Saturday, 22nd November 2008.

DD18-1(Now DD18-2.)


The world situation, now.(The lost world!!)



The world situation continues to go from bad to worse. It is extremely serious.


The world, as we know it, is ending.

I am able to explain.

Increasing heat ex global warming DUE TO THE SUN ELECTRONICALLY, not Man,etc!! - is sucking up more and more moisture. Which rises into the Stratosphere where it is very cold. Sudden condensation occurs, and down comes sudden huge quantities of rain and hail.

Wind.(As warm air rises.) Thunderstorms. Becoming tornadoes.

More of them. And increasing harmonically.(Old geometerically.)

What is happening: 1. We are moving into Age of Aquarius. Pisces is phasing out.(Quite different to current sign.)


2. We are approaching solar alignment with the centre of our galaxy(The Milky Way).(This will reverse everything!!)

Rapture increases. And enemy resistance increases. So good deeds increase. And bad do, too. This means The Great Tribulation. And The Reign of Terror.


Peaking in six years.


It should end droughts. Should be no need for bad re-cycled water.(However finely filtered STILL leaves some shit, it!!)


Plus the EXTREMELY negative miasma and its influence.



Better to get ice bergs up from The Antarctic!!




Venus is expected to jump its orbit closer to Earth.

And drive our moon WAY OUT into space!!

No moon and Earth's tilt vanishes.

Many strange things occur.


Get RID of this notion that Man,etc. is causing global warming! (Via carbon dioxide. CO2 is a plant food. NOT POISON!!!! They could thrive on FOUR TIMES MORE!! CO2,etc. production is only a small amount. No!! The cause is THE SUN, electronically!!!!)(Plus methane ex animals and humans,etc.)(But even that is small compared to the sun ELECTRONICALLY!!!!)That would be ONE burden off our backs. Al Gore is mad. (Thatcher inadvertently started this via a fund. So Al Gore and company are going FOR THE MONEY,ETC!!!!)(Misleading us all via pseudo scientists,etc. SO THEY CAN MAKE DOUGH!!!!)Thank God Bush and not he won eight years ago!!


Global warming is a NATURAL event that occurs every 6,500 years.

Even on Mars,etc!!

How many men there??!!(Smoking big pipes you reckon??!!)(Ye cods!!)


Meanwhile friendly aliens try to save us.


As Earth,etc. approach the peak, bad events will increase harmonically(geometrically). Only a few will survive. Though at first good things may predominate!!

Australia(and possibly N.Z.) is well placed to survive WELL. AND to lead the world.


We had to have CHANGE. Hence Labour,etc.


However, we do need to get back to centre right!! And then back to God(The Infinite!!) and Jesus CHRIST. Back to law and order. God's first. Then Man's. Mankind is sold out on sex, sport, bad entertainment, phoney science, phoney religion,etc.ETCS. Governments and medias leading!!(Money is not the answer. U.S. dollars will dive soon. Gold and silver will rocket.(Oil will increase again.) But true coin is spiritual and DIVINE!!!!)


DUMP Labour and The Greens,etc. No good!!(Labour is ruled by bad bully people and groups. Rule via fear and force. The point is - humans, animals and plants,etc. are going into the melting pot. Therefore the small gain via going green is of such small account as to be not worth bothering about!!

Same applies to fossil fuels. We have HAD it. Collosal geological changes VERY SOON. Just USE fossil fuels etc. To survive a bit longer!!(And you CANNOT stop the sun even electronically. A complete waste of time trying to!!)


Same in U.S.etc. Though at first Obama may prove beneficial.



I don't think he will last long.


We are in the false dawn. All the scum is coming to the top now.



The real dawn lies FAR FAR ahead.


Evil is too strong on this planet to let us get very far.(BECAUSE Earth men are far too unevolved, backward!!)(Simplistic in their views and outlook they cannot distinguish between God and Devil,)(But universe is COMPLEX, not simple!!)


China arms. Russia re-rising. China behind North Korea. Russia behind Iran.


