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More on Polar Shift, Earth Inverion, 2,012 Doom,etc. ELENIN!!!!



The Earth is inverting PHYSICALLY and GEOGRAPHICALLY. But is going VERY slowly as yet. So we cannot FEEL it,YET. Polar Shift is on.

It is going VERY slowly IN GENERAL. But in certain specific areas is quite marked. e.g. 12.5 and 20 degree shifts!! In The Northern Hemisphere. Hardly anything in The Southern Hemisphere. AS YET!!



People THINK that Nibiru is the cause. But 1. No. It is due to our sun rounding the spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster we are in. Via Centrifugla Force forcing The North Pole over!!

2. Not only is it not Nibiru, but the volcano raging planet(It is a SEETHING mass of erupting volcanoes!) now approaching us is Phaeton's core, NOT Nibiru - which is Planet X.(Now Planet 1X - since Pluto-Charon has been demoted because too small to be a major planet!)

3. Nibiru is a planet, the next one out past Neptune and Pluto-Charon. It is surrounded by 6 orbitting satellites, of PLANET SIZE!! And then orbitting outside of and around them are two comets. Elenin and Garratt.

Comet Elenin is approaching us. Along with Comet Garratt. Just ahead of Nibiru - with its retinue.

So Comet Elenin is heralding the worst events that we SHALL EVER KNOW(and have EVER known!).

It is The HARBINGER of our DOOM. ALL life forms on our planet could perish. This within the next few years. All of this starts up in JUST TWO WEEKS!!


The strange thing is this: I understand that Nibiru is not due until 2,078.A.D.

However, ANOTHER large object, Phaeton's core, is approaching us(This is the object with many erupting volcanoes upon its surface.) and is due to pass us at one million miles(a close shave) Feb.14th, 2,012.A.D. It is slightly smaller than Mars.(Nibiru is 2,3 or 4 times the size of Jupiter!!)

Phaeton's core can be seen silhouetted against the sun. Appearing as a black spot.


Now both The Polar Shift AND Phaeton's core COULD wipe out all life upon this planet! Each one of them.

The line up with The Dark Rift at the centre of our galaxy COULD ALSO wipe out all life upon this planet.


So we have THREE super duper CATACLYSMS about to occur. Feb.14th, 2,012, Dec.21st, 2,012, - and some time in 2,078.A.D!!!(The latter one(2,078.A.D. is The Nibiru Complex of a gigantic planet surrounded by 6 ordinary sized planets AND THEIR MOONS!!! Plus debris, dust, gases,etc.) Which is YET ANOTHER super duper cataclysm for us! Making FOUR in all.




We are therefore in for QUITE a trip!


This occurs once every 26,000,000 years.




It is called THE EVENT. Which many got born especially at this time TO EXPERIENCE!!


Have fun!!




Just about NO THING will survive ANY of them!




Comet Elenin, NOW approaching us closely, a BLUE comet, The Blue Kachina of The Hopi Indians GETS FOLLOWED by The NIBIRU COMPLEX!! Nibiru is The RED Kachina of The Hopi Indians. It looks like a GREAT RED DRAGON or SERPENT!!!!




Naturally MOST people will disbelieve such outlandish events!!


And all the most unlikely circumstances!!


HOWEVER!! It is ALL true!!


And you will making THE MOST TERRIBLE MISTAKE OF YOUR LIVES - if you fail to believe me. BELIEVE ME!!






It is TRUE all right!!




A few already KNOW. By measuring the tilt angle of The Earth! Using a compass, views of rising and setting suns,etcs.



There are just TOO MANY reports, via videos, films, photographs and write-ups TO IGNORE!!




Not ALL apparently mad claims are wrong. SOME of them are RIGHT!!




THIS is ONE of THEM!!!!






6,500 years ago, Poseidon a huge island in The North Atlantic Ocean - went down(into sea and magma).


TWO main cycles, you see. One of 3,600 years. The other of 6,500 years. The orbital periods of Nibiru AND the sun going around the spiral of our local closed stellar cluster every 6,500 years HAPPEN to co-incide THIS time with The Great Dark Rift line up AND the ending of The Mayan Long Count PLUS all other cycles! (The whole confluence occurs only once every 26 MILLION years.)


The last time sun went around spiral arm was when Poseidon went down.(With ATLANTIS 6,500 years before that. Atlantis which was a huge island in The Indian Ocean, is now Antarctica UPSIDE DOWN!)(Bimini and The Azores are all that is left of Poseidon above water.)


The ONLY thing that could cause SO catastrophic a disaster is an astronomical event! And THAT(all four of them) is PRECISELY what we are getting RIGHT NOW!!



FOUR super duper CATACLYSMS all happening within the space of a few years! You can say(astronomically speaking) SIMULTANEOUSLY!!





THIS is what all the fuss is about you see!



