Wednesday, 23rd December, 2,009.


H14 The Truth about Mankind!!



Homo Sapiens, Humanity was begat by the mass rape (By The Cro-Mags) of The Neanderthal women. The resulting species(Us!) was genetically modified by Humanoid Aliens, and set upon a Space Farm(Earth). To be inspected every 6,500 years!!

Every 6,500 years The Earth inverts. And our genetic modifiers ride Nibiru, a planet, to visit us. To see how their farm is getting along!(We are cattle to them.)


Genesis, Holy Bible has got it a bit wrong. (The Nephelim(mentioned) are the humanoid aliens.) God is mentioned. It should have been GODS.(It says itself " Let US make Man in our own image!")(Man returned the compliment by creating God in his(Man's) image!!)(Metaphorically speaking.)


I had THOUGHT by the way that the creation of hybrid species had ended. However, I see that monsters and freaks are still being created by humans and animals having sex with each other!!(You can see some of these horrors on The Internet!!)(A CAT with a beautiful brunette woman's head, LICKING its fur!! For example!!)(One is an octupus with a woman's head!!)(THAT was a tricky one!)

The Humanoids and Humans created a hybrid race via forced impregnation!


Humans plodded along until humanoid aliens took us over. A bad group.

They made us evil. Budding.


This occurred about 900,000 years ago.


Nowadays, in exchange for technology, humanoid aliens are allowed free access(to humans) via alien abductions, to mate, experiment(without anaesthetics!)freely, and so on...


The Authorities continue to be IN DENIAL of aliens and survival of death,etc.(Aliens rule both the physical world AND The Spirit World(Where we go when we "die"(Death is actually a birth.(Birth was our death!!)).(They live in both worlds simultaneously.)


The humanoid aliens(The Nephilim of Genesis) will rescue many of us from the coming(Very soon! 2 - 20 or 30 years.) FOUR CATACLYSMS(Each of which could wipe out all life upon Earth(And four other planets!).)

Mars, by the way, where we USED to live!(Before that we lived on Nibiru.(Now a wandering rogue planet threatening to destroy us.))


(The aliens WANT me to tell you all.)(As cattle that does not believe in The Farmer is hardly the way to go!)


All this INCREASINGLY(ACCELERATINGLY!) bad weather, including seismic and volcanic,ETC. is(are) MERELY the FAINT FORERUNNERS of WHAT IS TO COME!!!!


What IS amazing is that so few Earthmen pay SUCH LITTLE interest in what is going on, AND HAS BEEN FOR MANY DECADES NOW!!!!


We continue(On Television,etc.) to get STUFFED UP with CRAP, so called entertainment, etc. And an insane pre-occupation with so called sport,etc.




Many would go MAD - did they but know...


I PERSONALLY, rightly or wrongly, think that all humans should be TOLD!!

So I am TRYING to do so.

With hardly ANY success. So FEW are in the least interested!!

MAYBE humans are not ready...


Am I on the wrong planet? Or have I come too soon??...



Anyway I am trying to apprise AS MANY AS WHOM WILL LISTEN!!


In the desperate hope that SOME will hear me, and PERHAPS heed...


My qualifications? None that the world would recognize.


Simply have studied these subject intensely for A LONG LIFE-TIME.


I KNOW that I am largely, if not wholly right!!(I do err occasionally in some details...)


GOD help us all!(Who is God? God is Community! The Universal Community of Beings, including Human. But certainly not limited to them!!)



To my fellow humans I can only say WITH ALL THE PASSION I CAN MUSTER: WAKE UP!!



We are being CONNED!!


By The Authorities.(Who want us to STAY mentally sleep!)


They KNOW!!


But do not want US to know! In order to CONTROL us better! Not just to avoid Panic - and Eventual PANDEMONIUM!!


I COULD be making a most terrible mistake.(In informing you.(Would you rather know or not??))

I suspect that I am! But cannot resist doing so!!(If only to escape the GUILT of not informing you!!)