We are getting out of Iraq AFTER winning streak. And moving into Afghanistan!!(This is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire! We do this to keep close to Iran and Pakistan. And also to encircle Russia. Russia is psychotic and paranoid. Like Dear Leader of North Korea.(Apparently had a stroke. Out of action, though not altogether.) China is the new rising super power. India close behind.


I am trying to help you all. But evil doers work all out against me. Killing me.



We either change(for the SPIRITUAL better) OR PERISH. It IS as simple as that!!

The need for bigger better SOULS is greater than the need for better bodies and technology!!!!



First comes Ice Age AND Nibiru. Then The Earth will INVERT(physically!!)(AND magnetically.).



As the heat increases, more and more cold air from The Stratosphere gets forced down(The lower level is The Mesosphere.). Downdraughts will increase, and finally The Mesosphere will drop to ground level. In staged steps. This starts The Next Ice Age.(Already beginning RIGHT NOW!!)(THOUGH warming globe is dominant at present. Ironically, the warming is creating more cold!!)


Aided by The Gulf Stream being forced down and south.


And many other cold producing factors.


Ironically caused I REPEAT (many of them) by Global Warming.



NO THING we can do about global warming. As Sun, not Man, IS RESPONSIBLE.

So forget it! And attend to other matters!!(Change the things you CAN, not TRY TO change the things YOU CANNOT!!!!)



Our time is VERY short!!


Ills will increase to a crescendo. And then die away. But accompanied by some good things AT FIRST.



The end result will be good. THE CLEANSING!!!!



The bad will have to go to lower planets.


And the good to higher.


The separating of the sheep from the goats!!


Too many people on Earth!!


And too much traffic!!!!(Plus increasingly bad drivers.)



Reduce population OR GET reduced!! But it is already TOO LATE.



We have just six years to wipe out!! !!


The markets are crashing again. Because Pelosi refused to aid U.S. vehicle companies!!

Disaster ahead.

CATASTROPHE!!!! World WIDE!!!! In stages, I THINK!!


Obama powerless with Bush STILL there,(He COULD stay, via emergency and martial law!! Wouldn't THAT be fun!!)



AND Israel is sooner or later going to be DRIVEN to attack Iran, NUCLEARLY!!!!(Unless U.S. backs Israel(What WITH?? Broke and forces over stretched!! A paper tiger anyway. I cannot see Obama changing anything much. Forces against him too strong. From without. AND WITHIN!!!! So will just burn more and more increasingly valueless money trying to stop rapidly growing monsters world wide!!)



So expect ALL HELL to break loose from now on!!(OR very soon. )



Political East will not sit idly by as West founders and sinks. Avenging against The White Man!!!!


Nor will cyber warfare(mostly ex RED China).(Expect THAT too. Plus weapons of mass destruction passing into militant hands!!)


NOR will Al Quaida and Taliban,etc.ETCS. sit idly by.


NOR Islamic Jihad!!



Wake up WORLD!!!!



Pirates will drive up insurance premiums and force shipping around Cape(South Africa) or even Capes!!



Where THE HELL is UNO and The Security Council??(They are tool of lame duck U.S. anyway.)(Europe armless.)(U.K. also dying. - Fast.)


Where is ANYONE??!!

What are you all going to do now? Leave it to Obama?? HE won't last long!! The question is: WILL he get IN??!!(Bush had NOT gone yet!! The question is WILL HE go??!!)



WHY do you all let The Devil rule??


What is the matter with GOD? Not The Church God, THE INFINITE GOD!!!!


Religion is NOT spirituality!!


And Satan is NOT CHRIST!!!!


WHAT is the matter with you all????



You have been conned!!



And FOOLED by Governments and Media. The very people who should be trustworthy BUT WHO ARE NOT!!!!

So aliens close in to save us!!(Yes, even HUMANOID aliens!!)



AND spirits!!!!



No! WE FEW rational ones are not mad. The World is!!!!




Buck up OR DIE!!!!



But it was too late SOME TIME BACK!! !! Even 30 years back!! We are so STUPID. Stuffed on LIES!!!!


The world is believing LIES!!!!


Real ignorance and superstition rule!!


