Tuesday, 5th January, 2,010.






Has the sun gone out??!!





Now what sort of talk is that?!


Yes, I think that the sun has gone out. Temporarily.

Its flow of energy to the surface has BEEN STOPPED!!(That is why sun spots stopped 3 years ago.)




In H25 I described the position as I saw it. I wish to add:-


The sun has a companion. But it is not the one 1.5 light years away, called Nemesis.(Due to circle the sun in 18 million years time.) It is a CLOSE binary. And a small dim one. It will circle the sun, but hopefully far enough away from us!!


I THINK I have it right now: The sun's CLOSE binary companion is LIKE a brown dwarf, or SOMESUCH. It ALREADY looks bigger in the sky than the sun!!


It is casting extra shadows RIGHT NOW upon The Earth equal if not stronger than the sun's!(In some EXTREME areas.)


It was this small dim companion that stopped the sun spots! And is causing the extra heat on Earth. AND is causing many other solar, solar planetary AND Earth anomalies!!!!


But by the same token, because it has stopped the sun spots, we won't suffer the 6,500 year Earth Inversion. Instead, we will probably get The Earth just falling flat on its side IN ONE HOUR!


Unfortunately, I think THAT THAT is even worse than a full Earth Inversion!!


Thousands of miles per hour winds! PLUS both poles melting rapidly. AND new poles forming in Brazil and India!!!!



So there we have it, a once in every 3,600 year events(Last trip it caused Poseidon to sink a third time, caused The Flood of Gilgamesh(Like Noah's!), blew up Santorini AND produced A COLLOSAL DRY PERIOD following an AWFUL FLOOD!!!!


Plus an Ice Age.


Whilst NOW, BECAUSE the sun spots have gone out, we should get an ice era!


THREE objects are in SIGHT, RIGHT NOW!!


If you don't believe me, just punch in Nibiru on The Web, and study the many photographs,etc. of these three objects!!!


1. The companion CLOSE BINARY STAR(A Second Sun.). 2. Nibiru. 3. Nibiru's largest moon(though it has many(but I believe many are large rocks picked up by Nibiru)).



Anyone for tennis??




Exactly WHAT will happen is not known. It very much depends upon WHICH side of The Solar System Nibiru lands!(If the far side, it won't be so bad. If our side, then expect TOTAL WIPE OUT!!(Though even if it goes to the far side, the damage to Earth should be HORRIFIC!!)


One of Nibiru's MANY moons could easily slam into us.


It is currently about two Jupiter distances away according to one report.(18 million miles according to another.) The alien planet(which was once OUR fifth planet!) is VERY unstable. Unpredictable. Constantly changing course,etc.


So no one can say too well (JUST WHAT WILL HAPPEN).


I fear the stellar companion more than Nibiru!


We entered the tail of DEADLY POISONOUS RED DUST(iron oxides) recently. And that red dust is ALREADY falling upon our planet!!



Very many weird anomalies are being produced. INCLUDING SUPERNORMAL AND SUPERNATURAL EVENTS!!!!



The Annunaki took this planet(Nibiru) over. Uninhabitable, it is perhaps used as a battle station. They probably live on the biggest moon.



Will look us up for an inspection.(They genetically engineered us!)(Study Genesis!)


I am simply spelling it out to you as I have found it to be.


All three objects ARE REAL ALL RIGHT!!!



Some of us were purposely born at this time - in order to SEE THE EVENT.(The biggest disaster to befall Mankind on Earth, EVER(future included)!!!!)



IT is called Wormwood in The Holy Bible.


IT causes The Great Tribulation.(Which we are RIGHT NOW entering!!)


The Powers that be ARE NOT BUILDING UNDERGROUND CITIES and hollowing out mountains, AND stowing seeds away, AND creating Noah's Arks FOR NOTHING!!!!


Of course they won't tell us. THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD GO BESERK!!!!


However, I have decided to tell you.


As have many others.


READ IT all on The Internet!!


It will either be as bad as in the film 2,012 (Though very different to Hollywood's ideas!!) OR be about 200 times worse!!




Or, it might only kill between two thirds of humans(With two thirds of the remainder dying of starvation and horrible diseases within six months!!)and THE LOT.



No one can be AT ALL sure BECAUSE it is so unstable. It is CONSTANTLY changing course,ETC.


So, the next few years should be QUITE EVENTFUL!!!!


After it has gone, things will soon be fine. But of course, so few left around to enjoy it!!


WHY can't we SEE these three objects???


I will tell you:-



All three objects are very close to the sun.(I mean the sun's disk. So hidden by GLARE.(It can only be seen through a telescope, SPECIALLY equipped, plus with filters, AND only seen in The Infra Red.))


It is in the direction of Orion.


Its motion is opposite to that of our planets.


It(all three presumably)(is travelling) is at a VERY steep angle to the ecliptic.



All the religions,etc. have spoken about it.


Plus many other parties. Including Nostradamus(This is the comet of Nostradamus, but it is NOT a comet.)), Mother Shipton, Michael Angelo, The Hopi Indians, and others.(Including Edgar Caycee and Einstein!!)(These two spoke of a great disaster about now.)


NUMEROUS cycles ALL end in 2,012. A.D.


MANY prophets name the year 2,012.A.D.(At 11.11.a.m. by the way. On December 21st. U.M.T. presumably!!)(Though THE VERY WORST won't occur until May 8th, 2,013.A.D.)




A whole PLANETARY SYSTEM has just started to CIRCLE ours!!


(It has seven planets, counting Nibiru.)


So gravitational and magnetic anomalies GALORE should occur!! AMONGST VERY MANY other things!!!!



Jesus said The End(of our current Age)would come now.(The end of a 3,600 year age.)


Although numerous others mention it; -


I THINK I explain why and give its details better than anyone else on Earth.




The film 2,012 is on about A SOLAR FOUL UP.(Which I am telling you occurs every 6,500 years(but not this time(probably)(not)).



The EVENT about to occur is a once every 3,600 year one.



All three objects will become increasingly evident as time passes.



About FIVE YEARS of it, in all!!(From NOW.)



The heat is going to be APPALLING.



Though preceded by the ice era I THINK we are now entering!!



Due to the stopped sun spots.




It is vitally important to warn as many as possible(with the utmost discretion). BECAUSE


Many would want to make their peace with God, or know in any case.


The aliens MAY evacuate some.


We MIGHT be able to persuade the Authorities to let MORE people into their underground cities and hollowed out mountains!!


In a submarine or submersible under the surface of the ocean MIGHT afford some protection!


THE BEST ESCAPE - is into The Great Within!!


Yes!! The Earth IS hollow!!



On the other hand, there would soon be UTTER CHAOS if all were told!!



So there it is.







SEE the enormous literature upon the subjects!!





Nightie, nightee, FOLKS.




NOW perhaps you'll believe me, PLEASE!!!!






All the best,





































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