Friday, 18th December, 2,009.


Just a brief supplement to H10.(Which was H8 and H7 combined.)


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First, I would like to say that the poor workmanship done on The Titanic was partly due to using IRON rivets(instead of steel)(or was it steel instead of re-inforced steel), IN THE HULL. So when the ship and the ice-berg collided, the jolt shook all the rivets on the ship loose, especially the iron ones in the hull. So, much water poured in all over the ship, ESPECIALLY in the hull!! Sending the ship down head first.

The actual ice berg and ship colliding combined DID VERY LITTLE DAMAGE!!

No. It was the JOLT that did it, loosening the rivets!!



Second, I must say that the cause(this happens every 6,500 years) of The Ice Force Crust moving(northwards, about a thousand miles) is due to the entire ice sheet upon Antarctica sliding(It is downhill and driven by ferocious winds)off into the sea! Normally, it cannot do this - for two reasons: 1. The rock outcrops stop it. 2. The base of the ice is too frozen too.

However! When the great heat comes(as was, these days), it melts the ice at THE BOTTOM of the ice(actually more due to pressure of ice on top). And partially melts the ice on top. - Enabling it to slide around and off the rock outcrops!!

So, THEN, the entire ice sheet simply slides down hill, driven by the ferocious winds, - and into the sea.

(The rocky outcrops PREVENTED this happening!! So the Ice Brake was on!(Preventing the crust sliding the other way(once uprising lava provided sufficient LUBRICANT for the lithosphere)(Note: The lubricant for the ice is simply THE MELT, due to the weight of ice crushing down and melting the base ice!!)


Now when the ice slides down past the rock outcrops, it naturally impels the entire crust forward!(About a thousand miles northwards, ALL over The Earth!!)

When all the ice has slidden into the sea, this ice force naturally stops.(The Ice Brake is off.) THEN, when the lavic lubricant is sufficient, The Fire Force pushes back the other way, southwards, some four to five thousand miles. The entire crust!!(A second crustal displacement!)(The major one.)(It is this that causes The Earth to topple over, and turn upside down!! - Once the JOLT from the sudden increased axial tilt has taken effect!!)


Plato got his news about Poseidon sinkingWrongly THOUGHT to be Atlantis.) from Solon of Egypt. A priest I believe.


I am like Noah and Plato, foretelling the coming FOUR CATACLYSMS occurring almost at the same time!!


(Please note The Earth Inversion would occur ANYWAY!!)(But THIS TIME we have both Nibiru the red planet, and Planet X(Actually 9!), a blue one, to do the job anyway via their ENORMOUS GRAVITY TIDES!!!!


1. Ice Age.(Preceded perhaps by an ice era.)

2. Earth Inversion.

3. The rogue planet Nibiru(a bit smaller than Mars).

4. Planet X. A gas giant. Size unknown. Anything from Pluto x 2 to Jupiter x 4 in size.


The sequence of these four is unknown!!



Between them should kill about 6,000,000,000 humans.(SIX BILLION.)



I have been working on this for many years.

I assure you all that I AM VERY RIGHT!!!!



Coming in between 2 and 20 or 30 years time!!!!


So we haven't got long!!


Like Noah, I am disbelieved, scorned, mocked, derided and all of the rest of it.




However, I am SIMPLY, and dutifully, reporting what I find as an amateur scientist!!


I can tell you ALL, that it is not what we WANT that happens, but what is true!!




Sorry about that!



Will you inform the rest of the world please.





Which do you prefer to be? Living fools. Or dead sceptics??!!


The mob should(once they find out you knew but did not warn!!) hang you from lamposts(Like they did Mussolini,etc.)


The ball is IN your court!


And it is UP TO YOU NOW...






Gentlemen! I SUBMIT!!


You have been TOLD.









Vic Conway.





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