Sunday, 10th January, 2,010.





Plus a new blue planet.


Team changes!


Custer's Last Stand!!




It is not the end of the world! IT IS THE END OF FIVE WORLDS!!

Possibly the very worlds THEMSELVES.

And even of the sun!!



On Television Channel Seven from Brisbane(Queensland, Australia)last night, I was thinking hard about the two suns visible in the sky.(How the heck could it get there? WITHOUT us noticing it creeping up on Sol?! Huh??!!(It is easy to understand why we would miss Nibiru,etc(too faint,etc!). But Zola(The Second Sun) LOOKS like our sun.(It is TEN TIMES the LINEAR size of Jupiter!! AND GROWING!!!!(I don't know how.)



It is a VERY good question, of course! The answer I offer is: That IT is travelling at a COLLOSAL speed(being a STAR, not a planet!), and so suddenly enough went from a size too small to be noticed(in the glare of the sun!), to what it is now!(This second solar system is coming up behind the sun!(WHY so hard to see!) This lot will finally appear(TO GENERAL VIEW), from BENEATH the sun. WHAM!!!!(What will the public do?(Apart from go CRAZY.) (And WHAT will The Authorities do, and say????(After so long denying it, especially!!!!)(THIS is what Revelation(Holy Bible), and Jesus,etc. ETC. WERE ON ABOUT!! Come on!!))


I got up to watch the Channel 7 news, and was astonished to see within seconds a picture of the two suns in the sky. It was up for about a second. But long enough for me to be sure it went up. AND FOR ME TO SEE THE TWO SUNS!! How many others saw this sneaked in(I suspect)entry??(By someone who made sure we saw it! I hope he keeps his job!)


With the temperature in Northern Scotland hitting MINUS 28F(That is 60 degrees of frost!!)(About what The South Pole gets in the depth of winter!!), over 40C in the shade in South Australia, I understand both phenomena! As said before, the Second Sun(Zola) has PUT OUT THE SUN SPOTS(Over 3 years ago.), thus PUTTING OUT THE SUN!!(This explains the growing awful cold(and snow). The high temps. are explained by Zola itself!!(Aided by the residual heat rising up from the interior of The Earth, AND the dying solar radiation, augmented by El Nino.))

Observing the latest photographs of the impinging second solar system, I see a few more moons of Nibiru, AND the homebase planet.(The sixth planet out from Second Sun Zola.)(Nibiru being the seventh.) A blue planet.(The blue glow I mentioned is evidently THIS planet. NOT from Nibiru.))


Notwithstanding the efforts of the sceptics, TWO suns are in the sky, AND The Nibiru Complex, The Second Solar System, has come closer, revealing more of its outermost regions.


I hear protests of lens flare, sun's reflection,etc.(Strange that these common occurrences suddenly SUPPOSEDLY explain the second sun RIGHT AT THIS TIME!! What about all the other times of lens flares and sun's reflection?? Not a murmer about a second sun THEN!!!!)(How odd!!) However, I(and many far better than me in explaining the oddities) have safely ruled out those things. By clouds in front of the second sun for instance!(Hardly clouds in front of lens flares and sun's reflection!!)


What I am saying(along with many others) - is that Nibiru, gives us a hard time every 3,600 years, BECAUSE Zola, The Second Sun, has an orbit encirclement of Our Sun, Sol, every 3,600 years!(Witness it NOW going around our sun!!).


3,600 years ago, was "Noah's Flood"(Actually the flood of Gilgamesh.), the final sinking of Poseidon(Wrongly thought to be Atlantis(Atlantis is down south, Antarctica, now inverted!!) in The North Atlantic, the blowing up of Santorini, AND a collosal dry spell).



3,600 years before that on the penultimate coming, The Annunaki(aliens) landed and built the pyramids,etc. AND launched Sumeria, Babylon,A Great South American Civilization, and many other very advanced civilizations.


A bad group among them made slaves of Earth men and Martians,etc. And got them mining for gold. Plus experiment upon them(without anaesthetics!!), made them mate with the aliens to produce a hybrid race, sliced up and drained the blood from cows(I don't know why.), tried to steal our genes, and our spirituality!!

(Called in Genesis in The Bible, The Nephelim. Giants. Who fancied Earth women.)


This bad group were responsible for starting evil on Earth.



And, now, 3,600 years has passed again. Lo and behold, we now have TWO suns, plus the vanguard planets with their moons. Five or six now visible around Nibiru!


I am trying to explain to you all WHAT IS HAPPENING!!



