Sunday, 25th October, 2,009.


Sequel supplement to DDD10000

The financial/economic position.



I said yesterday that the world was trillions in debt and deficit.


The U.S. is. And they dominate world finance.

The world as a whole has to break even. For every debtor there is a creditor.


China is raking it in.


The U.S. etc.(The West) And many other nations are living WELL beyond their means. Living off credit cards. Living off debt AS IF IT WAS CREDIT!! DEBT is being bought and sold!! Plus Derivatives,etc.


The U.S. has to BORROW(Off China mainly.) JUST to be able to pay off the interest on its debt!

That cannot be done indefinitely.


Sooner or later, MUST come demand for payment. And it has already begun!!

Failure to meet that payment must result in sell outs. And if not enough that way, - war!! Via Recession, depression, sell offs and finally war. (Either by the debtor, or invasion by the creditor, somehow!) THAT is how the cycle goes.


The U.S. Dollar may still climb a way. But DOWN is the main trend now.

The Dow threatens to fall. (The days we are living in are an eerie duplicate of early 1929(At the very start of The Crash. This one could be bigger. MUCH bigger... The big Slump began with a nasty fall, but then a rise. Then it went through a series of awful crashes.(Followed by LURING rises.) Ending up at 50! After each crash the cry was we are Recovery! But then came the next crash. In those days U.S. was very strong. Today it is very weak!! Though still number one by far.)) This augers the bleakest future ever known!!


Gold and silver become the safe haven, as a rule. So they should ROCKET.


Sky is the limit.



I speak from The U.S. perspective. Most of West - and even world will follow. China should gain the most. Australasia faring least bad of Western nations, because in with China.


Black gold(oil) is shooting up.

Fast approaching TREBLE what it was not long back!!

A dominant Iran(now so much on the cards)can be expected to choke off the oil(To the hated West), and send its price to the moon. Even the sun!!(Or blackmail us that way.)



AT PRESENT, The U.S. is by very far still number one financially. This has been supporting Dow,etc. And The U.S. Dollar. U.S. keeps borrowing and/or printing money to keep finances high. And the greed hogs(bankers,etc.) CONTINUE to siphon off as much as they can.


In The West, at least, nearly all are crazy about money. Bank notes. Especially green backs.(U.S.)

How many people have read what it says on them(the bank notes)??

ORIGINALLY they were promissory notes of the equivalent in gold, which banks,etc. had to honour.(That promise VANISHED long back! First we had gold, then the PROMISE OF GOLD.(Promissory notes). Truman(I think it was.) did away with the gold standard(This is where the rot set in.)(He also did away with McArthur, and now we face a fast growing MILITARILY(and otherwise) RED CHINA(allied with Russia!!). And those pretty coloured well designed bits of paper(bank notes) BECAME of values PER SE. By DECREE. (Once that decree fails or goes, those bank notes revert to the value of PAPER!!)(The psychological value would soon vanish. And money will be thrown into the streets! Worthless paper!!(Which is ACTUALLY ALL they are now!!!!)


FIAT(command by the government) is the ONLY thing keeping them UP!!



When people realize they are walking on EMPTY air, once The Fed fails(as it must eventually via unpaid debts), then ALL that the people have is PAPER!!!!


Naturally many will flock into gold. And silver!! Etc.(Palladium, for example.)

And OIL!!

(Oil should become the best investment.)(From the point of view of wealth.(But oil mania leads to WAR!!)


If and when The Fed fails, down goes the U.S. And the rest of The West will follow. The whole world will crash. But China,etc. should grow MONSTROUSLY.


China is currently buying up all the gold that it can. Now I wonder why that is!!(Ironic)



A growing number of nations are calling for a new financial system. And the end of U.S. Dollar rule.(The Euro, The Yen and The Yuan(??) are rising fast.)


As news of all this gets out, the flight into gold and silver,etc.(And oil) gets going.


As oil goes up, the threat of war(world war) rises.



This is crazy. WHAT IS wealth? Land? Property? Animals? PEOPLE??!!


How many still think that it is PAPER??!!


Wealth is the production capacity of the workers. And THEY are becoming increasingly less keen to pay taxes,etc. And see MERE time put in get rewarded(Clocks rule. Not work done!!).


TRUE wealth is the number of friends you have? Yes. But above all - how much true knowledge that you have!!



Wealth is REALLY how much INTEGRITY you have(character).


We are living in a world of increasing chaos and confusion.


So Anarchy grows.

Which will lead to Martial Law. And all that THAT entails.


Police states. And military JUNTAS!!!!



The West(U.S. in particular) has been living in a GROWING dream fantasy.(Since 1945.)



But that bubble is about to burst.



