fields go in IDENTICAL TWIN PAIRS.(Which leads me to believe that the second sun(along with six planets and their satellites,etc.etc.RIGHT NOW approaching us(It can be expected to circle our sun, Sol, and come VERY close to us. Fortunately it is a small brown dwarf star, that LOOKS like a second sun.)might be Nemesis.(But is FAR too small to be the identical twin companion of Sol!)  However, it is large enough to be possibly fatal to us.(I don't THINK that it will hit us.)



        Many are refusing to believe it(Some of the authorities like NASA and The Jet Propulsion Unit, KNOW!!). What they are REALLY thinking is "I don't WANT to believe it, - so I WON'T!!".  Going into DENIAL!!



        However, it IS true!!(But what A JOB I am having convincing most of you!!)




        You have only to STUDY some of the numerous videos CLOSELY, to SEE this.(Careful inspection discounts lens flares, reflections, atmospheric refractions temperature inversions and sun dogs,etc!!)(Along with fakes and hoaxes.)




        It should not be so strange that the sun has a companion star, which goes around our sun ever 3,600 years! It just HAPPENS to be - that THIS IS what is OCCURRING RIGHT NOW!!!!


        There is THIS difference though. Sol(our sun)'s twin companion star is Nemesis. Which is WAY OUT in space. So I think this is Antoine  a MINOR solar companion!!



        However, in addition to the twin companion star, some stars have a CLOSE binary.(What I am referring to  by a MINOR companion.) It appears that we have.



        It all adds up you see. The modus operandi for 2,012. The prophecies of doom soon. The Mayan,etc.calendar. The increase in foreign objects into our solar system.


        The worsening disasters, the growing heat, and cold,  the increasing number of strange events,...       



        The fact that Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon, about 3,600 years spaced apart, all went down in GIGANTIC CATACLYSMS - INDICATES MOST STRONGLY - that SOME COLOSSAL ASTRONOMICAL EVENT occurs periodically to do this!!


        How FOOLISH to IGNORE all these INDICATORS!!



        It is also quite understandable that those who hate bad news inordinately will simply go into denial. AND THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!



        Instead of saying, "something nasty approaching us, let me take a look!", they are saying "Bad news? NO WAY.  I don't want that, therefore I will simply disbelieve it!".  Which is STUPID!! ESPECIALLY Seeing that there IS a way of escape. Namely DOWN The Tubular Entrance NEAR to The North Pole!(There is one down south,too, but as going in by sea(air would be best of all)is the practical way for many, The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE is far easier!!)(Have CRUISE ships spearheaded by ICE BREAKERS!)


        Now let us consider the objections:-



        1.  If something so horrible and SO destructive to us WAS approaching, The Government,etc. would surely let us know!(2. Astronomers would report it voluminously?  They would, no doubt, WERE IT NOT FOR THE FACT that the negatives among us are STOPPING them!!  3. People in general would SEE two suns in the sky were it true, you think?  Yes, but second sun ONLY VISIBLE at sun rise and sunset SOME TIMES, especially if way down south!!(How many look at the sun to see if single or double??!!)(Think of its GLARE.  Especially if two of them!!)  4.  What are my qualifications?  Just the ability to see WHAT IS THERE!!)(Earthmen are so UN spiritual.  So VERY materialistic.  But we need to THINK about WHAT COMES AFTER DEATH!!  ESPECIALLY NOW with death so NEAR!!)


         You think so? No, they would not. (a) To avoid panic until the very last moment! (b) To keep CONTROL of us!  (c) That would mean admitting something weird is happening, and that is JUST NOT ON with Orthodox Science!! (d) Only a FEW specimens could go. They will select THEIR blue eyed boys,ETC.(e)It would cause the GRAND DADDY OF ALL RUMPUSES!!


         So they are DELIBERATELY SUPPRESSING ALL reports of such!


         Going the easy way of a conspiracy of silence and DENIAL - FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!



         (I encounter TREMENDOUS resistance to putting out my claim.)(A few others are trying to do likewise.  But I am one of  THE VERY FEW who knows well HOW to dodge THIS THING!!(The Earth is hollow, and there is a huge tubeway at each end of The Earth leading down into a beautiful Temperate Paradise BELOW!!)


