Tuesday, 29th December, 2,009.



Message to The World.



Earthmen, be at peace.

We come to tell you what is happening. As you are about to enter your year 2,010.A.D.

We are humanoid aliens. Transcribing through our vessel here.

His first attempt was wiped.(It was actually for him. Not you.)


You have nothing to fear. Provided you conform to the laws laid down by Jesus and Moses(In The West.). That is The Ten Commandments. And The Golden Rule.(Do unto others,...)(As you would be done by!)


We come in peace.


You are entering a period of growing turmoil. Next year. And even worse in the following year.

In prelude to the awful diaster that is about to occur.(On your world, and four others in your system.)(Solar.)




The reason for it is 80% cyclic, and 20% in re-action to low human and animal behaviour.


Much of this low behaviour is provoked by masses of electrons,etc. ex The Force Field surrounding the surface of your Earth planet. (INITIATED by The Sun!!)(THAT is where much of your heat is coming from. Aggravated by El Nino.)(However, this heat is dissipating now. Prepare for increasing cold. ONLY currently offset by your current El Nino!!(In Australasia,etc.)

They cause BRAIN STORMS in humans and animals, worsening the natural tendency to do low things.


We notice two bad mistakes made by so many humans:-

1. The belief that death is the end.

2. The belief that it is impossible for aliens to reach your planet!


In addition to this, we observe that you have made The Devil, God, via Pan the horned Earthy god. (He who stirs up your low desires,etc.)

And turned God(in your view) into The Devil, via turning Peter Pan into Pan!!


The reason for this is that the great majority of humans are weak, and some turn to evil.(You make many animals wild!)(Animals outdo humans in sensible behaviour. Humans(so many of them) are the beasts,not animals!!)



Unfortunately, this increasingly bad behaviour by humans in general, now - is qualifying you for two judgements:-

1. Increasingly bad events befalling you before death.

2. Despatch to a low condition state in The Spirit World.(Where all go after death.)(WE live in both physical and Spirit worlds SIMULTANEOUSLY.)


We want you to understand, you men of Terra(Or Terrene) that many of your ills are self created THROUGH MISUNDERSTANDING.


Also that no one sends you to lower conditions, but yourselves.


The gods do not judge you. You actually judge yourselves.


Every thing you do(thought, word, deed and omission), creates via THOUGHT a re-actory result on your psyche. Which lowers your vibratory rate.(If a low act.) (Raises your vibratory rate IF a good one.)

The trouble is, that by inverting everything your good deeds are becoming increasingly low. Whilst your bad ones simply get worse!!


YOUR own judgement, however, decides whether good or ill. And the re-actory result ACCORDS!!


It is NOT the external act, but the inner MOTIVE that decides good or evil.

We assure you that you are FAR too defensive. And that this is being misunderstood by others, who THEN take (often secret) ill actions against you. This is a vicious self-perpetuating circle that is sending you all into worsening war with each other!!!!


The Spirit World is a vibratory state(both material and spiritual)or condition rather than a PLACE. Though it often INCLUDES a material place.


As your farmers, we wish to help you.



There is no thing to be afraid OF!!

Other than your own re-actory misunderstandings!!



Which then get acted upon by others!!



Now as to 1. Visits by aliens:-

You are very ill informed. You have come to believe that "c" is the fastest velocity in the universe. And thus places many light years away you consider too far for alien visitors!


There are two reasons against this:-

(a) In the first place c(the speed of light,etc.) is NOT the fastest

velocity possible!(There IS NO limit!)


(b) In any case there are HIGHWAYS through space AND TIME, along which many aliens do travel!!(Witness the arrival recently of the giant PYRAMID space ship, up to a mile wide(Far out-dwarfing Independence Day!!))

That was no failed Russian rocket!(Which had a JERKY spiralla. The inverted pyramid was SMOOTH!!)


But an instantaneous space travel across a vast distance through a PORTAL.



In addition to that there are vibratory translations, and interconnecting dimensions YOU KNOW NOTHING OF!!!!


Your SO CALLED science greatly misinforms you!

And certainly your religious AND philosophical authorities mislead you greatly.


As to death:-

(b) What men call death is actually a birth.(Birth was your death!)

You have TWO components:-


(1) Your physical body.

And (ii) Your psyche.


I am being brief and over-simplifying.(Please remember that.)

Our transcribe is re-asserting his self.


Your physical body comes to a permanent end at death, and dissolves back into the basic components. For use by other psyches later. The General Reservoir, so to speak.


