Tuesday, 5th May, 2,009.


Spanish Flu 2.


I think it is probable that in a few months time, within then, Spanish Flu 2 will hit us. In a second wave.

What kills is The Immune System's Defence against the virus, not the virus itself.

The stronger the immune system, the more devastating the kill. So it should hit 20 to 40 year olds most.

Probably with Bird Flu 2 thrown in.


The FIRST wave is weakening.

The hysteria is over the first wave. But it SHOULD be over the one to come!!

The first wave is nothing.

However, it will serve to rehearse our defence on.

We are due for an epidemic. And the Swine Flu is showing a pattern closely resembling Spanish Flu. Nothing like so severe as in 1918. But then there was an initial mild wave too!

Viruses evolve rapidly.

We have no defence. A vaccine will take months.

The drugs may hold for a while.

Air travel will really speed things up.

Compared to 1918, I mean. On the other hand there will be no returning soldiers en masse.(Where it began)

We have a lot of hype now.

Deliberate play up to make money,etc. for certain groups.




Vic Conway.

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