Tuesday, 19th January, 2,010.



Communique Three.

Watch for Nibiru!!



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We used to live on Nibiru!

Nibiru is the CORE of Planet Phaeton. Which used to circle the sun where the inner asteroid belt is now. Between Mars and Jupiter!!

The Planet Malek.

Those humans had a nuclear war(thermo-nuclear) and blew the surface off in a deuterium chain re-action in the ocean. The ocean caught thermo-nuclearly alight!!

Masses of sea water turned into comets, and went where The Oort Belt now is.

Chunks of land became asteroids and formed the inner asteroid belt.


That planet's CORE shot off past Mars, bumped into Earth, creating our moon, and then careered on and on. After orbitting irregularly many times it was finally picked up by Zola on one of her rounds!! NOW its seventh planet - NIBIRU!!!!

That is why it is so ugly and angry. Because the CORE of the old Malek(Phaeton)!! Its surface magma and lava cooled in space, but left many volcanoes which are still erupting. Nothing and no one lives there. It is too hostile to life!!

And NOW, RIGHT NOW, it is approaching Earth.(Humans went first to Mars, and then on to Earth!!)(After Malek)

It has been photographed. Red. Red oxides. A gigantic tail of debris, and a number of moons.(Some rocks, I suspect.)

We entered this tail some time back.(The sun's solar wind is blowing the tail towards us as it shoots past the sun towards us!!)


Earthmen won't see much sign of Zola(The binary star) or of Nibiru,etc. for about another 2.75 years.(Around October 2,012.A.D.)


THEN it will SUDDENLY appear in the night sky!

And terrify us all.


However, by then, there will be no thing much we can do!!



It is a whole solar system. A smaller one than ours, but still big enough(To cause colossal havoc to our solar system!!).

So why cannot we see anything??

A VERY small few have. And have photographed and video-ed The Nibiru System.(Zola and its planets and satellites.)


On The Internet(Punch in Nibiru!)you will see those photographs, and be able to read the reports!!


Why haven't the vast mass of humans not seen any sign of this entity?

1. It is coming up behind the sun, the GLARE of which makes IT so hard to see. (When it is outside the glare of the sun, it is too far away, and therefore small!!)(So HOW is anyone going to see it??!!)

2. It is approaching from a great angle to the ecliptic. And,so,not in the normal field of local objects.(And, outside that normal field of solar system objects, there is the backdrop of The Milky Way(with its cloud of objects), and thus HOW HARD to distinguish anything different to the usual in THAT direction.(Its position is AGAINST THE BACK DROP OF THE MILKY WAY!!)

3. Its position in the sky(only visible at night)(Zola is only visible by day, on the extremely rare occasions that is possible.)renders it visible only from Antarctica. AT NIGHT. (There is virtually no place in The Southern Hemisphere(Owing to the paucity of land down there!)(So WHO is there TO SEE IT??!!)(Farther north than The Southern Ocean it CANNOT be seen at all.)(Visibility down there is usually "pretty rough"!! - Because of falling snow, blowing fallen snow, fog, AND other factors. Also hardly anyone down there!!)

4. It is visible only in the infra red.(Except for Zola, the second sun.)(By IT I mean Nibiru and its largest moon, and NOW, what is called the homeward planet of Zola.)

5. You need FILTERS.


7. Nibiru,etc.are still too far away!(And visible only by their dim reflected light!!)

8. AND you need to be LOOKING(how many are?!).

9. Only its VANGUARD is reaching us SO FAR!!

10. It will zoom in from below the sun.(Like during war, attacking aircraft often use the sun(behind them) to dive out of!!)

11. Barring with Zola, you would need A POWERFUL TELESCOPE!!


Not visible to ANYONE in The Northern Hemisphere you see!!(Bar Zola)



So the ONLY component of this alien system THAT IS VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE is a small yellow disk for a short while every few months!! Some distance from the sun, at sunsets and sunrises!!

Zola won't come any closer.(Already circling the sun on an extremely eccentric orbit.)

Though Nibiru,etc.will.


Now, considering all these adverse(to seeing)factors, the chances of seeing are extremely remote!!


