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Please read this very important article,

and first.

The top current

concerns, like Swine Flu and North Korea.


Current top worries among thinkers are: Swine Flu, North Korea, Iran, Climate Change, The Global financial and economic crises,etc. - And the such like.

I do this purely out of concern for Humanity. I get no money out of it. Indeed it costs me a lot, and not only in money.

Consider it a news letter if you like. This part is simply an introductory cover letter. The main article follows soon after.

Qualifications? I am careful to get as near to the truth as possible.(After long study of these subjects.) I ask you what you think of the world's qualifications?... PLEASE hear what I have to say. It could save your life.

Time is of the essence(as they say), and money has long since been one of the top idols among people. MUCH more than your personal wealth IS very much at stake nowadays! Your future, and your very life are!

I speak purposely in a brief familiar dialect.(So to be best understood, and quickly.)

The subject of my main discourse is Climate Change.

But I want to mention a few other subjects(briefly) first, here in this cover part.



Swine Flu:-

According to Germany it is showing signs of mutating(into something worse). There is also a danger of it mixing with Bird Flu.

Many people think that this thing is over-blown. THAT is assuredly true of the first wave. However, ... There MAY come a second wave. Which COULD be severe. Not to guard against that possibility would be foolish.

IF it does mix with Bird Flu, then we are in big trouble. Bird Flu has a kill rate of about 60%.(This current Swine Flu has a kill rate of about ONE TENTH of ONE per cent(0.1%)(So Bird Flu is 600 times more lethal.)

As Swine Flu sweeps on, the chances of it mixing with Bird Flu GO UP...(It may also mix with Ordinary Flu(Swine Flu is about four times worse than Ordinary Flu.)(However. If it mixes with Ordinary Flu, then the chances of it then ALSO mixing with Bird Flu IS VERY MUCH ENHANCED!)(Bird Flu, by the way, is still increaing.)

Now, if either one of these possibilities occurs, then(depending upon the severity) we will face devastating consequences(and maybe panic, perhaps leading to pandemonium(Panic is acting before you THINK. Pandemonium is CHAOS.). Such consequences under our PRESENT(and WORSENING circumstances(world-wide!)) will be dire indeed.


I do not wish to create alarm. ONLY ALERTNESS.

Remember that Swine Flu contains the components of Ordinary Flu AND Bird Flu.(Doorways for both of those types of Influenza.)

I think THIS is why WHO(the health organization),etc. are so careful.(What I am saying is POSSIBLE. MAYBE probable. So please do NOT get complacent!

The possibilities I mention could be as close as ONE MONTH away. Or four months. The Northern Hemisphere is watching The Southern anxiously. Australia is hard hit. Largely because of Victoria. Which is cold and dry(these properties favour the progress of the virus).



North Korea;-

Except for an onslaught upon South Korea, there should be nothing SERIOUS to worry about for between 3 and 5 years.(Unless they use their enormous biological and poison gas hoards.) They could just about wipe out Seoul(South Korea's capital)(With their artillery alone!). And drive far south. The trouble is that Kim(Dear Leader as he is called) is mentally ill, and MAY do anything.(But I like to think fear of the consequences will stop him.)(He is approaching death and with his complex MAY lash out at South Korea.) He is not bluffing and is a man of his word. So WATCH OUT!)(In the past he has used his threats to extract concessions from U.S. I do not think he is bluffing THIS time!)


IRAN: iran could explode into ANYTHING. Very dangerous.



Climate Change:-

Global Warming is NOT due to Man! This is a hyped up lie - to make money,etc.

The SUN is the cause of global warming. Though not much through radiation! No. It is through the masses ofelectrons from the sun(solar wind,etc.)(Coronal mass ejections.)charging up The Earth's core. The effects from that are warming the planet.(Read the main article!)(DDD31)(In which I answer a Nexus Magazine article by Professor? Mandeville(Earth Changes.)

Global Warming exists ONLY in the atmosphere. Not the stratosphere(which balances it out). The main consequence will be GLOBAL COOLING, despite initial warming. The two proceeding side by side. So prepare big temperature drops. Even an ice age.(Possible to a quite high degree.)(Via the stopping of The Gulf Stream(In The North Atlantic.).)

Huge changes are in the offing.

Down draughts from the stratosphere(pushed down by rising warm air from the troposphere) are, I believe, causing cold spells and both wet and dry periods(some of them).




The financial and economic crisis:-

Is FAR from over!

