Sunday, 27th September, 2,009.


What I am offering applies ONLY IF IF(Note WELL, dear reader!) you CANNOT avoid orgasms!)(The fact is, indulging in lower pleasures(including sex) - will only drag you down. The way to GOD is by denying self of ALL lower desires, obeying God, and following Jesus Christ.)(IF you cannot avoid orgasms, THEN I offer the following route. Union with GOD is the great goal. Which can possibly be achieved to some extent via uniting of your vehicle(body)with one YOU LOVE. Preferably the highest vehicle you can reach!!)(Via avoiding sex(if possible)via masturbation(The point is, IF the semen,etc. is going to come out anyway, why not utilize its release in love(NOT lust.) for the beloved? So you must ANTICIPATE when you are going to have a spontaneous emission or wet dream, and pre-empt it!!(Sublimation does not work at all well. But SHOULD be tried for INITIALLY.)(The idea is that IN ecstacy(NOTE, NOT orgasm.) you approach NEAR TO God. God being its source.)(So strive to avoid orgasm, and go for ECSTACY(a QUITE different thing)(Very hard, but try.)(The APPROACH of orgasm CAN trigger ecstacy.)(Physical vehicles union is the lowest of the body vehicle unions.)(Go for the HIGHEST vehicles' unions you can reach - in the Spirit World.)


 It seems to me that either God does not exist. Or, that we do not deserve Him if he does.

I believe that God DOES exist. But that few deserve Him.

I hold that the way Jesus CHRIST went is the best way to God(Heaven and Eternal Life). Obey GOD. And follow Jesus!!

Some may have other choices.

We NEED to return to GOD. Or perish! Not only materially. BUT SPIRITUALLY TOO. Our very souls could perish!!!!

The West, at least, is INCREASINGLY(and acceleratingly) losing God, but gaining The Devil!! At least, Pan, The Earth god.

God should be our number one AND ONLY idol!!

The churches no longer teach Hell, and haven't for a long time. The Courts and police are FAR FAR too lenient. Consequently more and more are becoming bad, and rapidly worsening. Without deterrents THIS is to be EXPECTED!!!!

Men(In The West, anyway.) increasingly worship and adore sex, power, money, sin, crime, sport, "entertainment", torture,etc.revenge. low emotions,... and so on and on.

Jesus did not die upon the cross for us. He died FOR HIS OWN SAKE!!

The idea of a sacrifice for us is born of altar sacrifices. Humans and animals(even lovely women and children)horribly murdered and offered up.(In the hope of favours)

So the idea of God offering up Jesus as a sacrifice to appease The Devil is a supreme example of altar sacrifices. (Blood must be shed.)

We have Christendom to thank for this insanity and evil.(Note I say Christendom, not Christianity!! Christianity is what Jesus taught. Especially through gospel of Saint Thomas. CHRISTENDOM is what MAN teaches. Which is an increasing distortion of Christianity!!)


I understand that the idea of Jesus being sacrificed is so that all men may not die.(But live for ever.)(Humans(all)being saved - from death.)

I notice that men(and women,etc.) still die!(So where is the gain over those who do not believe in Jesus being sacrificed?)

Ah, they mean survival after death? Via a resurrection.

I hold that ALL(creatures) survive death.(Whether they cleave to Jesus sacrifice or not.)

And nearly all eventually re-incarnate.


I think we have become VERY mixed up since the great teachings of The Masters!!


Gradually replacing important, even VITAL, truths with the most ridiculous RUBBISH!!!!


The way to God that Jesus taught was to reach Heaven and Eternal Life,etc. by OBEYING GOD, and FOLLOWING Jesus!!(Not letting him do it all for us!!)(Sorry. We have to do it ALL ourselves!!!!)


How men love the easy ways.


Humans are terribly sold out on sex, etc.


We need a WAY back to God. ANY way being better than none. Why not through sex?(That should draw more than a few!)


Jesus went the EXTREMELY PAINFUL way, the physical way, TO APPEAL TO THE MASSES.(Who are VERY physical.)(I offer a way that is (I am convinced.) superior to way Jesus went. It is(basically) a mental way. (It was mental for me. The product I am offering is very physical, and so VERY pleasurable!!(Yes, I know MANY will be turned off. But some turned on, I HOPE!! MANY, I know will be VERY deeply offended. But I suggest because not used to the idea, one NOT thought about much. Because so unlike church ideas.(Church idea is for all to marry and reproduce. (By utilizing biological desires(sex and reproduction,etc.).)One for each and every one.(But NOW too many people on Earth!!)(We need an EFFECTIVE way to NOT have children!! Yes.)

Well, there is love and there is LUST. Via sex,etc.

Lust is the way down.(Where you devour the beloved, instead of feeding her(or him) LOVE,etc!!)

There is a yoga(Tantric yoga?) way that involves sex. But my way is not that.


