Monday, 28th December, 2,009.




This is IT!!

THIS is why I am going frantic to get through to ANY who will listen!!


LOOK:-(WHY this is SO important!!)


I am putting in black the forecast by my Binomial Sequence Finder:-(I quote THE YEAR.) In RED alongside is the date given by RECORDED history. Compare the two, please!! I submit that the difference is due to errors made by Man in the recorded date found!!

Every 6,500 years we get a colossal catastrophe - which sets all life on the planet back to square one! This is connected to the four phases of The Precession(Precession(Zodiac) of 26,000 years long. Each quarter then is 6,500 years long.(This is why the period from year dot per Bishop Ussher, is 6,500 years.))


Via a fluke discovery I found that the Major natural disasters on Earth occurred with mathematical PRECISION fitting a binomial sequence - such that they increased in number as they decreased in intensity!!

Using what I call my Binomial Sequence Predictor, I found that ALL the major(all eleven of them) natural disasters of history occurred EXACTLY fitting history's recorded dates! ONLY three failed to occur TO THE VERY YEAR predicted! (I claim that it is the recorded history dates that are out, NOT MY INCREDIBLE FINDER!!)(So we get these dates(to the year) of ALL eleven biggest natural disasters on Earth!! - Which is astonishing!!)

I believe that there is some GEOLOGICAL reason for this. Such that the biggest natural disasters proliferate binomially AS they decrease(binomially) in intensity!

So! All that I did was take the figure of 6,500, and carve it up binomially! 3,250, 1,625, 812, 406, 203, 101, 50, 25, 13, 6, 3!(Halving repeatedly.)


Which EXACTLY produces ELEVEN decreasing binomials!!

I then subtracted these figures IN YEARS from the commencing year of 4488 B.C.


NOW WHY WOULD I GET ALL ELEVEN of History's BIGGEST natural disasters, and with such PIN POINT accuracy?!

It is eerie. - Unless we allow for geological repercussions!!



We are talking about natural disasters, not throwing sixes with the dice!(Thus making the mathematical odds in my favour STUPENDOUS!!!!)

EVENT TWELVE starts the next sequence.

November 27th, 2,011 A.D. DOOMSDAY!!!!


4488 B.C. (4488 B.C.)(Discrepancy nil.) Poseidon.

1238 B.C.(Not known.)Discrepancy unknown.) Noah's Flood.

526 A.D.(387 A.D.) (A discrepancy of 139 years.) The Antioch Earthquake. (250,000 died. A COLOSSAL figure for those days!!)(More than in The (recent)(2,003) IndonesianTsunami!)


1201 A.D.(1201 A.D.(Spot on.) Egypt and Syria Earthquake.

1606 A.D.(1556 A.D.) (A discrepancy of 50 years.) China Earthquake.

1809 A.D.(1825 A.D.)(A discrepancy of 16 years.) Indonesian Volcanic Eruption.

1911 A.D.(1911 A.D.)(Spot on.) The Yangste River Flood.

1962 A.D.(1962.A.D.)(A perfect match.) The Chinese Famine.

1987-8 A.D.(1987-8 A.D.)(A perfect match.) A major Flood then in China.

1997 A.D. (1997 A.D.)(A perfect match.) Turkey Earthquake.

2003 A.D. (2003 A.D.)(A perfect match.) Iran: The Bam Earthquake.


Out of 11 comparisons, ALL eleven biggest disasters being found, 7 were perfect matches(to the year), one had a 16 year discrepancy, one had a 50 year discrepancy, one had a 139 year discrepancy, - with one unable to have a comparison made.

The odds of getting EVEN ONE spot on is about 1/200. That is odds of 128,000,000,000,000 to one in my favour. The other odds balance up to about 50-50.

So the odds in my favour are about 128 thousand BILLION to one!!!!

Then there are the odds of hitting ALL the eleven really bad disasters. Enhances my score quite a bit.

I estimate about one BILLION BILLION to one in my favour, all told!!

