Wednesday, 5th November, 2,008.



Disaster ahead!!



Will it be Obama or McCain?

We should soon know.

Looks like being a landslide for Obama!

In which case he could be assassinated.

I repeat: It is little using fixing the domestic front(In U.S.) - if there is no country left to fix it in!

The security situation is far too grave to risk a dove in office!


Fight them!!

Just print money ad lib, and ride the bucking financial broncho down to the centre of the Earth, as you try to save U.S.etc.(The West) from The Political East.

WHO let this situation develop?

George Bush has funked it. SO FAR.


The crying need is to stop Iran.


Get China keep North Korea to heel.


U.S. and or Israel to attack Iran(and Syria) from Georgia?


RUSSIA is the big menace now.

Stop THEM before they get too strong!

Putin is ex KGB.

Iran is on the verge of getting nuclear weapons!!

Pakistan is in chaos. Al Quaeda and Taliban rule Afghanistan(bar Kabul) from the border tribal region!

Danger of loose Russian(AND Pakistani) nuclear weapons falling into Terrorist hands. And not just nuclear weapons!!


Danger of North Korea selling nuclear weapons to terrorists!


You must not just ignore these menaces. You need to FIGHT!! NOW. Not when it is too late!!!!(Don't you care about your children,etc??)


If U.S. does not attack Iran(in the change over window), then Israel has to!(Or get attacked by Iran!!)

AND if U.S.etc. does not stop Russia from retaking Europe(and threatening world)NOW, Then THAT is what will happen!!


The U.S. Republican Party is now being DRIVEN to act:-

If Obama gets in(and it looks like he will!), then Bush will hit Iran ex Georgia!

If he doesn't, Israel will. And when Iran counter attacks, blocking Gulf etc.and Straits of Horuz(while pirates block The Gulf of Aden), and committing numerous other horrors(not to mention wiping out allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan(and Pakistan)(There is also Syria.), U.S. MUST hit Iran. Mashing it up!!


All out war. Third World War. NO HOLDS BARRED eventually...(And/or 4th World War by Germany, with Vatican support and blessing, using Europa!!


This will also drive up stocks, saving the financia-economic collapse.


Bush stays in power, declares national emergency, imposes martial law, and sets up McCain!


If McCain wins, same procedure, perhaps a bit later!


If not, then Iran,with Syria, Hezbolla, Hamas, Islamic Jihad,and so on, ETC. will attack Israel. And Israel will be DRIVEN to nucleate Iran(and perhaps Syria).


So you see(I HOPE!!) how dire the situation is.


Bush has no thing to lose. On his way out!!(IF McCain wins.)


Obama has everything to win.


What a Christmas,et al, THIS ONE WILL BE!!!! Our last!!


Just print and print U.S. bank-notes(until the sky falls down)(and it WILL sooner or later), to finance The Third World War, starting against Iran(and Syria,ETC.). AND Russia.(AND if China does not assist, THEM, too!!)


Coup de grace!


Coup de dis grace OTHERWISE!!!!



Folks hearing me good now??(Well, at least clear??!!)




By February the fun should really have started.



And by June be unbearable for most!!



Your captain speaking. Put on your seat belts! Pull down the oxygen masks. Put on your life jackets, and go TO THE EMERGENCY EXITS!!!!


GET OUT - or be thrown out!!

(Of the world...)







Vic Conway.(How long do you think Obama would last?!)(Or Palin!!)

Mar's anyone??!!

You got message, COMRADS??

Zeig Heils come later!!!!

Vic Conway.(Aaaaaaaaaaaagh.)









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