Wednesday, 25th November, 2,009.


Another reprieve!(Earth Changes)



It occurs to me that two years is not long enough. For us to prepare for doom.

What I mean is, not that we can control the truth, but that two years is not long enough to fit in all the Biblical,etc. prophecies!

The year of 2,012.A.D. is sound. Therefore what is evidently not to be relied upon - is the year(2,009.A.D. currently)!

In other words, Little Peeble is right, or at least going in the right direction!

He claims that our calendar is wrong, and that the year is actually 2,006(or even 5) A.D., not 2,009! Due to errors made when changing from The Julian Calendar - to The Gregorian.

Now Nibiru(which must arrive BEFORE Doomsday), the red rogue planet, is currently placed about where the asteroids now are(where it began its trip). A ROUGH estimate of 60 million miles away.


It is travelling at an estimated 200 miles per hour. Which is roughly 5,000 miles per day(towards the sun). Or two million miles per year.

In other words, it should be ABOUT 30 years before Nibiru arrives!(At the Earth.)

Yes, it is possible that our calendar is THAT much in error! (Little Peeble found some of it(3 or 4 years).) I suspect that another 26 or 27 years are still missing!


In other words, since Earth Inversion(caused by Nibiru) is due to occur one year before 2,012.A.D. - That the true date is 2,011 MINUS 30, which is 1981!(30 years on to that gives us 2,011.A.D.(TRUE CALENDAR) as when The next Earth Inversion occurs!!)

So we are still in The Twentieth Century!

With 30 years period of grace!



This is more fitting world events and Biblical,etc.predictions!!


That gives me more time to warn the world,too.


There is something else: Jesus, during His Ministry, declared that CHRIST would return in TWO DAYS(Thousand year days.) THEN would THE END come.


Now WHEN did Jesus utter those words? It has been worked out that Jesus was born in 4 B.C! That he died at 33 years of age. Therefore 29 A.D. is the year of his death. So, CHRIST returns in 2,029.A.D.


In terms of our present phoney calendar, it is now 2,009.A.D. And with 30 years to go, we may expect Doomsday to be 2,039.A.D.(When The Earth inverts.)


There is a complicating factor: The rogue red planet Nibiru will increase speed as it approaches the sun! So maybe we only have 20 years to The Earth Inversion(Doomsday.).(Jesus ministered for three years. When did he make his prophecy?)(If before the year of his death, then we have THAT much less time until Doomsday.)

Still much better than a mere TWO years!!

I call this a reprieve. My first reprieve was due to the sun spots stopping(bringing in INCREASED global cooling). That was 2.5 years ago.(Global warming stopped in 1998. Global Cooling began in 2,007.A.D.)

The global surface is still warming up because Sun Cycle 23 is still working its way up from The Earth's core.(Sun Cycle 24 will follow that.)


Sun Cycle 23 has been a period of surface global turbulence.(As we should recall.)


Sun Cycle 24 should be far, FAR worse.(Or even very quiet. - Due to a gap in the inflow of energy (ex the exploding galactic cores) down the spiral arms. And/or the sun's turbulence being temporarily overcome by the severity of Sun Cycle 23(Correction: Not Sun Cycle 24.).(A gap came 1998 to 2,007.A.D. Augmented by the sun spots going out from 2,007.A.D. onwards.)

However, Sun Cycle 24 is expected to be SO severe(far FAR worse than Sun Cycle 23), that it may stop solar turbulence for some years.(This is why, its out runners(so to speak) are already beginning to bring in colder weather.)


I expect the current appalling heat to end any time.

So there we have it: TWENTY YEARS to Doomsday(But with wide tolerances!)(The year of The Earth Inversion.(Caused this time by Planet Nibiru.))


The Blue Star(Planet X) arrives a year after The Earth Inverts. Heralding the start of The New Solar Super Cycle of 6,500 years.(In 2,012.A.D.)


Even 20 years is not long. And will soon pass.

However, it gives us more time in which to prepare.

A small few will get(being privileged) inside of Mountains.

The rest of us either find viable caves or some such, OR should perish amid the thick red oxides' deadly dust, and the hail of boulders and stones.(Note that The increasingly charged Earth's Core is dragging down more asteroids,etc.). Plus SUPER COLLOSAL earthquakes, super volcanic eruptions, super hurricanes, massive tsunami,etc.etc.(Much sea water will splash off of The Earth's surface during the inversion.)

Dust caps MIGHT help a bit. I said earlier they would not, but they might help.



Armageddon will come before Christ's Return and Doomsday.


We see world events shaping up rapidly towards all of these things...



Please note: I merely warn you all of the approach of these things. I don't bring them about.(They are brought about by the re-actions of Man and Nature to the incoming higher vibrations.)

6 billion humans to die(less those evacuated by aliens). MANY animals and plants. Just about all buildings and structures destroyed.


1981, now! In the TRUE calendar. This is my guess.


So we can all relax a bit more.


Another safer place will be in vessels and chambers far below the ocean's surface.

Or underground.(Yes, subways good.)(Underground railway and road systems,etc., - good.


Fleeing into space will be no good. As you will still need to land at some point. But be unable to.


Actually there is a lot of leeway as to the exact date(The exact hour cannot be known because the surface of The Earth covers a 24 hour period!)(It therefore varies from place to place, as per the TIME of day.)(Jesus said: "No man knoweth the exact hour.".)



Twenty years to get the act together!!



Improved behaviour is going to matter. Because the worst will be despatched to lower(vibrationally)planets.(The best - to higher ones.)


I just hope that you are ALL taking note!!


I said in H4 that recent tsunamis were a few inches high. (A few feet is more correct.)

I said ece era, a spelling mistake. It is ice era.

I said discrete when I should have said discreet.


Space farm planet Earth is like a SUPER TITANIC. Fire below. Ice outside.

The ship is going to invert in 20 years.(Or thereabouts, as the exact date is so hard to pin down, if possible at all.)

I am trying to give you all as accurate a picture as I possibly can.


You would do well to heed what I am saying!!



20 years to go, means the true calendar date is 1991.A.D.(Bring Earth Inversion Doomsday to 2,011.A.D.)








Victor Conway.




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