Or like winning a million billion big lotteries at once!!!!(Out of ALL the lotteries you went in for!)


So the odds of a 2,012 A.D. catastrophe are such!!

27.11.11 would not be far out!!!!



Actually I am 99.99% sure of being right.

UNLESS of course the 6,500 year big solar cycles suddenly stopped at the end of this current one. Which is extremely unlikely.

I COULD of course have hit a fluke - also at fantastic odds against.

Your best hope now(if you don't like this)is that I am a most outrageous LIAR. Cracking a monster joke or pulling a colossal hoax.

I don't think so, chaps!!


Cannot think of any other way out.



Actually all this is a good thing! It is PART of ENORMOUS CHANGES occurring for the better, via jumped up vibrations for Earth and its creatures.(The bad parts are actually re-actions to it all.)

So there you have it.

WHAT madness is mine - to MAKE me do all this - when such is not my nature??!!




THAT completes the current big Solar Cycle of 6,500 years.


To get the start of the next big Solar Cycle - subtract 4488 from 6,500. We get 2012 A.D!!!!


Now every big solar cycle starts with a TREMENDOUS BANG!!


I have given the date of 27.11.11(The 27th November 2011 A.D.) as the date of what I call Event Twelve, -Doomsday!! Not QUITE 2,012.A.D. But not bad!


There appears to be a triple, even quadruple, confusion with the dates of the three earliest disasters, namely:-

Poseidon, which occurred in two stages. Noah's Flood. And The Flood of Gilgamesh(That was the name of the chap I thought Noah had stolen from. But it appears that there were TWO great floods.)


What originally seems to have been FOUR colossal disasters, looks to me like ONLY two. Both centred on Poseidon!!

Poseidon was an island(Wrongly thought to be Atlantis.) in The Atlantic roughly where The Azores are now.

Apparently a stupendous under the ocean floor earthquake caused the island to sink deep into the magma and the sea.

Around 4488 B.C.


This produced a tsunami that smashed through The Atlas Mountains, creating The Straits of Gibraltar.


A SECOND huge under ocean floor earthquake around 1238 B.C. sent Poseidon down even deeper.



The tsunami created by part two of The Sinking of Poseidon sent The Atlantic flooding through The Straits of Gibraltar, creating The Mediterranean Sea!

This swept through The Bosphorous, topping up the fresh water lake that The Black Sea originally was.


I believe that this second sinking of Poseidon created Noah's Flood.

The question is: Was this flood also called Gilgamesh' Flood(which Noah stole details of),

OR was there a further flood which was Gilgamesh' very own?!

Now huge floods are not all that common. So I think that Noah stole the details of Gilgamesh' flood.(Or was it vice versa?!)(I don't know.)

Which reduces us to TWO, not four floods(around this time).


Both Poseidon originated.(The two stages of the sinking of Poseidon(Into magman and sea.).)


Heavy rainfall also occurred, but the basic water component was sea water, ex The Atlantic Ocean!!

All the deltas of the world commenced forming simultaneously around 3,000 B.C. So a stupendous flood occurred just before then.

So we have 4488 B.C. for stage one of Poseidon's sinking.

Then 3000 B.C. for stage two of Poseidon's sinking.

In 1238 B.C. we had a flood. Perhaps a THIRD stage in Poseidon's sinking.


Now,then, this could have been Gilgamesh's flood!(So no thefts occurred.)

Around this time Santorini blew up(A huge volcanic eruption.).(1238 B.C.)(Did a tsunami from Santorini cause Gilgamesh's flood??)


Rain was scarce in those early days. Floods would have to have been sea water ones.


Gigantic sinkings are extremely rare. So I vote for a THIRD sinking of Poseidon. This would account for it.(And relieve Noah and Gigamesh of theft!!)(Though it might look that way to historians.)

Unstable crust beneath Poseidon apparently collapsed in three stages. Producing via enormous tsunamis the three great floods of this time.

I think this is the explanation.

Recorded dates could also be poor during this very early period.