WATCH the U.S. dollar fall against The Euro!!


Watch the oil price rise.



No. I am not out to scare you. But to warn you to WAKE UP!!


The bottom line is that dominancy is passing from The West - to The Political EAST!!!!



THEY believe in totalitarian TYRANNY. They HATE and loathe Democracy.

Islam is displacing Christianity!!

Bhuddism is The Eastern Way. For many.

Utmost self control.(What The West HATES - and CANNOT bear!!)

Suicide will become VERY attractive.


Who is bringing this in? Left wing governments(and extreme right wing ones bring in Facism) via sucking up to THE MOB!!!! Using Political Correctness,etc. And increasingly violent Activism,etc.


Sold by increasingly corrupt governments via The Medias to THE SUCKER people!!


Who hang on every word uttered by The Academic FRAUDS. Even the orthodox science people. EVEN THE CHURCH,ETC!!!!


God is now nearly completely replace by THE DEVIL! By Pan, at least.(Pan is the Earth god. Symbolized by a little boy with horns playing a flute!)



Our souls are being gradually and surreptitiously EATEN alive by gluttonous GHOULS and VAMPIRES disguised as respected humans!!


Until finally our bodies DIE.


We are being DUMMIED(given dummies to suck) via Technology supplied by HUMANOID ALIENS. And CRAP ORTHODOX Science!! (And Orthodox crap religion)(Jesus came to bring LIFE...)(Not more formalism.)


Via University,etc. JUNK.(I could have used a stronger word than crap!)


We are being taught THE VERY OPPOSITE of TRUTH!!




Everyone is being so insidiously LURED into angry hate to harm and kill. Physically and emotionally.



WHO has the money? The banks! And The Fed. The bankers, the brokers, the financiers, the money lenders, the userers, the land and property agents. The MORTGAGERS!! The insurers. The advertisers. And the criminals and con men. Now SO rampant on The Internet. And via credit cards. Wake up, people!!


Anyone but the people. Who are palmed off with SUCKER pay!!


Sold out via sweet talk to vote THE WRONG ONES INTO POWER!!!!


Who holds the money? The Secret Societies!! The few.(Nearly all the wealth lies in the hands of a tiny FEW!!!!) The governments, especially The Fed. And, now, increasingly the Political East, and the Rogue nations!!!!


And The Big Corporations!!


Plus BLOATED companies.


So MANY HUGE CHANGES are NOW rapidly occurring, - and GROWING at a COLLOSAL and ACCELERATING rate!!


Ah, but we keep getting put to sleep by the crooning Television,etc!!


To keep us being VAMPIRED to DEATH. Spiritual first, then material!!



The changes I mentioned yesterday in DDD10000 list many of the other causes. Producing the COLLOSAL changes now getting into stride.


WILL we have a Christmas this year?

Or be celebrating Ramadan!!??


Think about it! Our way of life is being TAKEN from us. And nobody is noticing!!


Yet I get treated AS IF I am the thief,etc!!


Ah how easy and cosy to JUST SLEEP!! Mentally!!!!



The price of gold should be a good indicator, now.



But WHAT price the spiritual gold(of GOODNESS)??!!



So far gone out of the window NOW!!


As hate replaces love.

And senseless anger replaces delight!!


I tell you he who know most of truth NOW, shall best survive!!




Let he who has EARS TO EAR, HEAR, and I DO hope - HEED!!!!



All is so increasingly and rapidly CORRUPTING!!



Who can you TRUST nowadays??




Shall we worship THE SEWER?



Or flee back to God?!


God? WHO is God??


NOT The Church. Not Religion!

NOT those who wear such clean outer garbs, but who within are STINKING!!






God is Community. Especially The Higher Community.

God? God is The SUN. And the stars,etc. BEYOND!!

God is your Higher Self!!

Your SOUL!!!!




Bring back the saints and the angels.

GOD is about to RETURN!!




What is the Truth??





GOD is not dead.




MAN is about to get BORN!!!!



Turn back the clock?

No! Get a new one!!(And put it FORWARD!!(We have BEEN putting it back!(Since about 1945 WHEN WE THOUGHT WE HAD EVIL LICKED!!!!(Duped again after The League of Nations AND The First World War!!!!)



Are we living on an island between two eternities?



Or, in eternal MISERY BETWEEN TWO ISLANDS(Heaven and Hell.).




You DIG, any reader??



Just make SURE that it is not the grave. - Of your SOUL!!!!



I see around me increasing CORRUPTION.




How CAN anyone EMBRACE IT????!!!!






Vic Conway.(Come HOME, comrads. COME HOME!!)(Extremism is not the danger! Extreme LOWNESS is!!!!)













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