          Unless you prefer a most awful death, you will do ALL that you can to get down The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole!!(It is BEAUTIFUL down there!! Easy to live there!!)  The entrance is NEAR to it. So big it is easy to miss!! Just make a BEE LINE North as long as you can.  Compasses go haywire near to the poles due to magnetism.  But GYROSCOPES will work. Use these and head NORTH in a STRAIGHT LINE.(Down WITHIN you will have an 800 mile thick CRUST over your head!)(Conditions within are TEMPERATE. With LUSH vegetation!!)(I KNOW it sounds ridiculous, but facts ARE FACTS!!))




          You need not take my word for it. STUDY the videos for yourselves!!




          ACCORDING TO I.Q.TEST I am intelligent. Also I have studied this subject for many years!!



          Why would I, a born-again Christian, flog myself to death, TRYING against unpleasant resistance, KEEP ON TRYING, were it not CLEARLY TRUE?!


          I have been putting out my articles for many years!


          And ignored. I find myself just about UTTERLY disbelieved!!





         My motive is deep concern for ALL of us. Is that so strange??





         I KNOW it SOUNDS ridiculous. I CANNOT HELP THAT!!




         A hollow Earth(and all large igneous rocks) SOUNDS absurd, I know that WELL!!   But what the rest of you apparently DO NOT KNOW, is that the laws of physics(so appealed to!!) REQUIRES - via CENTRIFUGAL FORCE - that all spinning molten objects SOLIDIFY with their inside material FLUNG to the SIDES, AND tube way entrances get created EACH END!!(In other words be HOLLOW!!)(CENTRIFUGAL FORCE demands it via the laws of PHYSICS!!)(With a plasmic core at the centre.)(Created by centriPEDAL force.)



          Now WHICH IS BETTER??  Stay on the surface of The Earth - and almost certainly die. OR, get WITHIN!!


          I leave you to work that out...





          It is very little trouble to look at some of these videos and reports,etc.  IF you think I might be mistaken!!(If a LION suddenly confronted you at your gate would YOU go into DENIAL??!!  COME ON!!)(Yes, you DO take the risk of getting your pride hurt IF I am lying to you.  But BELIEVE ME, THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!)


          VERY strange not to check - considering the ENORMITY of the claim!!


          To go down the tubular entrance near to The North Geographical Pole is QUITE a step.  But a terrible death IS AN EVEN BIGGER STEP!!   Don't you THINK????





          An almost impossible task because even those WHO KNOW don't want the general public to know UNTIL AS LATE AS POSSIBLE.(But WHO,THEN, CAN escape??!!)



         HOWEVER, WE DO NEED to TRY!!!!



         Down BELOW, is WHERE, those in the know, GO EACH TIME!!(Each time this SET of objects called Nibiru comes around(Which it DOES  every 3,600 years!)(And NOW is our Aryan turn!)(YES!!)








   Which is the bigger danger? Risking a hurt pride, OR, dying suddenly horribly and terribly(almost certainly) within the next TWO YEARS??  THINK!!!!


                           I FRANTICALLY KEEP TRYING to get you to act!!





         MASS e mails,please.


         I BESEECH you ALL - to DO this!!


         ALL life upon this planet IS at stake. Yes, RIGHT NOW!!




           You THINK I am joking, or mistaken!!(What are my qualifications? Just the ability to SEE what is THERE!!)




           That is an AWFUL CHANCE to take - isn't it!!!!


           I am SORRY, this article is an awful mess of mixed entries. But best I can do now.  It NEEDS to go. And I am HOPING you will all understand it WELL ENOUGH.


         If you think I have nothing better to do than send out some ridiculous JOKE endlessly, then THE NEXT THING you can expect, is:-




        An ugly red second moon in the sky.


        Giving us TWO MOONS(as well as the two suns).




       Comrades, they ARE THERE!!




       WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A LOOK??!!(AT THE VIDEOS!!)(Ask yourself!!)(If you are SO sure that this is not true!!)  











































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