Though my Binomial Sequence Finder gets nearly all of the biggest disasters, not ALL disasters are caused by The Binomial Sequence repercussions. So it did not pick up the 3,000 B.C. one.

Shall we say that it gets the very big disasters, but that the occasional(hardly ever) big disaster does not fit the binomial sequence.(Just an extra one that occurs.)


The binomial sequence predictor of the biggest disasters got all but one of the biggest.

Making it a VERY useful tool.

AND, of course, SUPER ASTRONOMICALLY indicating that 22.11.11 is indeed the date of the next catastrophe(the biggest EVER(past and future!))!!


THAT is the point I am trying to make! That my incredible(and SO accurate) pin point biggest disasters in history FINDER tells us that 27.11.11 is Doomsday!(Albeit the first(and biggest by far) disaster of the next Big Solar Cycle of 6,500 years.)


Yet only if so many religious predictions are wrong!

Which I find hard to believe.

It MAY be that the additional arrival AT THIS TIME of rogue planet Nibiru AND Eccentric orbital Planet X(Either or both) has upset the usual time table of events. MAKING the otherwise correct religious,etc. prophecies SUPERSEDED!!

Do you see what I mean?

Even some of the gods got it wrong!!

Making religious predictions stemming from these gods incorrect!!


THUS MAKING THE DATE OF 27.11.11 that much MORE ominous!!


These gods apparently did not know that Nibiru and Planet X would arrive on the scene contemperaneously with the periodic Earth Inversion(And Ice Age)(With or without a preceding ice era.)!!!!



I ask you to STUDY the discrepancies between my Finders' (Binomial Sequences.) predictions and history's recorded dates.

Observe that USUALLY it is SPOT ON!!

I think it is always so, but that recorded History's dates (especially so long ago!) are that much out(My Finder being always spot on!)


My earlier exposition of date comparisons(predicted and recorded history) was too detailed to SHOW the INCREDIBLE accuracy!


I would be VERY worried indeed about the date of 27.11.11!!




That is not MY predictor's(binomial sequences') date, by the way.(My predictor's date is 2,012.A.D.) That(27.11.11) date is what OTHERS are bandying around.(There is a lot to be said for it.)


2,012.A.D. is ITSELF simply the date of the end of this current big solar cycle of 6,500 years.

We can expect the disaster itself to occur a little earlier. So 27.11.11 fits in very well.


By Pointers I mean things like 2,012 A.D. being the end of time marking in The Great Pyramid.


INDEPENDENTLY of that, I turned up the date of 2,012.A.D. via calculating from the exact date of the last Earth Inversion(And Ice Age.).


However, a number of other pointers have been found(by others). Saying 2,012.A.D. is the end date of this current big solar cycle(Of 6,500 years.).


We SO URGENTLY NEED to inform THE REST OF THE WORLD!! - Of what I am telling you!!


The position is this: We risk being strung up by the furious mob FOR NOT WARNING the world, and left hanging(until death).

PLUS The WRATH of The Gods!! AND GOD!!!!



Alternatively, IF we do warn, then both the mob AND the authorities will be MOST upset to learn that others are TRYING to inform the world of THE IMMINENT HORROR.


The least of these evils is the latter. However horrid!!


Doing all this was AWFULLY difficult.


And took a long life time.(Of increasing harrassment.)


I did not invent this.



No thing was arranged. IT ALL JUST HAPPENED.


It has also been very bothersome for me.



So I would have to be mad to deliberately instigate all this.

I have better things to do with my time anyway!!



Apart from the necessity of trying to SURVIVE!!!!



Men believe what they WANT(to believe). (In general)

NOT The Truth!!


However we cannot pick and choose WHAT is going to happen!!


What is TRUE is what scores and counts(needless to say), NOT what we WANT(to be true)!!


I have no regrets.

Trying to be of service.



I can understand being disbelieved. It IS quite a package!!

But however distasteful, IT IS what I find to be SO!!!!






Vic Conway.









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