Sunday, 11th October, 2,009.


Global Cooling grows!



The stratosphere(upper atmosphere) is cooling. The troposphere is(or was)warming.

For about 2.5 years or more there has been a sudden sharp fall in (not in solar radiation(which only varies VERY slightly) in magnetized plasma from the sun(which varies a lot). Due no doubt to the almost complete cessation of sun spot activity.(Amidst a welter of growing confusion. In which the con job hoaxers promoting the idea that Man via CO2 is responsible for global warming, - are starting to lose.)(Water vapour is 90% of greenhouses gases. Over which we have no control. Carbon dioxide(Is only 4%!) ex Man is almost non existent(comparatively). Even Methane ex animals is of little consequence. Cloud cover affected by cosmic rays IS a factor.)

It appears that we have entered a period of global cooling(which should last about 30 years). Producing a mini ice age. (The Maunder Minimum which occurred nearly 400 years back, lasted 70 years.) This global cooling is affecting the stratosphere.


The troposhere(lower atmosphere)was warming, but is now also falling. Thus ending a period of its warming. That warming was due to a period of high sun spot activity. What was happening was that energy from the sun was charging up The Earth's core, increasing its magnetism. This dragged the lower crust of The Earth over the upper.(Causing earth-quakes.) Creating friction, which in turn produced a force field at the surface of The Earth(all over the globe). This is what has been creating the growing heat of The Troposphere.

It had been causing a growing downfall of meteorites, asteroids and comets. Also warming the magma, and hence - the lava. Which produced increasing volcanic eruptions. This heat supplemented that of the Surface Force Field. (The question arises as to why this burst of earthquake activity(Seven MAJOR EARTHQUAKES(to the north and east of Australia) in the space of a fortnight.)) It is delayed effect working through to the surface from the time when the sun(via solar wind, CME's,etc.) was charging up The Earth's core.(Now interrupted by the on-going drop in sun spot activity)

There are about five reasons for The Cooling(First forecast back in The 70's.):-

The major cause is the stopping of sun-spot activity. There are also four MUCH lesser factors.(Another major cause of ice era was stopping of The Gulf Stream! Now put on hold.)

It is the clash between stratopheric cooling and tropospheric(was) warming that has been causing(and still is) the increasingly erratic weather patterns.


What caused the sudden stop in sun spot activity? Energy pours out of white(not black!) holes at the centres of galaxies,etc. This flows down the spiral arms right down to the stars, including our sun. Periodic spells of no energy outflow occur. One of these spells is behind the drop in sun spot activity.(Because energy stopped flowing into the sun.)


The danger lies in carbon emissions trading schemes getting Western nations to cripple their economies, while other big nations(China, India,etc.) very wisely DO NOT cripple their economies. Despite being such big producers of CO2 themselves!!


Let us not be IDIOTS!!




So in about 30 years(average expectancy)(it COULD be 70 years, as in The Maunder Minimum!), expect a resumption of energy flow into the sun re-starting the charging of The Earth's core - with all its dire consequences.(No one could foresee this sudden stopping(I mean AVERAGE energy inflow into the sun. Obviously much energy continues to flow in!). It is only as we increasingly realize the consequences of the sudden stoppage of sun spot activity that we may possibly expect another Maunder Minimum!!)


If we foolishly cut carbon dioxide emissions, then the mini ice age will be THAT much worse!!


Unfortunately, it is the idiots and villains who usually win in this world.


The awful drop in world food production will have VERY tragic consequences!!

The important point to note here is that the dreadful things resulting from global warming(including a stoppage of The Gulf Stream(producing another ice age) ARE PUT ON HOLD. - Until sun spot activity resumes!(Though we may not see a reduction in the horror consequences for a while. Perhaps quite a while, yet!)




This is wonderful news for (The four accelerating growing horrors were: Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Flood and Drought zones, and FIRES(Great news for the hard pressed firemen!!)) Once the delayed action effect takes hold, these things will all DROP. For however long the cold spell lasts.



Vic Conway.

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