Wednesday, 16th December, 2,009.

H10(Earth Changes AND Generations.)


H8 - Earth Changes!!


Noah's flood report was stolen by The Jews from Nineveh's flood report by Gidgeon.

Every 6,500 years there is a new creation. So that every new born civilization THINKS that its is the ONLY one!! When all it is - is that The Solar Quarter Cycle of 6,500 years is simply repeating itself - indefinitely.

Look: We had Mu(Off India), then Lemuria(A continent in The Pacific FOUR TIMES larger than Australia), next - Atlantis(Which, by the way, IS Antarctica, now INVERTED!!), followed by Poseidon!(6,500 years ago.)(Poseidon(reported by Plato) was THOUGHT to have been Atlantis, but had NO THING to do with Atlantis! It was simply a small island off The Pillars of Hercules(Now The Straits of Gibraltar), in The Atlantic!!

THUS, we are DUE - VERY SOON - for the next creation episode! The cataclysmic destruction of Arya - Our Civilization!! I say in between 2 and 20 to 30 years time!!


I am thus the LATEST Prophet NOAH!!(Actually Gidgeon!)(Some name like that!)

The rainfall, those days was INCREASING ALARMINGLY(Like NOW!!), SO Gilleard(was it(or Gidgeon(Something like that.))??) in the ancient civilization of Nineveh prophesied a great flood.(Which occurred!)(As I DO,NOW!!) A flood caused by the sinking of Poseidon(Not Atlantis!) due to a COLLOSAL under the Atlantic Ocean's sea floor EARTHQUAKE. Producing The Grandfather of all Tsunamis! Which swept(Two stages of this!!) through The Pillars of Hercules, right along The Med sea, SMASHING through The Bosphorous!! INTO THE BLACK SEA. Quadruplicating its size. And TEMPORARILY OVERFLOWING into Israel(THEN PALESTINE)!!

The sinking of Poseidon actually occurred in two stages, widely separated. First, a great under the sea floor earthquake sent Poseidon far down into the magma(semi solid lava) and sea. The first Tsunami SMASHED through The Pillars of Hercules, creating The Straits of what is now, Gibraltar, CREATING The Mediterranean Sea!! UP TO the ORIGINAL Black Sea!!(A lake of FRESH WATER originally.), two thousand miles to The East!!(So we had TWO terrible floods hitting Israel(Then Palestine.)!!)!!

I see now that BOTH Gilleard(Or Gidgeon, whatever his name was of Nineveh) were right!! Each had his own flood separated by about 1,600 years!!

The SECOND(and final) sinking of Poseidon CREATED The (Med)Mediterranean Sea. And HUGELY topped up The Black Sea(A much smaller fresh water lake, originally!!). THIS overflowed into Israel, and was Noah's Flood!!

So Noah did not steal Gidgeon's thunder. Each had his own!!

One flood hit Nineveh,ETC.

And one flood hit Israel,ETC.


VERY little of either cataclysm was due to rainfall, though huge rains did fall.


Two planets are approaching us. 1. The rogue planet Nibiru, a red planet, slightly smaller than Mars, and of similar consistency. And 2. The coming "blue star", Planet X, which is merely the next planet out beyond Neptune(Pluto(and Charon, its twin) are NOT planets, being merely FORMER satellites of Neptune!!(Struck in a former cataclysm.)(Chipping of the satellitic twins Pluto and Charon.) So Planet X is actually Planet 1X(Planet 9.)))


Thus a quartet will form in our skies, Sun(Yellow disk), Moon(White disk(when visible and full)), Red planet Nibiru AND Blue Planet 9, called Planet X!!!!


Yes, flee to the hills!


The planet Nibiru(loaded with humanoid aliens, our genetic modifiers(not actually creators!!)(We are their CATTLE. On this Space Farm, Planet Earth!(We being simply the offspring of Cro-Magnums and Neanderthals!!) Nibiru is their Super Space Ship(SUPER TITANIC!!)(Reference.)



They are coming to INSPECT us. Check us out. See how we have been behaving(cough, splutter)!!(As the best behaved will be sent UP(vibrationally)a planet. And the failures(DOWN a planet(vibratonally speaking)!!)(Hence my coughing and spluttering "joke".)


