Sunday, 5th October, 2,008.


Life after death, sequel.


Just a few more points.



1. I gave an analogy to surviving so called death as awakening from a dream in deep sleep.

It is LIKE that.(Note that it isn't that we shall fall asleep(as Shakespeare through Hamlet said("what dreams may come(when we have shuffled off this mortal coil)"). But that WE SHALL WAKE UP.(Actually the true awakening comes later to most. A mental awakening.)(Death itself is a small thing. A mere incident. As, too, is birth.)

Shakespeare thought(at least he made one of his characters proclaim) that we fell asleep(at death)and entered a sort of dream state. No. It is the other way around. We are in a SORT OF dream state NOW in waking life. We AWAKEN after death, though not immediately. (I mean that we awaken TO A HIGHER MENTAL LEVEL.) There is first a material awakening, and later a MENTAL awakening. It is the mental awakening that is the important event.(Passing from physical life to Spirit world is IN ITSELF of little account.)(Physical death is a mere incident!)(Big to us though in comparison to falling asleep at the end of a day.)


The dream world is imagery within the aura of the physical body. Of small note.

Actually we pass from the physical PLANE to The Astral,etc.planes.

How much greater it is to pass to a higher PLANE of existence. Than to merely pass from inside of one's aura back to the physical level of the SAME body!!

An ANALOGY, remember.


An argument I have heard against the analogy between falling asleep and awakening after death in a higher material world is: When I say it is similar to saying a SLEEPING person may be dreaming of perhaps climbing a mountain. While one who is DEAD is hardly asleep!(In the analogy.) Don't miss the point! This is an ANALOGY(a parallel). I am NOT saying that the corpse is going to get up. What I am trying to say is this: Though a sleeping person awakens back into physical waking life, someone who has died awakens onto The Astral Plane NOT in his old physical body, but in his ASTRAL vehicle!!(The corpse is dead,though it is alive at atomic levels!)(What I AM trying to say is that in some SUPER sense there is a component of some super entity(our self at a HIGHER level), which goes on!

So far as this physical body we have now, and its persona, is concerned; then THEY do die and stay dead. (Though in a much deeper sense, even this physical body SHALL arise again! As will its persona!!(We need to expand our thoughts to encompass levels beyond our normal scope!))

The answer to the question: Is there life after death? is complex, not simple. The answer is both yes and no. (Is there death after life should be the question. The answer is: There is life after life!!) No, we do not survive if you mean our current conciousness and mind, and our physical body. But yes if you are referring to that higher component of one's being, a higher persona AND ITS ASTRAL VEHICLE!!(THAT WE ARE NOT NORMALLY CONCIOUS OF!!!!)

It is small wonder there is no general consensus answer!! The question is simply too difficult to answer IN SIMPLE TERMS!!!!


Another thing to note is that there is both re-incarnation AND re-birth!

With re-incarnation(a much higher thing than re-birth)your soul puts down a new personality. With re-birth you return to the year of your birth and live your life again. With a sort of PARALLEL PHYSICAL BODY - HOPEFULLY better!! And a sort of PARALLEL personality. Virtually the same as you have now.


Your personality will recall VERY DIMLY from a much deeper level of the psyche what you did last time. And somehow get you to do better next time, and in your responses to events.

Actually, I am not too sure that rebirth(re-incarnation does!) exists. However, I cannot imagine that our ideas can exceed those of The Infinite! ALL things are possible! I imagine God has already provided this contingency, and far better than I can imagine!(If it is a good idea I am sure GOD already has it operating!!)


The subject is very difficult indeed.


There is not only our well known three dimensions, length, breadth and thickness. But a fourth dimension,too.(A Composite.)

In addition to that there are GROUP DIMENSIONS.

The ordinary three plus one(the 4th) comprises the physical.(We are unaware of the fourth, but it is there.)

There are about 64 dimensions, each with planes,etc!


Then we have The Group Dimensions.

The First Group Dimension comprises Space(4d)(our well known three, plus the fourth). The Second Group Dimension is Time. The third is Orbital Vibration. The fourth is Higher(NOT ordinary!) Density.(Each having four dimensions.)


Then come other Orders(greater COMPOSITES again!).

And so on.



Our four(sic) spatial dimensions comprise Space.(The fourth dimension is not time, but a spatial fourth!)(Time is the second GROUP dimension.)


Then each one comprises a group dimension.

The 64 dimensions comprise The Group Dimensions.

Various Orders then comprise the group dimensions.

And so on.





Vic Conway.













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