I am sorry if many don't like it. BUT THERE IT IS!!




Now El Nino will end. Zola and Nibiru will depart(About five years hence, after exterminating FIVE WORLDS!!)

AND the sun's radiation(Our Sun's!) will die out. Leaving a dark, if not a black sun.(Prophecied in The Holy Bible!!).


However, once Zola goes, then the suppression of the energy rising up from the sun's core will end. Thus permitting The Sun(Ours!!) to sends its crushed energy to its surface again. And,so, resuming radiation.(I hope.)


The 64 MILLION DOLLAR question is: HOW LONG will it be before the sun starts radiating again?!(As it takes A WHILE for the sun's energy to get from its core to its surface!!)



Because until it does we shall have temperatures plunging towards ABSOLUTE ZERO(Minus 273 degrees Centigrade(Celsius).) In a pitch black NIGHT!!


(Note that during the time The Earth has stopped spinning, that the time of day concerned WILL LAST FOR A WEEK!!(So. If it was dawn where you are, it will be A WEEK LONG DAWN!! If it was noon somewhere else, then THOSE PEOPLE will have A WEEK LONG NOON(And FRY to death very quickly I would think!!)(With all four heat factors going full blast.)(Or freeze to death if in the night!!))



Not just producing an ICE AGE, but TOTAL FRIGIDITY!!






A satellite could easily destroy a planet if it hits one. It did on a previous occasion!



So even if we survive the GREAT DOUBLE SUPER DUPER CATACLYSM, how many could POSSIBLY escape a super duper ICE AGE. In TOTAL FRIGIDIY.(Temps falling towards Minus 273 degrees Celsius!!)(Absolute Zero!!) ????



I don't rate the chances of our five worlds, Mercury,Venus, Moon, Earth and Mars!!!!


Anyway for the next FIVE YEARS, about, Nature will throw at us EVERYTHING SHE HAS GOT!!



Tennis, anyone??



Or would you rather play Clijsters??



Me? Give me Henin, bound hand and foot!!(I MIGHT stand a chance!!)



So! DO you see our chances??




WHY do you think I am wrong??




Not joking. Not hoaxing.

And the likelihood of a mistake is now VERY REMOTE!!

You have The Truth, chaps!!



As I say, we now have TWO sun shadows!!



I don't think ANY creature ON ALL FIVE WORLDS, stands much chance.







You see: In the previous cataclysms, it was either The Sliding Ice caused Earth Inversion(Which USUALLY happens every 6,500 years. OR The Second Sun and its retinue of planets and satellites!!(Every 3,600 years.) Caused an EVEN WORSE super duper CATACLYSM.)


THIS TIME, we have BOTH!!(Because co-inciding THIS TIME!!)



AND, not just an ice age, but a SUPER DUPER TOTAL FRIGIDITY ICE AGE, to cap it off!!!!



First will come this, now on, growing ice era, THEN AWFUL heat(from two suns, The Earth's Interior AND El Nino), - and finally the plunge towards ABSOLUTE ZERO, 273C below!!


The sun could explode or get hit(by the second sun). A satellite could hit The Earth. OR EVEN NIBIRU ITSELF!!

Even the alien inhabitants of The Second Solar System may not survive. But they are more technologically advanced than us. And have superb space ships...


I understand that Space Patrol(of good aliens) will protect us from the bad Annunaki.


AND good aliens MAY protect us(their farm animals) from the worst of the coming DEBACLE!!!!





I 'ope it keeps fine for you all.



You disbelieving lot!!



No way can it be stopped.



AND no way that I can see for ANY CREATURE (on the five worlds) to escape!!





Still, you can only die, eh?!




Alas, The Annunaki have The Spirit Worlds under their thumbs,TOO!!!!




(Where we go after death...)





Call me Jonah if you like.




I rather you call me Noe, short for Noah.(Though it was the flood of Gilgamesh, last time.)



Never mind, eh?



We had a good run, WHILE IT LASTED!!






HOW can you argue with fake - checked PHOTOGRAPHS??!!





AND lens flares and reflections eliminated!!





Bah, Earthmen!!






It could unite the world!!



OR, start World War Three!!!!


Or both, in turn,




In the fight for The Underground cities and hollowed out mountains!!





Explain to me HOW it could be wrong!!






Good night!!




All right, fellahs!




Believe me,now?! SEE the two suns?!


NOT with the naked eye! USE SUITABLE SUN GLASSES OR FILTERS!!!!(Or you risk going blind!!!!)




Going back to SLEEP?? ??










Vic Conway.(YUK!!)









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