The Dow could well drop alarmingly SOON. Possibly imminent. Down to(now rather over 8,000) four or five thousand... Perhaps (maybe later) down to almost zero.

I think the way to go is to buy SILVER. Silver is expected to rocket soon. Gold may OR MAY NOT. Gold is too valuable to buy food,etc. with. Silver is practical!

All these hand outs are creating HyperInflation.(Like in Zimbabwe.)

The U.S. dollar could collapse.

Money could become dirt cheap, even worthless.

Expect The Chinese Yuan to replace the U.S. dollar.(U.S. is on its way out. Obama is too soft.)

A new monetary system(world wide) may be on the cards.

People may flee into GOLD. And more and more into Silver.



The Political East is taking over(from The West)rule of the world. Top nation: China.

Australia is lucky. Well resourced. And comparatively should weather the coming storms better than the other countries.(Fortunately? We are holding China's hand. And Asia's.)


The times ahead are bad, and increasingly so. Indeed the worst ever.(And that includes the future!)

These things are being played down of course to avoid panic.(I hold however that it is better to know what we are up against, that we might PREPARE(If only to meet The Maker.)(Yes. Things are THAT bad. Expect a very severe dip down over the next few years. I think within a decade little life will remain on this planet!

WHY are things declining so?

The root answer is The current Sun Cycle 24.

The cause is NOT(much) due to Man's iniquity(which is getting worse,not better), but to the increasing wobble of The Earth, and growing electronic charge of its core(which is via energy heating first the magma, then the oceans and the air.(NOT the other way around!)

The wobble is scientifically known as The Chandler Wobble. This is growing, acceleratingly so. The wobble is producing increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions(underwater too!)(They are causing El Nino.).

The charging(ex Sun's Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Wind,etc.)up(by electrons)of The Earth's core is raising the temperature.

Why an ice age if the planet is warming up?

The accelerating growing heat is melting polar ices and glaciers. Fresh water melt run off is proceeding mostly into The Great Lakes(U.S.) and from there down river/s into The Atlantic Ocean. COLD, FRESH water is heavy. It is pushing The Gulf Stream (North Atlantic) down. Finally, we can expect it(The Gulf Stream!) to stop, as it sinks to the ocean floor under the weight of fresh cold water.

Now The Gulf Stream is an ocean current which carries warm water from The Caribbean, America up to U.K.

When that stops, temperatures will drop about 12 degrees Farenheit.(That's a lot.)(North West Europe will freeze over. It is THIS which produces the periodic ice ages!(Next one should start WITHin a few years.)(Global warming will proceed, fast worsening(notice the warm spell this winter in Queensland these past ten days?), para passu. (In parallel.)

Planet X:-

The planet Nibiru(which originated from where the asteroids are now)(a little larger than Mars, and of similar consistency), should whizz by Earth(on the way to go around the sun, and back out past The Earth) can be expected to shower us with its tail(of boulders)(and red poisonous dust)(get underground and sealed in for at least a fortnight)(or likely die)(Also gravity tides, enormous.)

It is not planet X, but Nibiru.(Planet X is the tenth planet out. Nibiru(now approaching us) was the planet which once orbitted the sun where the asteroids now are.) A quite different thing.

The gods(not God) are on this planet. Aliens. They genetically created us. And will visit us to carry out an inspection(to see how we are getting along).(Not GOD, but gods. Aliens in this case.

Nato discoved it. But then denied all knowledge of it! The Russians are tracking it. Expect it in about three years.

I won't be popular with the orthodox scientists,etc. OF COURSE. However, I believe in telling you the truth(as near as I can get to it). Truth is the great healing agent.

OF COURSE the Ufo's are real(Ghosts exist,too!).(Used to be called flying saucers)(Though some are made by humans,now. Aided by aliens who taught them how. The Nazi did it!

Nexus Magazine is full of things like this. Out every two months.


The Wobble should finally wipe out about three billion people. Nibiru should also wipe out about three billion people. Plus many animals and plants.


Enough said?

All true! VERY true.


Would you prefer not to know?


Victor Conway.(I am simply a VERY concerned average individual. Who happens to have studied these things long and hard. It would be most heinous and criminal even, for me to be silent now. How much I enjoy drama is beside the point. I THINK THE REST OF YOU OUT THERE should know these things.

I am not an agent for Nexus.

However, they may well know more than I do.

I hope you will now read the main article. On The Chandros Wobble.

Adios amigoes. For now.

V.C. Vic.(No, not Victoria Cross.)

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