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Is there an expansion?(Cosmology)




Are the galaxies,etc.fleeing away from each other?(And is sex good for you?)(Anyone who studies this quesion will eventually note the relevance of the second question!!)(Plus comments on the global situation,etc.)

A simple question(Is there an expansion?), but I assure any readers, must be one of the hardest riddles going! I do urge anyone interested TO THINK AGAIN!!(On bended knees, I PLEAD WITH YOU!!!!)(The cosmologists have offered A REAL TEASER!!)(Which ONLY A MAD MAN could answer!!)


I solved it. Took me a life time. Nearly drove me mad. I am giving you the solution.


As it happens, practically NO ONE reads my articles.(Though many would be interested in sex!)

In Cosmology a phenomenon known as The Cosmological Red Shift is alleged to indicate that this means that the universe is expanding.

The Cosmological Red Shift(The CRS) is an increasing(against distance away of viewed object, galaxy or some-such) red shift allegedly due to The Doppler Effect, indicating(supposedly) increasing velocities AWAY from the viewer proportionately to the distance away.

The Doppler Effect is one of many indicators(alleged) of increasing galactic,etc.velocities away.


PLEASE, reader(if any!), TURN AWAY NOW!!


Or it can engage you for a life time!

It may look easy enough, BUT IT IS NOT!!

Especially if you argue it with conventional cosmologists!!


END OF STORY!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh.


WHY must The CRS indicate velocities away? Why not Tired Light, or some-such!! WHY MUST it be a recession??!!

What ever you do DON'T try to tell ANYONE my solution. Or you risk censure!!(And be-heading!!)


There are two reasonable explanations. 1. Doppler Effect. 2. Tired Light, or some energy depreciating phenomenon in the spectroscope against distance away of viewed object.

Let us examine The Doppler Effect explanation:-

Cosmologists allege that either matter-energy field(all kinds of m-e) is expanding OR space is.


Balloon Theory illustrates the idea beautifully.

Have a balloon. Paint spots(to represent galaxies,etc.) all over it, then blow it up.

The spots upon the surface of the balloon will separate from all the other spots.

In the analogy or analogue, the surface of the balloon represents space.(Space is 3d, but PRETEND that the surface of the balloon is 3d, not 2d. A permissible alteration to try to grasp the situation.)

An explosion would cause an expansion. Popularly called The Big Bang.

We are studying this here from the theoretical perspective, and looking at the expansion, not The Big Bang itself.


A question: In this scenario, WHERE is(or was) The Big Bang?

Answer: NOT upon the surface of the expanding balloon!(And thus in parallel: Not in space!

An Ylem of matter-energy was supposed to have exploded, in the alleged phenomenon of The Big Bang.

Since matter-energy field is IN space, we have a problem.

If Big Bang was in Space(without being of it IN THIS FIRST ANALYSIS), then Ylem had to have been in Space(though not of it).(Your first blow of breath into the balloon was INSIDE OF the balloon, and not upon the surface.)(In parallel,then, the big bang(IF it existed!), cannot NOW be in present space!(AND, if not in present space, NOR IN PAST SPACE!!!!)

When most people hear of this big bang OF The Ylem, it is pictured IN SPACE. Which is a mistake!

(IF this addle brained notion(albeit beautiful and fascinating) is true, THEN The explosion occurred NECESSARILY in some fourth dimension! NOT in any of the three spatial dimensions!!

You see the statement that The Ylem exploded in Space PRESUPPOSES THAT in advance!!(By WHAT right, I wonder...)

Were that so, then the expansion that followed would follow IN SPACE, too!

Or I'm a Dutchman. And I AM NOT DUTCH!!(Especially not DOUBLE Dutch!!)

Nor Chinese!!



The Ylem had to have been made of matter-energy, and therefore have been IN SPACE!

So MOST people visualize some Big Bang IN SPACE.

Am I right, or not??


Now in The Balloon Theory analogue, the explosion occurs in SOME fourth dimension!(Not necessarily Time, though Time would be involved!)


Such analogy dimension being THE AIR (or lack of)inside the balloon prior to it being blown up!

Not inside of THE SURFACE of the balloon was it?!

No! It was inside of BALLOON ITSELF!!

Which is 3d to the 2d surface(And analogy wise is 4d to 3d Space!! Right??).


Therefore, I repeat, the explosion(Big Bang) occurred OF SPACE(and contents), and not IN space! IF IT OCCURRED AT ALL!!!!(Other than in some...mind/s.)


How can space which is nothing expand? Well, pretend for the argument that space is our view of some tangible fourth dimension. It only LOOKS to us like nothing, but actually isn't.

It will either be Time or some dimension that expands PARA PASSU with Time's passing.


So the galaxies,etc.will then flee away from one another, and show up in The Spectroscopic Device as The Cosmological Red Shift(The CRS)!!


I aver that if we can eliminate The Doppler Effect explanation, then we reduce quite simply to shall we say Tired Light.


Now as space expands(as the balloon swells), the spots painted on it should expand too.

OR we can argue that though space is expanding, galactic space is not. Which is tricky(to say the least).

Is it(IF either!!) Spots or Currants??(Currants being galaxies,etc. that do not expand)


If Spots then how come no-one has noticed that against distance away galaxies are larger?

On the other hand, if currants, why has no one noticed that galaxies stay always the same size(roughly).


Maybe this is too hard for the astronomers.(With present instuments anyway...)


Some allege that Time ITSELF was the fourth dimension.

A point here: Time or ITS PASSAGE? Time or some Moving Now?!


As a tangible dimension, Time ITSELF could serve. But then why would Time ITSELF be expanding(or contracting)??(Those are big assumptions to requirer in support!!)

As for some Moving Now, THAT would require a Time Dimension PART OF WHICH(the future part) LIES(PRESENT TENSE) OUTSIDE OF the universe TO THAT DATE!!

Note that Time and its PASSAGE are two VERY different things!!...


SOME Fourth Dimension? Possibly. Spatial or not.


Which grows AS Time Passes.

But where then IS Time? Considering that the expanding THING IS The Universe(or All)


I am sure any readers will see the problems.


Fortunately FOR YOUR SAKE there are none. I am NOW glad!!


So what is the truth? It can only be a NON expanding(and non contracting)universe!!


And The CRS has to be Tired Light(or some such!!)!!


Note, dear reader IF ANY; It is ONLY when you object to my explanations and TRY to go into THIS DILEMMA - that you will be on a pathway TO INSANITY!!


I have been on this a long life time!!


Note that Conventional Cosmologists will intoduce all sorts of Smoke and Mirrors side arguments to distract you from the truth, and try to get you,too,to WORSHIP their MAD NOTION!!


They get VERY angry!!



Heck what does it matter whether the universe be expanding or not, etc??!!

Talk to conventional cosmologists YOURSELF if you insist.


They do NOT like to be contravened!!!!


Yuk, YUK!!




Victor Conway.


P.S. Is sex good for you? I think it depends upon how good you are at SUBLIMATION. (Using non-sexual means of relief.)(I do not know of any either!!)

Now as for comments on the current global situation(groan, GROAN...):-



Well it looks as if it will be Obama. (Going by the polls!!) Though McCain insists otherwise.


Comment upon the financial and economic crisis; NO COMMENT!!!!


Comment upon the fact that The Political East now rules the world, not The West, I noted this fact MANY years back!!

The question is HOW did the people ALLOW this to happen, and without a murmur??!!


Such is the power of Political Correctness AND OTHER IDIOCIES!!!!



Enough said, - SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!


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