Wednesday, 20th May, 2,009.






What happened here??

Here is my view:-


Maddie is dead. Died the evening she vanished. Killed. Manslaughter.


The McCann's had some important visitors that evening. They had to entertain them. Out. So they chose the nearby restaurant.

Remember the original suspect? Wasn't he among the guests?(Anyway to him was given the "task".)

Madelaine had begged her mother not to leave her alone.

She was 3. Almost 4.

A nice up and coming little girl.

Her parents put her to bed. And then left her. Deliberately ignoring Maddie's wishes. Not going far. But far enough.

This was in Portugal.


Someone expressed anxiety about Maddie to the original suspect.(He may not have been among the guests.) They were afraid that she might wake up and search for her parents on the street.

A sleeping draught was suggested. So the suspect went back and administered it. But decided not to inform anyone.

It was not intended to kill the poor little girl. Just enough to make her sleep VERY soundly.

She slept soundly all right. Dead. Too much was administered. It killed her. The suspect gave enough for an adult. He wanted to make sure she was given enough to MAKE her sleep.


It was an accident.

The parents and other visitors were not informed!!


The suspect was terrified he would be tried for murder. So he had to conceal the deed.

He climbed out of her bedroom window, with Maddie's corpse over his shoulder. and clambered down the wall, to avoid being seen by anyone.

She was hidden at his place - until he worked out how best to dispose of the body.

A car was rented, a red car.

He took the corpse away in that. So traces of Maddie were found in the car.

Also traces of the suspect.

She was weighted down and rowed way out, then dropped down into the depths.

The rented car was eventually returned. Carefully hidden away meanwhile.


Suspicion was deliberately later thrown onto a very shady Portugese male character. However, he was innocent. Merely lurked around.


The police soon got the facts, and correctly. After an initial delay.

The McCanns and their visitors, bar the original suspect knew NO THING about the manslaughter.

He kept it secret.

ONLY he knew!!

And the police.


However, the police could not prove it. Insufficient evidence. So the suspect went free!

It was him alright. Look at the guilt on his face!!


But it was not murder.


The police, under great pressure, needed a conviction. So they searched around. In vain. A police detective there knew the truth.(He wrote a book called The Truth.)


The McCann's(Upon whom suspicion was thrown, and deliberately) were innocent. They loved their little girl.  Of course.    Though the twins held the limelight currently.


Maddie's body is not likely to be found, - ever.


Nor the truth revealed(apart from in "The Truth").


The McCanns were going to sue the police detective. But he is dead right.

He is threatening to counter sue if they do.


So it may all come out now.


The McCann's hope she will be found alive. As do many. But not a chance.

          Lies pay big bucks and ratings,etc!

          This latest woman is a distraction, to keep it festering, and the money,etc.flowing to the hard-ups. A lot of baloney.

          Yes, guilt is at root. Mrs McCann for leaving her daughter ALONE.

           Maddie died shortly after THEY all went to that restaurant!

            Let rotting bones die.(Now deep down, far out, on sea bed!!

            Maddie, herself, thank God, lives on, IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!







(Similarly with the good looking chap abducted at a bus stop.(Danny Morecombe.) (He was late, so missed his bus.(On his way to University I believe.) Two unpleasant characters took a fancy to him sexually.(He was very good looking, alone and vulnerable.) Abducted him via offering him a lift. Raped him repeatedly. Then murdered him. Hid his body where it is unlikely to be found.)(The next bus had not stopped, because late. And the following bus was also late.  Did not stop.)

        Global Warming is wrong too. Not Man or Nature.  But chief component is THE SUN!!

         Similarly with nearly all the big mysteries.

        Lies paraded to give the unevolved a chance to learn and grow.(God loves ALL.)


         I give my view.

          As the wit said, for the truth, go down the hall, last on the right!

          Big bible hung outside. The Word of MAN, NOT GOD!!!!


          Yuk, yuk.


          Death?  IS BIRTH!!

          The only thing that dies, is our small component!  The physical self, and body!!


           Wakee, wakee!!



          Read my other articles!!



Vic Conway.




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