EX The WORLD, not the psychics!!


The Church has misled you.


And so has so called Science!!


Via Governments.


And MEDIAS!!!!



DON'T live now, pay later. But PAY NOW, live later!!!!


Evil won't allow it.






I keep telling you!!




Your eye lids are shut tight.




Your head is not in the sand, world, it is RIGHT UP YOUR ARSE!!!!



Looking for money!! ETC.




Learn the hard way,then!!



I do my best. But you all think I am stupid.




The sign of Jonah is TO YOU ALL!!




Dead? You are not EVEN BORN, yet!!!!




I am NOT allowed to speak!!(' lest I save you!! Even physically!!!!)



Murdered INSTEAD!!!!



Ahoy there!! That is not the sky up there. THAT is the ground!!!!




What are you doing climbing into your COFFINS??!!



Get your finger out?

HEAD first, though!! !!


You don't have hearts,etc. to GET OUT!! !!(Dead from over a million years ago.)


Money? Check with the FLEEING bankers,ETC.


The heart is only a blood pump.


And the BRAIN(SO worshipped!! Hee hee.) lies further UP(where do you THINK??). It is MERELY a telephone exchange!!



MIND is what you need(which is NOT brain!!).



But you traded your minds for SO CALLED faith at the local pub, I mean church!!




When you found you couldn't trust "faith", THEN you went to the pub...



WHEN you get your head BACK UP AND OUT through your mouse(mouth).




Try speaking to me!!



Ask a few questions.


ME, not the local witch doctor. IDIOTS!!!!


Looking for your hearts,ETC??

Carry straight on UP.


Turn right AT THE LUNGS!!!!(Your best hope.)




This is where I ended the first rendering.



I am SO disgusted at Man's blindness and delusions.


However all this without even going into detail of the financial crisis.

Corruption, mass stupidity, bankers, especially on Wall Street, mad in their greed, have PERMITTED millions of lying greedy dead beats(who can never(and WILL never) pay back!!) to EACH get massive sums of money in the form of their homes, and mortgages to DISLOCATE the system(if system is the right word for organized CHAOS).


So bad debts and off shoots(deficits, derivatives,ETC. have now gone WORLD WIDE. On a MASSIVE scale.


It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to pull out of this!


Sooner or later it (debt, deficiencies, DERIVATIVES,ETC.) MUST catch up with us ALL.


West been living beyond its means for about THIRTY YEARS.(While EAST been living below its means, and SAVING!! Whilst working VERY HARD.)(Ever since Carter,etc!!)




Weak human nature compounded by mass electrons,etc. from the SUN ELECTRONICALLY is the root trouble.


The bankers, brokers, insurance agents,etc. SIMPLY took advantage.



The U.S. dollar is not dead YET. At least one more big surge can be expected.(In stocks,etc.too.)


But expect it to collapse sooner or later.

China is propping up The U.S. Because it cannot afford YET to let it be otherwise!!


Even Russia is hit.


U.S. mass investment in Japanese Yen also saving U.S. from INSTANT WIPE OUT!!!!


Yes, domino effect.




We are fast rushing into a world wide situation where people have no homes, no jobs, NO HOPE, and no money(bank notes rapidly becoming worthless PAPER!!).(They USED to be TOKEN PROMISSORY NOTES!! Of now non existent gold stocks GIVEN TO Political East China,etc!!!!)

If THE MOB acts this badly when the wood is green(Jesus) HOW will it act when the wood is brown?(But fast going BLACK!!!!)


Naturally The Political East will not sit idly by. Especially during the transition from lame duck DEFEATED Bush to INEXPERIENCED Obama!! Cyber attacks, especially from RED China. And weapons of mass destruction getting loose!!!!


If you knew how bad it really was YOU WOULD COMMIT SUICIDE at once. Yes. EN MASSE!!!!


The only question is(before TOTAL WIPE OUT) have we got 6 weeks left, or six years??!!


Consider the panic. Then PANDEMONIUM of the people!!


Ever tried living WITHOUT food, fuel, water, or anything??!!


In the face of beserk mobs!!