Sorry! But I SIMPLY CANNOT just let you all career on to both spiritual destruction AND PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION!!!!



Mankind labours amid SO MANY foolish notions!


We most CERTAINLY DO survive death for example!


It is like awakening from a dream...(Perhaps not immediately, but shortly after.)


As for beings upon other planets. Supposed by some to exist, but not be able to reach us!

In space(and time,ETC.) there are HIGHWAYS that permit INSTANT travel over VERY LONG distances. Do not be so foolish, Earthmen!!


For instance, the recent spiralla in the sky, so closely followed by an inverted PYRAMID over Moscow, so quickly referred by The Russians to a failed rocket launch, is in fact(probably) the arrival of aliens in a space ship A MILE WIDE(or up to that)!(The Russian twirl was JERKY. The aliens arrival at our Space Time Portal WAS NOT!!)


Why Moscow? Because Russia is now world power number one!

U.S. sold out its last marbles to Obama, after Bumbling Bush!!


An alien craft was recently shot down. By Haarp, I believe.

I think the aliens are here for a number of reasons. To wit: 1. To impose a tighter control of us. 2. To prepare for mass evacuations(to avoid the coming FOUR CATACLYSMS) 3. To show us more clearly that UFO's exist!!(As they said, if we do not inform the people soon, WE WILL DO SO OURSELVES!!)(The aliens will(and are doing) so! 4. To improve our education!!


AND To prepare us for the coming VIBRATIONAL SHIFTS accompanying the alignment o f Earth with The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy,ETC.(2,012.A.D.)


It may be that the world is not ready yet for these truths.


We are like in the days of The Early European colonists! When many native chiefs saw our ships, they cried whales...(Not yet being up to being able to face advanced ships.)(However friendly.)


And so it is, I AVER, today.

Some aliens are preparing to land en masse among us. And encountering much scepticism.


Today it is not ships, but ufo's(flying saucers,etc.).


Yes, high time we WOKE UP, folks!!



Or would you rather be whisked away in a flying saucer, AND NOT KNOW WHY!!


"One will be taken, the other left"!(It is in The Bible.)

I believe refers to those evacuated by aliens to save their cattle from the IMMINENT FOUR COLLOSAL CATACLYSMS!!!!


It is good to question. But not wise to stubbornly maintain TOTAL DISBELIEF in every wonderful or marvellous thing that happens!!

Unless one KNOWS ALL, how can anyone INSIST upon what MAY(or MAY NOT) BE??!!



I take my chances and tell you...


Better to be murdered by you. Than be sent to HELL by God!!(No,no, not the STUPID religious Hell, but the REAL TRUE HELL...(Of having KNOWN, but not TOLD!!)(And the FACTUAL LOWER PLANES OF VIBRATION, that verily do exist.(Where many go after SO CALLED death...))


Though actually I THINK I do err IN TELLING YOU ALL THIS!!!!



Put it down to weakness.


Cowardly demented informing, PERHAPS...



Anyway, the aliens don't seem to mind!

Perhaps I'll get a front window seat on the way to Andromeda or something like that!!


I suppose many think I am joking, or hoaxing even.


I ASSURE you all - THAT IS NOT SO!!!!



I do crack tiny jokes now and again. But urge you not to infer that therefore the whole thing is a joke!!




(Yes. To MEET YOUR MAKERS!! Well, modifiers, The Humanoid ALIENS!!!!)


Unless you prefer to take your chances through FOUR COLLOSAL CATACLYSMS??!!


Come! Earthlings, GET THE ACT TOGETHER(lads)!!


A quick hop across to Andromeda - is not so bad is it...IS IT????(In preference to the four MONSTROUS CATACLYSMS...)



Don't say I didn't tell you!








Gentlemen...And the others...


I bid you all, adieu,



Stiff upper lip and all that.






Aliens came and lowered a TINY one onto Egypt!






Vic Conway.











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