Friday, 27th October, 2,006.

H7 Generations.(Formerly part of BB2.)



I have worked out a possible way to determine when Creation was. An approximate time, perhaps.

This naturally depends upon the birth and death rates down the ages.

Two VERY difficult values.

If we work on a birth rate of TWO average for everyone(married or not), we arrive at a figure of(Incidentally, if there were originally two people(Otherwise we have a problem, though Christendom solved it by having God create the first man from the dust of the earth, and then extracting a RIB!), then the question must arise WHENCE came the first woman.(In Abel's case for instance, WHERE did he get his wife from?!)(Abel was first born of Adam! )(This is a very vexing problem indeed. Unless a sister, of course!!)) 6,000,000,000(roughly today's population), after 31 or 32 generations. If we allow an average of 25 years as the length of a generation, this gives us 800 years! The death rate of course needs to be taken into account! Hard though birth rates are, death rates are far harder!! They have to be less than birth rates else we would not have reached 6,000,000,000 now!! If we say double present death rate, then the question is: "All die, after the average life term. But what is that??". Since the average life term IS that of a generation, which I estimate is say 50 years, then death rate is half birth rate. So instead of 2 becoming a 1,000 in 32 generations, we have two becoming a thousand in 64 generations. Which is 1600 years, 3,200 producing a million. 4,800 producing a thousand million. Plus three more life spans to reach 6,000,000,000! Which is 4,950 years.(Plus a third of that gives us 4950 + 1650 = 6,600(And an estimated world population of 8,000,000 at the end of the age cataclysm.)(I work it out that when the world population hits 7,878,787,879, the beginning of the next 6,500 year solar cycle will occur(roughly)!)(World population is about 1,000,000,000 short of this, yet. But not far to go!!)(Which fits.) Am I hitting pay gold??(Which IS very roughly ABOUT the length of time estimated by bible students.(Now I did not ARRANGE that. It just worked OUT to it!!))(The length of time estimated by bible students is about 6,500 years. Obviously we can only work to very rough figures. I suggest that the death rate is rather higher than my estimate.(Which difference I attribute to cataclysms!!)(THAT would account for it!)(I am referring to the periodic solar caused cataclysm, which occurs every 6,500 years(Next is due in NINE YEARS, please note!!) Now what is marvellous here is that(and I did NOT arrange for this!) the length of time between the cyclic solar caused cataclysms IS 6,500 years, very closely!! Which means that every 6,500 years we have a NEW CREATION! (Now bible scholars don't know about the cyclic solar terms(6,500 years)! Which is extra support!!)(The point is every 6,500 years we get a NEW CREATION, which, to the contemporaries is the ONLY ONE!!!!(But which is ACTUALLY every 6,500 years, due to solar caused CATACLYSMS produced every 6,500 years!!)) Do you understand? Did you FOLLOW that??

I am chuff, of course, because this all fits in perfectly with ALL OF my OTHER calculations for RELATED items!!

The question is: Do YOU, dear reader, APPRECIATE IT??!!

28.10.06. I have now gone further:-

Because I estimated that about five thousand million for world pop, but will be about eight thousand million(By end time, 9 years ahead.). Then 0.375 fraction differential has to be due to cataclysms' deaths at end time!! Which is 3,000,000,000.

Which I apportion as follows: Roughly one thousand million deaths due to nuclear,etc.wars.(I include thermo-nuclear.) Roughly one thousand million deaths due to planet Nibiru whizzing by(gravity tides and red debris and dust,etc.). And roughly one thousand million deaths due to Earth inversion!!!(This over the next twenty years.)(By far mostly nine years hence!!)

However, I estimate that aliens will evacuate 3,000,000,000 to Mother Ships and alien planets.(In much the same way as farmers would save cattle in a disaster!) Because we are CATTLE to THEM!!!!

Only a handful will survive and remain on Earth alive. These will live in caves, and fight ice age. Having gone back to a Stone Age!! Ice age, but not all ice!!(Because actually Global Warming(Producing Ice Age!!))



The number of different ways I reach a quarter solar cycle term of 6,500 years is amazing!


     It simply needs someone to calculate how long before we reach 7878787879(SAY 8,000,000,000) inhabitants, and we have the date of the end of the age!

     Calculated via generations ex The Bible from Creation(The latest episode.)!

     So we need another billion people more.(World population is now close to 7,000,000,000.

    In the next two to twenty or thirty years - we should reach 8,000,000,000. Which fits my prognosis!!


       I forgot to add:-

       What I am saying is that(World population now is almost 7,000,000,000.) when the world population reaches 7878787879(SAY 8 billion.), the catastrophic end of this age may be expected!  (Actually the catastrophe occurs(a double one) as Event One of my Binomial Sequence series!  (Which I proved and confirmed in earlier articles!!)
       In other words calculating the end of the age date A DIFFERENT WAY, via generations ex The Bible, added on to the(this episode's) creation date!(By this episode I mean that there is an indefinite number of creations following each cataclysmic beginning to the solar quarter cycle era of 6,500 years!)
       Fitting my prognosis of two to twenty or thirty years hence!(When Earth's human population should reach 7878787879 people!!)
       An entirely different way.(One way among a number.)
       Two new lights (in addition to yellow sun and white moon) shall appear in the sky. One red, and one blue.(The red one being Nibiru.  The blue one being Planet X.)
       When this quartet maximizes THEN SHALL THE END COME!!!!
       Flee to the hills!






Vic Conway.


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