Tuesday, 9th February, 2,010.



A supplement to H51.



The important point to note, is that though we face THE END, and most horribly and terribly, within THREE YEARS!!!, THEY who know what is coming - DO NOT KNOW of the way of escape THROUGH THE NORTH POLE. (BECAUSE they THINK that The Earth is solid!! WHEN it IS NOT!!!!

But I DO!! And only I know!


Therefore co-oper-ate with my route through, that MANY may be saved!

And spiritually too!!!!


The policy of this stupid world is to believe NO THING. And see evil in ALL actions!!


When by simply believing all that you are told(though with a good pinch of salt!), and LOOKING for the good(instead of the bad all the time),

- then a very different and better future would come to us - ALL!!!!



But Humanity, by and large, WON'T do this. Because of the pin prick to its HORRIFIC HUBRIS!!!!




Sacrifice a screw to the ship, NOT the ship TO A SCREW!!!! IDIOTS!!!!




The trouble(just one of so many!) is that it does not know that it is BORN!

THINKS GOD is dead!

When it is Humanity THAT IS ALL BUT DEAD!!!!






Too many bad people pulling down. Too few good folk pulling up!!



Too many people on the planet.

Too much traffic on the roads.

Too many bad drivers.

Too many bad vehicles.



STOP treating the symptoms!!



Get at THE ROOTS!!



Situation FAR too confused!!



All SHOW, but so little REALITY!!!!



You lionize the bad. Try to destroy the good!!



Mankind keeps up Appearances. But The Actuality is SO different. So bad.



So bad it looks good!!


In an upside down world!!



Man does NOT live by bread alone!(He SHOULD not!!)


Everyone knows SOMETHING. But no one knows much!!!!



You cannot take it with you!!



Money is so much PAPER and BASE metal!!



Those most responsible? The bankers. The insurance agents. The brokers. ETC.


Particularly on Wall Street!!

FRAUD is right THROUGH!!!!



So, ONLY utter and complete DISASTER - can come!!



Pots calling kettles black.



Dogs in the manger!!



How you butter each other up.


Not smelling THE STENCH within!!!!




You scratch my back, - I'll scratch yours!!



The West has SO much going for it. But to the wall it throws it all!!!!


Labour promises the moon, robs all, lies, cheats, and blames the other guy!!


Too many of you live in FANTASY worlds!!



Very smart. But SO stupid!!



You shut the good up, so that they cannot even BREATHE!!



Then blame THEM for YOUR downfall!!



The West dominates via MATERIAL.


That may suit me. But it remains so VERY wrong!!



Hope for The Hopeless?!

Don't make me WEEP!!



Surrounded by ABUNDANCE, both material AND spiritual.


Man manages to IMPOVERISH the LOT!!!!




Because the poverty is not in outside, but WITHIN his SHRIVELLED HEART!!!!



Yet all is as it should be.


Garbage to the right.

SEWAGE to the left!!

You wallow in BOTH.

And LOVE it SO MUCH!!!!




You KILL those you should cherish.


And CHERISH those you should DESTROY!!!!



Yes, better technology comes in(behind which TO HIDE!!).

From the humanoid aliens, ruled by The Reptileans!!

At the price of allowing(our leaders do!) more alien abductions.

For all manner of dubious things. Like experiments without anaesthetics, forced mating, specimens to distant planets, mutilated CATTLE!!!!



Humanity, you are a ZOMBIE that does not even know that it is DEAD!!




What DELUSIONS you all dwell in!!!!



The West is bad. The Rest is HOPELESS!!!!



I like white skins(better minds,etc.). But white HEARTS best of all!!

You are all SOLD OUT - to CRAP!!







There is NOTHING inside your skulls!!






Anyway, THE END comes now - and fast, AND FASTER!!!!


Though of course YOU LOT only see Utopia!!




I can save you all YET!!



But you need to LISTEN - and CO-OPERATE!!


How you hate LISTENING, but instead spout CONSTANT DRIVEL!!!!



So you SEE(Do you??) Earthmen, poor Zuka here talk to BRICK WALL, yes??!!






SOME of you are sprouting.






Bah, Earthlings, you make me SICK!!



YOU, - and the things YOU SELL YOUR SOULS TO!!!!




YOu scorned Noah,too.



And crucified Jesus!!


WHY because they sought YOUR IMPROVEMENT!!


But when your god is THE DEVIL, then good looks bad, and bad LOOKS GOOD!!!!




Hope? WHAT hope CAN there be??







So The REAPER comes!!



The VERY GRIM Reaper!!!!







Vic.(It's DISGUSTING. Beyond ALL words!!)

I would that you IMPROVE!!

But you know NOT the meaning of the word!!

And STILL LESS - want to!!!!














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