PLUS militants!!!!


Martial Law.

Emergency Declared.

Enforce by police.

And The Military!!!!


I doubt Bush will go!!


Weak dithering dunno Bush. (Who does not READ news,etc!!)


Expect WORLD WIDE civil war!!!!


Gold and silver will EVENTUALLY rocket.

Oil will go back up too.

All this via collosal and INCREASING variances!!

In increasing mad swings of MARKETS.

UTTERLY unpredictable!!


The greatest(so far) crash of 1929 WILL look like PEA NUTS in comparison!!!!

Money becoming rapidly increasingly TIGHT.


Expect WILD CRAZY rush to gold and silver. But will it be in time??

Value of PHYSICAL gold, silver,etc. is DELIBERATELY being kept HIDDEN from public. THIS is why they are not buying yet!!(Not buying gold and silver)

ONLY paper prices being publicized!!(The people do not know. And the authorities DO NOT WANT TO!!)


Withing a year or two dam should burst. And mass exit into gold and silver occur!!



Yes, BARTER could well come into force! And credit from authorities.


Bank notes will RAPIDLY become worthless PAPER. Of course thrown into streets!! IN DISGUST too.



They will HAVE TO inaugurate a new financial system world wide.


Plus new currencies.


E.G. The Americano in U.S.(Then combined with Mexico and probably Canada!!)(A new single nation.)



No one knows just how bad things are!(Not even the bankers know. AND STILL LESS WANT TO!!)



It is next to impossible to find out!!



Gold standard could return.

Keep your gold AND SILVER hidden chaps!!


Do NOT store it at home! Banks safer EVEN NOW.(However risky!!)



Obama is good. But a MIDGET up against a COLLOSAL MONSTER!!!!



Plus inexperienced!!


The safest refuges now? CHINA (and maybe Russia.)

Also Iran!

And maybe EVEN North Korea!!


Australia(and probably N.Z.) best placed to weather CATASTROPHE.


If only trade unions via Labour were not in power!!!!


Youth, women, libertines and U.S.Democrats have betrayed us all!!!!




So EXPECT civil war!!



Naturally baddies will have a BONANZO.



What is the answer? THERE ISN'T ONE!!






Even Obama will be OBLIGED to print more and more money!! And lash it out. WHICH WILL EVENTUALLY BE FATAL!!!! World wide.



Expect world wars 3 AND FOUR.




Too late to change will!!



Strength rules NOT WEAKNESS!!!!

But this generation never learnt THAT!!!!


New Zealand said to me: Herbs! And "Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!!".


I pity our children!!


Many will turn to drink and drugs OF COURSE.

And more than a few to SUICIDE!!!!




Barricade yourselves in your houses. BUT KICK YOUR FAMILIES OUT FIRST!!


You will be able to trust NO ONE!!!!


Bird Flu could save us!!


Plus Alien TAKE OVER!!




I'm sorry but death is the best way out now!!



And I'm an optimist!!


We need (sic!!) to act 30 years back!!


But Political Correctness,ETC. stopped us!!

The wicked CLOTS saw to that!!


We are all IN DENIAL!!!!

We are so far wrong UP our arses, that our PRIVATES ARE GAPING AT US OUT OF OUR MOUTHS!!!!


Yes! We have made THE DEVIL, GOD. And God, The Devil!!!!



Because ruled by the BAD MOB!!!!



Terror sending us wrong way!!




This translates into: When we let pseudo science take over from even pseudo religion!!!!(We weren't READY for it!!)





World said: Superstition is b.s. So GET RID OF Jesus!!(AND God!!)

But there is super stition.




Simplicity has wrecked us all!!



Simple minds!!



But even fools have to bow to clenced fists!!!!



I get told that we live in a world of fools. Ruled by villains.


Allow me to CORRECT: We ARE the fools!! And all too often THE VILLAINS,too!!!!


The BODY is not us!! But we sell out our souls to keep our ageing bodies alive!!


What was the question??!!






Send me my coffin!!!!


You see, chaps, no good close door AFTER horse bolted THIRTY YEARS back!!!!




Victor Conway.

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