Tuesday, 19th January, 2,010.



The Party is OVER!!!!



I am a nutcracker. That is my forte. I solve mysteries. On the big important subjects. "What is wrong with the weather,etc." is my latest nut. And I think I have solved it.

I have good news for you. Great news in fact. Though THE END is about to occur, and many(if not all(creatures IN BOTH SOLAR SYSTEMS!!!!)) will die, it is better in The Spirit World. You can re-incarnate from there. Back on to Earth(For Earthmen.) when things have become bearable. Or, if Earth too damaged, then get born on another planet, perhaps in another solar system!!

The sun could explode. It is getting more active. Second sun Zola has crushed its energies down, for now. So the sun is building up suppressed energy down there, and should burst forth soon, perhaps explosively!! So be ready for that possibility. As it COULD spell the end of Planet Earth!! Indeed, for the entire inner solar system of Sol!!


Australians seem(the rich, anyway!(And more than a few others.)) to be having a whale of a time lately. I am afraid that is all about to end. Time, gentlemen, please!!


Things were not created for a joke and a laugh. But for much higher purposes!!


The weather is confirming my "theory". Any of you noticed??


By the way, you need to cut down on gluttony,too. And a number of other things!!


The West has been looking forward to a Utopia. Sorry! There will be THE REVERSE!!!!







Last orders, please. AND drink up!! (Do whatever it is you wanted to do - BEFORE THE FINAL CHOP!!!! As it is going to get rough AND ROUGHER!!!!


The increasingly bad conditions Earth has endured since about 1983, - is the result of a Natural Cycle. However 40% of it IS due to Accrued Punishment. FOR FAILING GOD TOO MUCH!!!!


You thought the prophecy of 1998/1999 being Doomsday was wrong. WRONG!!

Because THE END began about then!! But it was only THE START of THE END!!!!


2012 is the true END DATE. It should all be over by some time in 2016.


With NO ONE, not ANY CREATURE left around - QUITE ON THE CARDS!! So terrible is it GOING TO BE!!!!


Thank you for listening(those of you who did)!



I propose to keep you posted(informed) with communiques as to how things are gong FROM NOW ON. To best guide you all through.





See you next time...







Vic Conway.

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