If you add to this, the following points:-

a. the SUPERFICIALLY ludicrous possibility of such an event as ANY alien entity(of that size) getting anywhere near to us.

b. the rubbish, the conflict, the chaos, plus the cynicism and scepticism prevailing on The Internet, it is not hard to dismiss so unlikely an event as a large alien entity getting anywhere near to us!!(How many people are going to bother to check it out on The Internet??(Among The General Mob, NEARLY ALL of whom are not only not interested - but scorning the very idea!!)

c. The General Public's wish NOT to mentally even consider anything so contrary to normality and naturalness!!

d, The Policy of Disinformation CONSTANTLY operating by The Authorities. That so ably explains away ANYTHING of a way out nature!!



- And you might PERHAPS see and understand JUST WHY THIS ENTITY has not been seen by THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!






The EXTREMELY few reports that do get through to people are NATURALLY regarded as the work of cranks or crack-pots!!




The worsening weather,etc. is being put down to Global Warming(SUPPOSEDLY and ALLEGEDLY caused by Man!!)(But SO WRONGLY!!!!)


And thus it shall be that Humanity will be SHOCKED MAD when they FINALLY see Nibiru large as the moon, or larger, in the night sky!!




Does THAT LOT explain to you why GENERALLY not seen??!!




How many people(and most DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!) do you think are going to STUDY the pictures and photos and videos and REPORTS on The Internet??!!

Those who do might get a SHOCK!!



Which IS precisely WHY people who don't want to know about IT, WON'T LOOK (On The Internet.)

NO GOOD looking into the sky. As MOST of the time, Zola simply is not visible, AND naked eye and even binocular and small telescope viewing(EVEN FAR DOWN SOUTH!!) - would achieve NO THING!!!!


The ONLY give away is a small yellow disk OUTSIDE OF the glare of the sun, VERY LOW on the horizon, AT SUNRISE OR SUNSET, for A SHORT WHILE every few months!!(When small binary star sun Zola is at the far end of its orbit around our sun AND far enough outside the solar GLARE - to be visible!!)(And THEN many will no doubt cry SUN DOG!!(But it won't be!!)(BUT HOW FEW WILL KNOW - that it is not a sun dog??!!)


You chew that over for a while!!



NOW do you understand WHY HARDLY ANYONE has seen ANY SIGN of this entity(The Nibiru Group Complex, OR Zola!!)


Yet it IS there!!


And about 2.75 years hence WILL SUDDENLY APPEAR!!!!(Like an ugly red moon in the sky.(Of course many will think that it is the moon partly hidden by cloud.(An explanation no doubt not lost(as an explain away) on those discrediting such reports!!)))



Note that when you look away from the glare of the sun, HOW MANY THEN LOOK BACK NEAR TO THE SUN?? See what I mean, - hardly anyone!!(But that is the only way to hope to glimpse the little yellow disk!!)


And this situation is not going to change much for the next 2.75 years!! So expect most humans to sleep on for that while!!(At least it spares us the panic and pandemonium until a few weeks before the end!!)



Whoever or whatever arranged all this seems to be putting Mankind to a collosal TEST!!(By the time Humanity DOES wake up, they will SUDDENLY be plunged into a state of SHOCK terror and horror that will drive many MAD!!!!)



I REPEAT: Variances in both space and time will occur with the temperature.(Two main factors will be varying: (i) The cooling Sun and Earth. (ii) The occasional heat from Zola(on its approaches) and Nibiru AND The El Ninos

Bit cold(yes, it was actually cold overnight in Stanthorpe) isn't it. Especially considering it is MID JANUARY!!(This is the SECOND unusual cold period this SUMMER(an extremely hot one) in Australia,etc!!)

WHY?? Because 1. The SUN has gone OUT!! (The radiance we SEE is THAT STILL LEFT IN THE TUBE!!) 2. Heat rising from Earth's interior is dissipating! DESPITE Zola's approach, AND Nibiru's!!(So the stoppage of heat BOTH from the sun(ours!) AND Earth's interior is actually over-powering the heat from Zola and Nibiru AND El Nino!!!!)(Earthmen PLEASE open those eyes!!)

What is El Nino doing now??(Is it over??)





Wakee, WAKEE!!!!







(Waking up after death, by the way, is like waking from a super dream to super reality!!)








Vic Conway.

























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