Tuesday, 6th September,  2,011.





Where does YOUR sun rise and set now??


You take a look!!





       I am TELLING YOU that a Polar Shift is RIGHT NOW ON!!





       If that is true, then the sun will rise and set in a DIFFERENT place!! Normally, the sun rises and sets a LITTLE more to the right(eastwards) each day.  Agreed??


       A polar shift MUST make the sun JUMP into new rising and setting positions A LOT more to the right, and eastwards!





     (A DIMENSIONAL SHIFT is ALSO occurring. AND, ....


     A DENSITY CHANGE IS HAPPENING. TOO.   We are rising to what is called The Fifth Density!! Things should get FINER!(Matter and energy should get finer grained!!)


     A dimensional shift will cause many WEIRD and WONDERFUL events to occur.


     PLEASE be READY for THESE things.


     Or you will question YOUR SANITY!!)




     Unbelievable, and of course MANY(nearly ALL) are choosing to DISBELIEVE what I am saying.


     I understand, but you ARE making the biggest mistake of your life - by SO DOING!!




     Now it is very easy to CHECK and VERIFY what I am saying!



     Simply remember where sun USED TO rise and set, and then compare (DO IT next sun rise and sun set!!) WHERE they rise and set NOW!!



     CHECK position of The Pointers (If you live in The Southern Hemisphere.).


     CHECK the position of Polaris(If you live in The Northern Hemisphere.).





     A 40 degree change has been reported in one place.



      EVERYTHING is looking DIFFERENT!!!!


     You see, the amount of change CAN VARY from place to place. There may be 40 degrees in one place, ZERO in another,  20 degrees in a third, 12.5 in yet another.


     It ALL depends upon whether the polar shift is along the ENTIRE axis of The Earth or just A LEAN OVER from the bottom(The South Pole)!    Do you SEE what I mean??!!



     It COULD BE(It MIGHT BE all along Earth's axis!) be such(Global Positioning System(GPS) will give no indication - because it is SELF ADJUSTING!! It will simply correct the changes!!)that sun rises and sets in the OLD USUAL postions WHERE YOU ARE.  And might cause you to say: "Everything is normal here. YOU are therefore MAD!!".



      Note positions daily, please. And compare.





      Reports are coming in from all over the globe that sun is rising and setting in positions where it normally does not!!


      From the TINY FEW who study these things.




      Amateurs, but not stupid!!



      Professionals denying it all. For fear of losing their jobs, of course!!




      Now some of you may be asking: "Are you SURE about this??!!".




      I AM VERY SURE!!



      Yes!  It IS happening!!




      PLEASE study the videos on Google, U-Tube, especially!!


      Punch in on your browsers:  Polar shift NOW on!(Note!  I am talking about a GEOGRAPHICAL PHYSICAL shift!! Not JUST a magnetic one!!)(Not only North MAGNETIC Pole!)(North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!)


      The MAGNETIC pole is ALWAYS changing.(Because the rim of polar entrance! Which is over a thousand miles across!)(It DEPENDS UPON where THE VIEWER IS - in RELATION to it!!)





        I am talking about GEOGRAPHICAL poles!!



        And the PHYSICAL EARTH!!!!





        What will all this MEAN for us? - The end of the world AS WE KNOW IT??



         Oh,yes, it will mean THAT all right!!




          DOOM!!  The end of nearly(or perhaps,all) ALL life upon Earth(AND on many other planets,etc!).


          In the next few years.



          December 21st, 2,012 is THE GREAT KEY!!





          I know crazy statements are made by the mad from time to time.  NORMALLY!!



          And I am FULLY AWARE that what I am SAYING sounds MAD.   But these are NOT normal times. And what I am saying is VERY true!!



          I think you should be checking it OUT!!







          TEN YEARS intense close study by me, REMEMBER!!(NOT some overnight pipe dream, fellahs!!)






           ARE YOU reasoning: "I don't like this report! THEREFORE I shall reject it out of hand. I SIMPLY WON'T BELIEVE IT!!



