Monday, 9th June 2,008.


Double cataclysm is imminent!!

          We are 5.5 years from Earth Inversion(Geographical AND Magnetic!!).

          And 3 years from Nibiru's arrival.  AND the start of The Next Ice Age!!!!(Nibiru is a rogue planet, ex where the inner asteroids now are!   It is The comet of Nostradamus(Who also forecast The Great Islamic Uprising(now on)!!)!  ( But this comet is a planet. Bigger than Mars.  Similar constitution.  Red. Dust. Satellites.  Debris.  Our creating aliens are on Nibiru.  They will check their genetic creation, Man, us, out!!   And prepare us for The Reptileans. Who(with some of the slave aliens) will eat us!! )

          Volcanic and seismic,etc. activity is increasing.  In this final phase of the fourth solar quarter period.

          9.9 Earthquake forecast off China. Causing tremendous damage - via a tsunami.

          Read Nexus, New Dawn and Uncensored Magazines for more details.

          This should give Man versus Man, pause!

           Leftist U.S. Democrat Obama looks certain to win presidency.

           But will sell us out to The Political East!!

           Not interested in Israel.

           In league with Hamas.

           Suspected Muslim sympathies!!

           FAR too inexperienced.

           Therefore Bush may pre-empt.

           Israel may attack Iran. But THEY have hundreds of atomic sites now.

           U.S. will have to rescue Israel to save them from Iran's counter strike.  But this starts WW3.  Though not all at once.

           I expect action by August. Possible(I mean the action is possible.(West to attack Iran.  Because if they don't, Iran will attack West, starting with Israel. Then U.S.  ETC.  ETCS!!!!).

           Bush COULD stay in power, invoking emergency measures!!

           And Martial Law!!

           AND hand over power to John McCain.

           I see U.S. currency holding out for three years.  As economic and political disintegration starts in U.S., and spreads through West.   Affecting whole world badly.(U.S. is spending Chinese money,now.  But China cannot afford to get out of this deadlock!!  So suffers it!  China not so clever as they like to think.

           After that, because of Nibiru AND start of ice age,  chaos will get too much for law and order!!

           Political East stymied.

           Bird Flu(human to human)starting up too.(Via backyard poultry. And foolish humans.)

           Aids was deliberately inaugurated by The WHO.

           To curb Africa.

           And Sars to curb Asia.

           Flee to save your souls now!!

           And your lives by three years time!!!!

           The next decade will be horrific.  And the worst ever known, OR TO BE KNOWN!!!!

           We are being protected a lot by humanoid aliens, who are guarding THEIR CATTLE!!!!(US!!)

           No.One Terrorist is U.S.

           9/11 an inside job!

           A number of very nasty bugs on loose now!!

           Islam to be crushed about three years hence, by Europa. Led by Germany.

           King of The North defeating King of The South.

           THEN The Reign of Terror Inquisition starts!!

           Huge Tsunami to stop China, preparing to advance south.

           Stopping Japan.  Knocking out North Korea(And South).  Also Taiwan, then Chinesed.

           India a good block.

           Next three years see accelerating increasingly big bad events.

           Atomic 9/11 possible.

           Pakistani weakness.  Mushuraff eventually pushed out.

          THEN look out - from Coalition.

          Nuclear,ETC.proliferation of terrorists.

          Piracy(and Crime) advance in leaps and bounds.

          Under Mafia,etc.  GANGS.  Youth rises.  Drug maddened!!!!

          Russia could be new world rulers!!

          But contained by Europa and Nato under Germany as U.S. and U.K. pushed out!! With Eire and Iceland.

          Money becoming increasingly worthless.

          Back to gold and silver.

          Oil too dangerous to invest in.

          But expect early surge.  OPEC may release reserves.(Also note that oil is ex methan under great heat and pressure, constantly surging up!!  But move to alternative energies growing.  Energol,etc.)  Expect instability and big swings.  As does Dow,etc.too.

         West winning in Iraq. But Obama will stop all that.

         Unless Bush pre-empts him.

         And hands over reins to McCain, possibly.

         Battle of God All Mighty begins as West fights to survive again the FAST rising Political East.


         But The Rapture begins too.

        The Halycon days are over!!

        Labour's one and only term in Australia?  As Rudd gets eclipsed.  Though not by Coalition.(The MOB put Labour into power!  Not a bad Coalition!!  !!)

        Growing confusion and mix up.

        He who is least confused and mixed up - will succeed!!

        IS there intelligent life on Earth IS the first question!!

        Man won't even make first base. - The Moon!!

        Global warming starts to lose out to Ice Age in about three years.

        Global Cooling.

        God is not mocked.

        God is not dead!

        Man not born yet!!

        Genes will save Caucasians from any further depradations by SARS.

      If you want to choose sides, now is the time to do it!!

     Remember who wins last round, and war. It is NOT thugs!!

    Many now flocking to intimade are making a terrible mistake.

   Their successes will be short lived!!

       Vic Conway.



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