Your psyche(Which IS YOU) continues on!

It is like waking from a dream. Often a nightmare.


You are not to fear death, PER SE!



Basically your psyche is encased within seven or eight shells or vehicles. The lowest, the physical, is your current SHELL.

Lobsters,etc.shed their shells, or skins. YOU do the same!!

Except that YOUR shells are five dimensional, not 3D!



Your physical vehicles(bodies) are (both material and energy sub-components) are SIMPLY shells or SKINS. Which you SHED!!

Like spiders,etc. and many crustaceans do!


So though your SHELL(or skin) DOES die permanently, you THE PSYCHE does not!!


Death is NO THING!! ALL creatures survive death!!

What you need to guard against is soul death! Which occurs if you lower your VIBRATIONS(via low deeds(especially EVIL ones!!)) too far!!



Do NOT commit suicide,

as though you can certainly kill your own body, you CANNOT destroy your psyche!!


The result(to so many) is that you end up in The Spirit World WITHOUT a physical body, but with ONE MORE sin added!! Namely that of SELF MURDER. Plus find yourself in a worse state THAN EVER!!!!



So DON'T do it!!



We CANNOT escape our fates or lots. They need to be WORKED OUT. By POSITIVE acts, not negative ones!!


Though it is true, when you do evil, good results AT FIRST, later bad things befall you!!

But vice versa, if you do good, then bad folllows quickly. However, later on good happens!!!



Unfortunately many humans are terribly short-sighted and see only the immediate results!!


In the physical world things work out VERY slowly.

In The Spirit World, things work out much faster!!


NO THING and NO ONE can save you BUT YOURSELVES!!(Via utilizing The Truth!!)

The trick is to do Minimum evil, but MAXIMUM good!!!!


Then you SHOULD be safe(from death of the psyche!!).




Men, in general, see the world as a 3d place. Plus the ongoing passage of time.

But this is ONLY the outermost SUPERFICIAL layers!!


BELIEVE US, Jesus did not sweat BLOOD for nothing!!


If HE perspired blood, after all HE had done, WHAT should you lot be doing??!!



THINK on these things!!


Do NOT fear men. FEAR GOD!! Rather, fear THE GREAT SPIRITUAL LAW(Called The LORD!!).


God rules, NOT men!!

WHATEVER the appearance!!!!



All right, we will wind down, now. But leave you with these thoughts.





Money is actually worthless!! Both metaphorically speaking AND physically intrinsically!!

We judge OURSELVES!!!!

Death is NO THING!!!!



As BASICALLY it is the same OVER THERE!!(On the Other Side)(Of The Veil.)

Indeed MANY live in The Spirit World(after death) like they did when alive!


It is NOT birth onto a higher MATERIAL vibratory plane that improves you, -


BUT birth into a higher SPIRITUAL VIBRATORY plane(condition or state) -

Which you CAN achieve by dying to your lower self, and getting born into your HIGHER self!!(Which IS what so many call GOD!!)



You have no thing to fear but your OWN STUPIDITY!!!!


We take our leave,now...

As you approach your new year...


If good HEART is too hard for you,

AT LEAST try good mind!!




The so called Fifth Dimension(Vibration, material) and Sixth Dimensions are but two!!



You are not living between TWO eternities, but living IN ETERNITY NOW!!



Time does not exist!!

Nor, for that matter does Space. You are greatly deceived.

And live in many DELUSIONS, not just illusions!!



What men call Time has FOUR dimensions, and is only THE SECOND GROUP DIMENSION!!



Bear what you CAN, to qualify for a higher planet!!



It is the parting of The Ways.

Yes. The Division of The Sheep from THE GOATS!!



It is possible to travel ANY distance instantly!!


What you call time is but its PASSAGE, only!!


An AWFUL event is about to occur for most of you.


But actually what happens via probability is

an INDIVIDUAL matter between you and The Gods.

Via your higher self.



What I am saying is this:-

You THINK that time is just one track...into the future.

No! There are MANY parallel time tracks.

And you CAN go up(or down)(vibrationally)to them!!


Thus, you see, there is not ONE WORLD for all, but MANY worlds open to each and EVERY individual!!



And, therefore, many possibitlies as to your FUTURE exist!!


Do not say Doom is around the corner. ONLY if you embrace it!!

So STRIVE for that higher parallel time track!!


We go now.


BROADEN your minds!!

But NARROW your paths!!











THROUGH mentor Vic!!







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