Most of us have heard of The Titanic. The ship that argued with an oncoming ice berg(Back in April, 1912.)(The Iceberg won needless to say. And the world's largest(THEN) ocean liner took its FINAL plunge(Upon its MAIDEN voyage!!)(Travelling too fast,etc. so as to try to win The Blue Riband(prize trophy).)(About 1,500 people lost their lives. In its head long plunge to the bottom 2.5 miles down.)

That was a disaster involving FIRE. And ICE.

The FIRE component was due to its leaving Southampton(or was it Newcastle) with BURNING COALS!!(A frequent occurrence.)

The ICE part is well known.


The sinking of The Titanic was prophesied in FOUR ways! 1. As a fiction story back in 1880'! 2. (Titanic had a sister ship, Olympiad. Titanic was definitely NOT The Olympiad as some have suggested. For insurance purposes. Morgan himself did not travel on The Titanic's last voyage!!)


3. There was of course The Titanic sinking itself.

4. And a fourth disaster involving a ship of SIMILAR name to Titanic!!(A German ship much earlier!)


Odd "co-incidences"!!!!




Now,then! What I am getting at is this:(Titanic sank because of poorly rivetted rivets(A hastily "finished" job by the workmen.), which popped open letting MOST of the water in!)(The Titanic is alleged to have had a long gash sliced in its side, spanning into four to five compartments. It was not a GASH, but a SERIES of PUNCTURES, SMALL!!, AND a short gash of about 16 inches.)(Not enough to sink the ship in two hours! No. What sank Titanic was LEAKING RIVETS!!( Occasioned by POOR rivetting(hastily and improperly done) AND the shuddering JOLT, which weakened all of the rivets!!))


Ironically, had the panicking ship's officers NOT tried to get PAST the ice-berg, but INSTEAD crashed into it IN REVERSE(instead of full speed ahead STEAM)(To try and shoot past it!), then THE RE-INFORCED BOWS would have WITHSTOOD the impact!! And the ship REMAINED AFLOAT!!!!(Titanic DROVE INTO an ONCOMING ice-berg!!)(Striking it the worst blow possible. A GLANCING blow.(It was the ice berg that did the damage, not the ship's GLANCING blow!!)


The rivets would not have leaked(at least, not as much), and MUCH precious time gained!! But PROBABLY ship would not have sunk!!(Carpathia would have got there IN TIME!!!!)


There were no spare binoculars available!!(Amid many other stupidities!!)


It was calm, but foggy. And VERY cold. However, it was going AT TOP SPEED. To TRY to get to New York as soon as possible!!(Just to win a prize. And prestige.)


Morgan himself was not on board.


And The Owner fled his own ship!! With the women and children!!!!



A story of FIRE and ICE. This is my point. The Titanic.




Our planet is a SUPER TITANIC!! Also a story of FIRE and ICE!!!!


Bear with me, please!


The ice is that two mile mass of ice upon Antarctica(UP TO two miles thick.)!!

The FIRE is that of THE SUN!!(Man has NOTHING to do with Global Warming. Nor has even Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and fires born of lightning strikes.)! The cause IS THE SUN!! Not by Radiation(No!!), but by THE STUPENDOUS ENERGY released by The Solar Wind AND The Coronal Mass Ejections!!(THAT is INCREASING!!)(Due to A GROWING SPURT of ENERGY down the SPIRAL ARMS of the galaxies,ETC. EX Explosions at their centres(A natural event in the early stages of galactic,etc.formations!!))


Coronal fire. Which as The Solar Wind AND Coronal Mass Ejections shoots out, sometimes when The Earth is in line!!





The CORE of The Earth(Which is one pole of a gigantic electro-magnet!!) GETS CHARGED UP by The Solar Wind AND The Coronal Mass Ejections!! EVERY TIME The Sun gets NEAR to The Spiral Arm chain THAT IT IS UPON!!


The sun is going around the LOCAL spiral arm(Much like Planet X(Actually 9.) goes around(rogue!) the sun in a VERY ELLIPTICAL orbit!)


(Nibiru is on a WILD orbit of its own!)



I KNOW that the ice upon Antarctica is not massive enough to tilt The Earth over. BUT IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!!!!