            I won't even BOTHER to CHECK!!





            Is that YOU??






            OR, do you think: "Well, I do not know personally. It MAY be true.   I should check this out.  JUST IN CASE the report is RIGHT!!".



            I HOPE THAT is YOU, because it IS right, ALL RIGHT!!




             I keep ON and ON, I KNOW.



              OUT OF CONCERN FOR ALL OF US!!!!(In the forlorn HOPE that enough of us will get SOME ONE to organize the EXODUS of the BEST of everything. Including SEEDS,ETC!!) down THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!





               Soon, so many will know, that they will HAVE TO stop the gag orders, and release THE TRUTH to us, government to media,etc.etc!!!!




                Moon,etc. look queer...



                The Authorities are afraid the people will find out what is REALLY going on, you see!!


                 So they are repeatedly and constantly DENYING all these reports!


                 To fool as many as possible for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!



                  STUDY THE VIDEOS!!





                  The sunbeams are COMING IN AT NEW ANGLES!!











                    What is happening, is that Sol, our sun, IS GOING AROUND THE SPIRAL ARM of the group of stars(discovered by me!) that it is IN!!(NOT the galaxy, but a group of STARS. Namely,  A STELLAR CLUSTER!! A LOCAL  one!!)



                    I KNOW that jokers exists.



                    BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!




                 NOR AM I MISTAKEN!!





                  SUPERFICIALLY I might LOOK like JUST ANOTHER lunatic, BUT I AM NOT!!  


                           YOU SEE??





                           So DON'T be fooled THE WRONG WAY, now!!



                           I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!






                           Should be on the MAINSTREAM news soon!! After many DESPERATE denials!!




                            THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS!!






                           What happened to ATLANTIS,etc. will be NOTHING compare TO WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO US!!





                            As  the sun rounds the spiral arm, CENTRIFUGAL FORCE results.


                            And this pushes the magma up against the tectonic plates. Causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.



                            It is also forcing our axial tilt OUT OF ALIGNMENT!!



                            Perhaps UNEVENLY!!





                            This manmade CO2 stuff is CRAP!!




                             ITS amount is NEGLIGIBLE!!




                             World is ruled by NEGATIVES, folks!!




                             So we get told LIES!!






                              We have 2,012, Spiral arm business of sun going around the STELLAR one, Nibiru, Phaeton,(and now comets Elenin and Garratt)(I think BOTH circling Nibiru.),  Age of Aquarius starting up in just over a year! The Mayan,etc.cycles and beliefs!! The prophecies, The increasing number of strange things going on, the worsening weather, including seismic and volcanic,etc.etc!!!!



                                The GREAT CONFLUENCE is on, folks!!



                                And the NEGATIVES are trying frantically to HIDE it from us all!!




                                 But Truth WILL OUT!!



                                 NO THING can stop it coming out!!




                                 VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT panic. And rush the shelves!!



                                 (Yes, everybody support Gillard.  We can't afford to lose such a burden on Australian Labor!)


                                 Rudd is revving up his engines!!





                                 Support Gillard is BEST Labor bet!(Then SUDDENLY switch to Rudd near election time. Not too near, of course.)(However way things are going, she will only last about 10 months at most(as leader). Cunning she may be. But so much going against her now!   No. I want to see her keep going.  It is SO entertaining!!  Poor woman.  How can you all turn against such cuteness and bravery??  She, personally, is doing SO WELL!!)



                                 If she falls, an immediate election should soon be called!!(I HOPE SO. For Australia's sake!!)(Her ideas are SO wrong!!)(Even Labor is thinking so more and more!!)(Bob Hawke (he is operating everything!!) has a hard choice now.  Keep a bigger loser than Rudd on.  Or replace her, and risk an immediate election!!)(Switching to Rudd as near Election as can dare!!)



           Tony, good man, will help her now!!




           Tony Abbott, please. NOT Turnbull!!




















































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