The END of this AGE. What Jesus was warning about!! And many other reputable prophets!




Some of the authorities know a bit. But are afraid to tell the people(So I am doing it!), for fear of mass panic.(I MIGHT be making a mistake to tell you WERE there no way of escape. Yes. But THERE IS a way of escape!(Down The North Geographical Pole!!)(So I am pitching ALL on THAT!!)

I argue that it is better to have some panic NOW, rather than MASS PANDEMONIUM when TOO LATE the event occurs.(I think that the people can adjust and adapt to the idea well enough in good time to get a MASS EXODUS organized DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. I say by Cruise Ships preceded by Ice Breakers. (And please wear my SPECIAL FARADAY CAGED HELMETS!)(To KEEP OUT the masses of electrons, the hydrogen cyanide, and the deadly suffocating poisonous RED DUSTS!!)(It is THE MASSES OF ELECTRONS that are sending so many humans and animals mad and bad!)(And it is the growing polar shift that by moving The North Geographic Pole more and more OVER, that is DIS-ORIENTATING the animals, thus killing some. Humans will be next!(The reason for the dead fish zones is lack of oxygen CAUSED by lava pouring out of ocean floor fissures, burning up the oxygen in the sea!)(The HEAT is coming from Planet NIBIRU, AND the rising Magma!! Nature and Man-made global warming(and NOW cooling!) is RUBBISH. Its contribution is ludicrously NEGLIGIBLE!! A scam to get money out of Margaret Thatcher's bonus scheme to all who study Global Warming!! This whole business is A TERRIBLE and UN- NECESSARY BURDEN upon us all!! Especially the poorer countries of The Earth!!)










Call me Noah 2 if you like.




I am simply WARNING as many as I can reach.




An IMMINENT terrible horrible death to ALL life creatures on The Earth(and many other planets) is NOT EXACTLY something to trifle with, IS IT??!!




Therefore I pound away non stop, and have done for about TEN YEARS now. Been learning these great truths ALL OF MY LIFE!!









Keep as calm as you possibly can,now!!



No one is too sure just WHAT Comet Elenin IS!


Mere comet, small or big, a planet? A STAR? A Gigantic UFO??



Anyway, this Blue Kachina, as The Hopi Indians call it, is due to pass us in 2 weeks. At a distance of 25 million miles.

The comet itself is ordinary sized. But has a gigantic blue corona apparently.


Some say it(the corona) will stretch from horizon to horizon!!




Utterly dwarfing Halley's Comet and Hale Bopp,ETC.




I am NOT making all this fuss for nothing, YOU SEE??!!




I REALLY need to explode an atomic bomb out in space TO ATTRACT THE WORLD'S ATTENTION.





But I am being ignored, disbelieved, resisted and opposed!!!!



EVERY INCH of the way!!




Because humans hate bad news THAT MUCH!!





Which do you prefer? To hear my warning? OR, to suddenly(It is going to happen SUDDENLY and WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!!) terribly and horribly DIE VERY SOON??!!











The response I am getting(almost ZERO!) is so unbelievable - AS TO BEGGAR ALL BELIEF!!!!








In the old days, most people responded to a message!

But today, usually you just get IGNORED!!





Isn't my message important enough??



Come ON!!






My message should over-ride ALL spam obections. BECAUSE OF ITS IMPORTANCE!!



Which is WHY I sent it UNINVITED!!





The Polar Shift is getting faster and faster all the time!

Finally, The Earth will just rapidly turn upside-down!


About the only response I keep getting is TAKE CARE!!(Though not from recipients written to. I KNOW what is happening!! THEREFORE I have a responsibility!)


As if TRYING to save all life upon this planet was SOMEHOW an AWFUL WRONG!!






Come along, chaps.




It IS The End!!(Of this Age.)



One bright note: We had our genes modified by The Annunaki Aliens.

So we could mine gold for them.

Now they are returning to check on us!


And, I HOPE, will evacuate their choice cattle!(US!!)


Same as we might do for OUR cattle!!

HUGE events DO occur from time to time.(This HAPPENS to be one of them!!)(Astronomical objects ORBIT large ones. It is simply a case of some of THOSE!!)(One we have NOT been warned about!!)

It is true we have some practical jokers.

But MOST people are truthful enough!!


Shouldn't YOU at least ALLOW FOR THE POSSIBILITY that I am right?!


That I might ACTUALLY be speaking THE TRUTH!!!!



MOST OF US do, don't we??!!




So WHY am I(by so many) NOT being taken SERIOUSLY??!!







Do you think I am doing this just for KICKS??!!





Wakee, WAKEE!!!!







Not ALL tall stories are lies!!










WHAT should I have done??!!




Just left you to it??!!



YOU take CARE.


I TRY to!!


Doing my best aren't I?!






WHY are you ignoring me??!!











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