NORMALLY, (every 6,500 years, or quarter precession or zodiacal period) - what happens is this:-


The Earth warms up extra-ordinarily(like now!). Which MELTS the polar ices.


(They end up sliding into the sea!)


When the ices end up in the sea(even unmelted!), then SOMETHING AWFUL happens!!


There are two forces(LISTEN CLOSELY PLEASE!!):-



There is The Fire Force(Caused by a GYRATING(!!) Earth's core(Which also drags down an increasing number of meteors(asteroids and comets,etc.)!) which via GRAVITY via the fact that Earth's core is separate(!), and spinning faster than The Earth itself! - BUT WHICH IS ALSO gyrating(That is REVOLVING,)( NOT ONLY ROTATING!!)! During this INNER (Earth) gyration(increasingly elliptical!), The Earth's asthenosphere(lower crust) gets DRAGGED under the LITHOSPHERE(Upper crust), - which does TWO things:-

1. It drags down meteorites(as said),.

2. AND, - it creates collosal FRICTION between the two crusts(top and bottom)!!



This FRICTION creates a FORCE FIELD at the SURFACE OF THE EARTH.(All over the globe!)

It is THIS FORCE FIELD that is creating(or was, until, (as the sun spots went OUT 3 years back!) that created the HEAT!!(INDIRECTLY ex the sun's solar winds AND mass coronal ejections!!))


The current heat hitting Australia,etc. is ex EL NINO!!(NOT anything else!!)


BECAUSE Global warming stopped 3 years ago!



However, we are CURRENTLY in reprieve(GRACE), - BECAUSE OF the sun spots going out!!(OTHERWISE we would NOW be frying alive(In Australasia,etc!)(El Nino is ex Peru region. This moves westwards across The Pacific, landing up in Australasia,ETC.)(El Nino is The Southern Oscillator. An ocean current.)




What NORMALLY happens is that when the SOUTHERN Ice caps slides into the sea(rather than melts!)(Even the land ice is melting and FORMING in equal proportions!!)







The Ice Force, - and The FIRE FORCE!!


The FIRE FORCE is caused by rising lava ex the magma(Due to the energy ex the sun GOING INTO THE CORE, HEATING UP THE EARTH INTERNALLY!!)



This rising(ACCELERATINGLY!!) LAVA, provides LUBRICATION for the lithosphere(top crust) to SLIDE over the asthenosphere(bottom crust)!! WHEN the time is RIPE!!!!


(Similarly as the weight of the ICE provides MELT(melted ice at THE BASE) FOR THE ICE TO SLIDE OVER the rock(especially as it melts!!). (When ITS time is ripe!) So IT DOES NOT NEED TO MELT AWAY, BUT MERELY TO SLIDE off the land!! And into the sea!!)





So we have The Ice Force ACTING LIKE A BRAKE(Until it slides INTO THE SEA!!) AGAINST The FIRE FORCE!!!!



However! Once that BRAKE comes off(When the ice SLIDES(not melts!) INTO THE SEA!!)







So! We are waiting for FOUR CRITICAL events: 1. The South Polar ice to slide into the sea .

And 2: For the LAVIC lubrication between upper and lower crusts of The Earth to GET SUFFICIENT TO PERMIT SLIDING!!!!

Also, 3: The Gravity Force ex The Earth's Core(Spinning AND GYRATING SEPARATELY!!) TO DRAG the asthenosphere AWAY from the lithosphere!!(Spinning equals Rotating. GYRATING equals ORBITTING!(In this case - THE CENTRAL CORE OF THE EARTH!!!!)



Event 4 will complete the four some:-



The Axial Tilt of The Earth is rather unstable.


The gravity ex the core will eventually get strong enough to INCREASE the tilt angle!!

WHEN that occurs, there will be a JOLT. As a new tilt angle gets created!!



So, with The Ice force BRAKE gone(all ice in sea!), THEN can the upper crust slide freely over the lower.

FIRST the top crust will surge northwards for more than a thousand miles.(Due to THE ICE BRAKE coming off.)

THEN as The Fire Force gains the ascendency(being naturally stronger than the now removed ice brake), the top crust will surge four to five thousand miles SOUTHWARDS!!


