Saturday, 6th August,  2,011.





The world situation now.





        1.  The Black Friday Stockmarket crash is just the beginning(I think). Possibly of a fall even to THE ROCKS!! First to 10,000, then 4,000, then 400, and finally THE ROCKS!!(The Dow.)


        Triggering a double dip recession leading to a Depression and perhaps World War. But certainly riots in many countries. U.S.etc.  in The West.



        The question is how long will it last. I see up to 2,013 and even beyond.



        The public and business,etc. seem to have lost confidence in Dow, Government,etc.   Which is understandable!


        More liquidity is not going to help much, nor for long.


        Also deficit is getting(In U.S. and EU) too high to pay off!!



        Big, very big, trouble ahead.(Already ON!!)



        U.S. via Obama reached a deal in order to continue paying their way. And to avoid a downgrading of their credit  rating.


        But at the cost of postponing to worse trouble later on.  Plus, NOW, as with The Dow,etc!



        A Very Big CORRECTION has begun, or rather, is continuing.


        Silver and gold, especially silver, SHOULD shoot back up, high and even very high.  Sooner or later.


        U.S. dollar falling. People need a refuge. Saving is not enough. Even fatal.


        Silver is a necessity(industrial). Gold isn't.


        Gold re-cycles. Silver does not!!


        As silver dries up, price should rocket.


        Especially if Comex gets into trouble.


        Even fear of that could push silver high.




       Economic and financial Armageddon looks to be on.





       2.  I do not know(but it is possible) if the approaching Nibiru is causing this Economic and Financial Armageddon.



       Not Nibiru, but a parallel disaster. Namely the fact that the sun may be rounding the spiral arm of a group of stars we are in. And this line of stars has a current of ELECTRONS running down it. (Hence the increasing disasters,  via Centrifugal Force!!  Pushing up magma(another GROWING heat source)


       Which THICKEN as centre is reached. Thus we are getting deluged with an increasing number of masses of ELECTRONS, as time progresses over the next 16 months(at least).


       This is sending humans and animals bad and mad.(Maybe what caused recent animals deaths.)




     3.  A second solar system is currently merging with ours. Namely binary brown dwarf star sun with six planets and their satellites,etc. THIS second sun(Antoine) is a reason for the increasing HEAT.(Vide the U.S. heat wave.)(And the unusually warm temperatures(and hot sun)currently being felt(in peak of winter!) in Australia!!




      Antoine is visible near sun at sunrise and sunset, especially  if viewer is way south(It is NOT Nibiru. Though wrongly called Nibiru.)


      Check for "Nibiru videos" (And "Nibiru".) Also "Second sun videos" and "Second sun". And you will get access to many videos and reports.(Not sun-dogs, reflections, refractions, temperature inversions, mirages,etc.)



     People don't want to know(not any bad news). Going into denial and blocking off all news of these things. Which will NOT stop the dire events from happening, of course!!(Any more than King Canute could stop the incoming tide!!)(He commanded the tide to stop coming in! But it KEPT ON coming in!!)




     There are TEN objects,etc. RIGHT NOW entering our solar system!  (i) Antoine, a small star, (wrongly being called Nibiru), the second sun(minor binary star companion, brown dwarf, NOT Nemesis) (ii) through (vii)(though only five of its planets visible as yet).



      (viii)  There is Nibiru(Planet X), visible towards Orion, I believe(Due near Earth 2,078.A.D.).  About size of Saturn.


      (ix)     There is the core of Phaeton.(Wrongly being called Nibiru)



      Now silhouetted against the sun. And getting larger(closer).




      (x)       An increasing number of comets, asteroids and meteors, debris, dust,etc. in our vicinity.



      Objects dragging down stuff from Oort, Kuiper and Ordinary Asteroid belts!!(Via gravitation.)







      Get down North Geographical Pole to escape probable awful death!





     Inform others, so they have A CHANCE!



     Authorities not telling us (i) To avoid panic.(But I say people will adapt to panic, thus avoiding pandemonium(much worse)later on! SO TELL THEM!!)



     Meanwhile design, mass produce and wear my special Faraday-Caged Helmets - to keep out the growing MASSES OF ELECTRONS  and the deadly poisonous red dust now falling out of Phaeton's TAIL(which has blown(Solar Wind pushing!) over us).



    Other reasons for not informing us: (ii) to keep control of us.




    And (iii) Only a VERY few specially chosen people,animals,seeds,specimens(Like with Noah's ark!) can be saved.(But aliens may evacuate some to mother ships and even other planets!)




    UFO's, aliens, crop circle,etc. are INCREASING.






    4.   There is SUPER intelligent life upon Mars.



          Study "Life on Mars" videos, especially The Anomalies!


          Not only on Mars, but Moon, Venus,etc.(Some anomalies.)





          Few are interested. But when Phaeton(Wrongly called Nibiru) appears in our sky.(SOMETHING is there, now.)



           - Then, but perhaps too late, INTEREST will be taken!




           Because it is BIG. (Phaeton is slightly smaller than Mars.)



           About 4 moon diameters at closest!!



           Like a red dragon. Winged god of Horus.




           Menace via the gravity and magnetic tides.


           Plus the polar shifts and even Earth inversion.




           Antoine, perhaps via its planets' moons has hurt solar system BEFORE.


           With an orbital period of 3,600 years,


           It caused the colossal cataclysms that destroyed Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon.






          So folks, PLEASE listen!



         And HEED!!























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