Wednesday, 20th January, 2,010.


All hands on deck!!



That's right chaps. Hit the deck!!

I know more than anyone else on Earth about this Event!!

Therefore listen carefully. VERY carefully!!


I made a mistake. I said Zola(The Second Sun) was crushing Sol, our sun. Sorry, error.

What is crushing Sol, our sun, is Cycle 24. It is so powerful, it has knocked the sun out!(I said that originally.)


Remember Solar Cycle 23. All those storms and things some years back. Well, Solar Cycle 24 is far FAR worse. In the event, it is SO powerful - that it has knocked the sun OUT!!


What Zola is doing - is re-activating THE SUN!! Yes!!


The sun is starting to fire up again! This will mean more heat of course. Storms and everything else. MUCH more massive than in Cycle 23.


Zola's gravitic and magnetic tides are not pushing down on Sol, but PULLING UP!!






1. Sol is being crushed by Cycle 24. Hence the increasing cold!

2. Zola(The Second Sun) and its fleet of lesser bodies is approaching the sun.(I mean on its orbit around the sun.) - Hence the heat!

3. Nibiru is approaching Earth. ITS gravitic and magnetic tides will play havoc with The Earth!!


4. Homeward, the SIXTH(Nibiru is the seventh) planet of Zola, where the aliens live, is preparing to inspect us!! I mean that the aliens are, of course.


We live in an evil world. Run by Reptilean aliens. Which took us over 900,000 years ago.

The Authorities are doing ALL that they can to CONCEAL these, and all marvellous and wonderful things from Earthmen!!(When they should be doing the opposite. Of course.)



I am therefore apprising as many as will listen of the truth.


"The lion shall lie down with the lamb. (I would hate to be that lamb.)".


Beat your swords into ploughshares!!



God is back on the throne now. Having been displaced by the very backward unevolved Earthmen. Who listened to The Devil, Pan, The Reptileans and bad humanoid aliens instead of to GOD! So a HUGE SHIFT back has occurred!!


Increasing events on two sectors have been occurring and will continue to increase!!

1. Supernormal events.(Like floating off the ground.)

And2. Supernatural events.(Like dead loved ones materializing in front of you!)



Why do you think Obama and Rudd look so worried, and are preparing to declare emergencies and impose martial law?!

It is because THEY KNOW. But refuse to relinquish control!!


Earthmen, you have been stupid and bad!!


So the pack has been re-shuffled and SHAKEN UP!!!!


Else you would soon perish!!


However, now that God is back upon THE THRONE,

I can lead you all HOME.


Believe us, Haiti,etc. is only the VERY beginning of increasingly HORRIFIC woes! Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shall worsen rapidly. Why? Because of Nibiru's gravity and magnetic TIDES!!

Ever since about 1983(When Nibiru was first spotted(By NASA).(Then immediately DENIED!!) (But The Russians then tracked it, and still are tracking!!), you have had worsening woes with your weather,ETC. Including in the affairs of Man. And the animals,etc. And you STILL think that THAT is normal!!!!


Things have changed, Earthmen!


The old ways no longer apply!!




Change or perish!!




Follow me, and prosper!(For I am tuned in to God and TRUTH,ETC.)


Otherwise the reverse will occur.



Now, is THAT clear??!!



I shall try to append some artwork. To illustrate what is happening.


Yes. Terror from The Skies!!




As your Holy Bible,ETC. have forecast for thousands of years!!


But you THOUGHT you knew better. And went the opposite way.

So NOW you reap the consequences. THE PENALTY!!




The Amenuensis also must obey!!



Zola, she come!!



And Nibiru boy!!



No more games, Earthmen!!




Bah, you make me SICK!!(With your foolish ways.)







Vic Conway.









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