This will topple The Earth!!


Followed by a rock back. Ending up with total inversion.(THIS is WHY we have a second ice cap around Greenland,etc!!)(The first being The Arctic.(In other words the Earth ROCKED BACK from Greenland TO THE ARCTIC!!)

HOWEVER(The foregoing is not going to happen THIS TIME!!), THIS TIME, The Planet Nibiru will, via its enormous gravity tides, pull the Earth over VIA ITS BULGE!!


Nibiru will pass Earth TWICE.


Finally Planet X(Actually 9.) will approach - and cause havoc.



As The Earth goes over(It takes 27 hours), the sea will slop badly(amongst NUMEROUS HORRORS), creating tsunami UP TO THREE MILES HIGH. ending up perhaps only 3,000 feet...(high).





Hurricanes of 200 m.p.h. will blow non stop for 27 hours. World wide.

Plus stupendous earthquakes. AND volcanic eruptions...

You name it. It will occur!!



Needless to say, many will perish, and animals, and plants. Buildings destroyed. And so on!!


However, Humanoid aliens will rescue many(Farmer looking after his cattle!), taking them to Mother Craft above. And to other planets. Temporarily, at least...



See earlier articles for more details.



As I say, this happens every 6,500 years.


THIS TIME is abnormal inasmuch as Nibiru with its 3,600 year orbit) and Earth's

USUAL Solar quarter cycle of 6,500 years, HAPPEN to be ALMOST co-inciding!!


THUS we have Nibiru arriving(due in about 20 to 30 years) AND Planet X about then. PLUS the USUAL Earth's Solar Quarter Cycle occurring within several years, complicating things!!


A TRIPLE event(Usual 6,500 year cycle, plus Nibiru, PLUS PLANET X!!!)



YOU try inventing a story like this, and getting it ALL to fit together!!!






What we have is not just the story of the century, but of all time! At least during this 6,500 year cycle!!




I am simply THE CURRENT NOAH!!


Pointing to those ACCELERTINGLY INCREASING rain drops,etc!!


Even were my story(which it is NOT!!) A GET UP, it would STILL be a tale worth telling, I HOLD.



However, it explains SO MUCH!!



What I have done is(via my binomial sequence disaster predicter PROOF and CONFIRMER(!!)(See earlier articles of mine.) - DEMONSTRATED that I MUST SURELY be right!!(FOR NATURE BE ABLE to DO this!!)(And so well.)


My binomial sequence predictor hits NEARLY EVERY MAJOR disaster THROUGHOUT HISTORY!!!! With ASTRONOMICAL ODDS IN MY FAVOUR!!!!


I urge you ALL: It surely needs investigating!!



(By the way, BRAIN STORMS are being created via impinging electrons,etc.(Upon brain cells!! Of humans AND animals, thus augmenting the natural tendencies to do harm!!)



Full details upon request via my articles!!




Actually what I am TRYING to say IS BEYOND WORDS. Language fails!!


But I have done my best.



Naturally the superficial will see rubbish. Humans also tend to believe ONLY what they WANT to believe!


And they DON'T like bad events!!



Be that as it may... I give my findings!!



WITHOUT due partiality to ANY group!!



Both grammar,etc. AND precision had to be sacrificed in parts - to enable me to hold the THREAD!!!!

PLEASE bear this in mind!!



No. It is not a joke.

AND it is not a hoax!!



My proof and confirmation(via the binomial sequence series...) reduces to just the one possibility: I (by stupendous odds) have to be right. For this to be DONE(By Nature, I mean!!)(As for me, I struggled along like a child with a mad bull!!)


Now,please, give it FAIR consideration WITHOUT regard to ANY BIAS!!!!




What I have FINALLY done is an article I did THREE YEARS back,now. Which supports my contentions, ALSO!!!!


It is called "Generations"(H7).


I append it here. Thus providing Scientific, Mathematical, Religious(Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths) AND Biblical aspects!!!!!






Friday, 27th October, 2,006.

H7 Generations.(Formerly part of BB2.)



I have worked out a possible way to determine when Creation was.(And when the end of the age cataclysm may be.) An approximate time, perhaps.

This naturally depends upon the birth and death rates down the ages.

Two VERY difficult values.