My way is through love romance by kissing favourites' lips. With a few adjuncts. But not sex. NOR masturbation,etc!!!!


Now Nature has arranged things so that periodically our genital juices squirt out.(This is for biological reasons.)(Which is usually met via sublimation(for those who can!) or marriage.(Alas, many DENY their partners!(Which was the whole point of marrying!)(It is better to marry than to burn. But I hold that marry MEANT copulate. And burn meant through frustrated desire, not Hell. However, men have changed the meanings somewhat.(A frequent practice!!))

Not all of have beloveds. These either sublimate(IF they can!). Rape, turn to prostitutes and harlots,etc. OR, masturbate(or some such). OTHERWISE, the juices will EVENTUALLY come out AUTOMATICALLY. Via wet dreams and spontaneous ejaculations.

There is no alternative!!


But since it MUST come out anyway, WHY WASTE the juices??

(The sublimation method does not work at all well!!)(Do the juices dry up - or something?!)


THEREFORE, I suggest the following:-(Also as a NEW WAY TO GOD. Reachable by most humans!!(Few can go the way Jesus went. And few can go the way of sublimation.))

I am aware(fully realize)many(especially church goers) will be SHOCKED at the way I am offering. But we need to REMEMBER: Men (In The West, anyway) CURRENTLY have NO WAY to God!! And ANY way is better than none.(To not only release those juices. But to utilize them as a way to love beloveds and God!! Ecstacy en route. Orgasm at end. (Note I say LOVE, not lust.)

It is hard to love, and not lust!!

Once you lust, it becomes a sin.

Let us face it. Many married do NOT satisfy their partners!!

And many have none.

The way I am offering is almost impossible to fail.(
For males and females. And it is free, and easily done.)

Use the humble fly!!


Now follow carefully:-



You need four things to do this.

Do a large photo of your beloved of the opposite gender.(Or same!!) Attach to a board.

Just the face.(Put photo to side of your computer monitor.


Step two: Get onto a pornographic site that turns you on.(E.g. Man penetrating gorgeous woman.(One you really like.))

Step 3 requires a small bottle.(One that fits your inflated member. Not too large, not too small.(So you don't get stuck.)(Apply a little cooking oil to inside of neck of bottle.)(Male or female. Attach so it won't fall off!!)

Step four: Obtain a small fly(live). Catch, and put inside of the bottle.(Watch not stinging variety!(House fly good.(But may need two of those.)(Blue bottles and meat flies may be obtained by cooking meat!)(There is a danger: ENSURE that no germ enters your organ!(Or big trouble can result.(Inability to urinate for example.)(Maybe needing hospital and operation!! So WATCH what you are doing VERY CAREFULLY INDEED!!!!)) So be MOST EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!!


Seat yourself before monitor, close up.(Push key board in if necessary.)

VERY IMPORTANT. Apply some tea tree cream to your connector(that most sensitive cord on penis). AND some same cream all over your urethal entrance. Plus some PAW PAW ointment to same two sites(Last.)(To connector and urethal entrance. Rub on area thoroughly, missing no part!(The tea cream is anti infection. The Paw Paw ointment is to form a thin skin(temporarily), also to make infection less likely.


Pull back foreskin, and put a rubber band around base(to hold it back). With fly in bottle, insert your member(taking care fly does not escape as you do so).

Don't masturbate or jerk off.(Let fly do all the work. Sit still. DO NOTHING!!!!)

Ask fly first if it is willing to make the sacrifice(as it will almost certainly die)(I hope that there will be few FLY rights protesters!!)



I offer a way that not only by-passes sex. But NEEDS to be done by LOVING, NOT LUSTING!!!!


No masturbation,etc.either!!

Let another creature do it for us!!

The humble FLY!!


Read on.(Why fly? So masturbation,etc. is BY-PASSED!!)(Note: You will not be having sex with fly!)(Fly merely assists juices' removal!)(WITHOUT you having any hand in it.)(Other than applying fly in first place. I agree it is a sort of assistance. But the VERY MINIMUM I can think of!!)(It is either this OR NO WAY TO GOD(Sorry! But I find church increasingly way NOT to God!!)!!!!)(I hold that God is the root and SOURCE of Ecstacy(Though not orgasm!)(Ecstacy is a spiritual thing. Orgasm, merely material.).)


Enjoy porn.(Internet video perhaps.) Kiss(on lips) your beloved periodically. And wait.(DOING ABSOLUTELY NO THING!!!!)

You SHOULD have the best orgasm of your life!(Hopefully with increasing ecstacy on the way, via kissing your beloved.)

(Increase size of fly if necessary.)(Do NOT assist(masturbate or jerk)!)


THERE you have it.(Repeat as necessary.)


Have fun!!(DO be most careful NOT to get infected.(Via urethal entrance and blood vessels, especially in connector!!))(I think flies are safe enough. Especially if you use Tea Tree cream AND Paw Paw ointment.)





Vic Conway.













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