If we work on a birth rate of TWO average for everyone(married or not), we arrive at a figure of(Incidentally, if there were originally two people(Otherwise we have a problem, though Christendom solved it by having God create the first man from the dust of the earth, and then extracting a RIB!), then the question must arise WHENCE came the first woman.(In Abel's case for instance, WHERE did he get his wife from?!)(Abel was first born of Adam! )(This is a very vexing problem indeed. Unless a sister, of course!!)) 6,000,000,000(roughly today's population), after 31 or 32 generations. If we allow an average of 25 years as the length of a generation, this gives us 800 years! The death rate of course needs to be taken into account! Hard though birth rates are, death rates are far harder!! They have to be less than birth rates else we would not have reached 6,000,000,000 now!! If we say double present death rate, then the question is: "All die, after the average life term. But what is that??". Since the average life term IS that of a generation, which I estimate is say 50 years, then death rate is half birth rate. So instead of 2 becoming a 1,000 in 32 generations, we have two becoming a thousand in 64 generations. Which is 1600 years, 3,200 producing a million. 4,800 producing a thousand million. Plus three more life spans to reach 6,000,000,000! Which is 4,950 years.(Plus a third of that gives us 4950 + 1650 = 6,600(And an estimated world population of 8,000,000 at the end of the age cataclysm.)(I work it out that when the world population hits 7,878,787,879, the beginning of the next 6,500 year solar cycle will occur(roughly)!)(World population is about 1,000,000,000 short of this, yet. But not far to go!!)(Which fits.) Am I hitting pay gold??(Which IS very roughly ABOUT the length of time estimated by bible students.(Now I did not ARRANGE that. It just worked OUT to it!!))(The length of time estimated by bible students is about 6,500 years. Obviously we can only work to very rough figures. I suggest that the death rate is rather higher than my estimate.(Which difference I attribute to cataclysms!!)(THAT would account for it!)(I am referring to the periodic solar caused cataclysms, which occurs every 6,500 years(Next is due in NINE YEARS, please note!!) Now what is marvellous here is that(and I did NOT arrange for this!) the length of time between the cyclic solar caused cataclysms IS 6,500 years, very closely!! Which means that every 6,500 years we have a NEW CREATION! (Now bible scholars don't know about the cyclic solar terms(6,500 years)! Which is extra support!!)(The point is every 6,500 years we get a NEW CREATION, which, to the contemporaries is the ONLY ONE!!!!(But which is ACTUALLY every 6,500 years, due to solar caused CATACLYSMS produced every 6,500 years!!)) Do you understand? Did you FOLLOW that??

I am chuff, of course, because this all fits in perfectly with ALL OF my OTHER calculations for RELATED items!!

The question is: Do YOU, dear reader, APPRECIATE IT??!!

28.10.06. I have now gone further:-

Because I estimated that about five thousand million for world pop, but will be about eight thousand million(By end time, 9 years ahead.). Then 0.375 fraction differential has to be due to cataclysms' deaths at end time!! Which is 3,000,000,000.

Which I apportion as follows: Roughly one thousand million deaths due to nuclear,etc.wars.(I include thermo-nuclear.) Roughly one thousand million deaths due to planet Nibiru whizzing by(gravity tides and red debris and dust,etc.). And roughly one thousand million deaths due to Earth inversion!!!(This over the next twenty years.)(By far mostly nine years hence!!)

However, I estimate that aliens will evacuate 3,000,000,000 to Mother Ships and alien planets.(In much the same way as farmers would save cattle in a disaster!) Because we are CATTLE to THEM!!!!

Only a handful will survive and remain on Earth alive. These will live in caves, and fight ice age. Having gone back to a Stone Age!! Ice age, but not all ice!!(Because actually Global Warming(Producing Ice Age!!))



The number of different ways I reach a quarter solar cycle term of 6,500 years is amazing!




This is but one gem among hundreds in my thousands of articles.


I only print out what I have proved and confirmed!!


All who work with me will prosper.


All who work against, will fail.


Not by my decree. But because those who ally NATURALLY HARMONIZE with Nature's Arrangements!!


Those who do not do this, cannot succeed because OUT OF ALIGNMENT with Nature!!





Vic Conway.


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