Saturday, 16th January, 2,010.






Chips = THE END. Final Curtain. World gone. WIPE OUT!!!!

It could be TOTAL wipe out!!

No. I am NOT trying to scare you.

I am not joking or hoaxing. I am not like that.



Simply apprising you of what I know to a ludicrous degree of certainty!!(The evidence is TOO GREAT. And the fact of cataclysms of these from previous rounds TOO STRONG. - To entertain much doubt. - Whatsoever!!)


I have a track record of 98%.


I am often wrong on minor points. But seldom on major ones!!

The odds are 99.98 point recurring percent in my favour that I am right.(In my major premise.)



How do YOU figure? Are you saying "I don't believe this! I CANNOT. Therefore I will disbelieve it!! And reject it.


Lots and lots of people do that. And go into denial. Even vicious denial!!


They cannot bear it. So they DISBELIEVE!!


However what we may want OR NOT WANT has no bearing on the truth!! NONE at all!!!!


The idea is that if you hold an idea STRONGLY enough, even God will bend - and conform!!

However, this MOST CERTAINLY is not the case.



You think I may not be joking or hoaxing. But have made a mistake. Sincere, but wrong.


Yes, I am wrong SOME times. But seldom on major issues!!


Supposing you lived just before Noah's Flood, and somehow got intimation of it. - Yikes! I must warn the world!!!! Wouldn't YOU strain YOUR GUTS OUT!!!!(Fearing both a JUST God. And a VERY angry Humanity!!)


Noah did that. But got utterly disbelieved.


All but Noah and a few perished.


Now back then, coming up(!!) 3,600 years ago(The periodicity of The Nibiru Complex is 3,600 years(plus a few I believe).), there was ONLY ONE CATACLYSM!!


I have been speaking roughly.


So what if 2,012.A.D. is rough,too.(Though MANY cycles converge on THAT DATE exactly!!) Some say 11.11.a.m. U.M.T. On December 21st of that year.

Some say December 23rd.


A few say May 8th(or somesuch), 2,013.A.D.(For the worst.)

And a few say anything up to 2,016.A.D.(Before it is over.)


I won't quibble too far.


It rather looks as if something VERY nasty(per disasters with Nature, Man, Animals,etc.) is going to happen over the next FIVE or SIX years!!


Now that is not long...


In Noah's time, and as in the time of Adam and Eve(immense cataclysms preceded both dates), ONLY ONE immense cataclysm occurred!!


THIS TIME around, we are to get TWO!! - Possibly three!!!

Not quite simultaneously. The second one happening a few years after the first - The third in between.



The first one is caused by The Nibiru Complex, when Solar System ZOLA and its retinue of planets and satellites,etc. pulls the sun over onto its side... Leading to appalling disasters.


The second one is caused by THE SUN(ours) having a fit. Due to an inflow of ENERGY, which it releases to its planets(including Earth),etc. Melting the poles, AND PRODUCING ALL THE TERRORS THAT DERIVE therefrom(Including inversion of The Earth.). Leading, for the FEW who survive Nibiru,etc; TO APPALLING DISASTERS.



The DERIVATIVES of these TWO SUPER DUPER CATACLYSMS could be even worse than these two horrors THEMSELVES!!!!


A SUPER DUPER ICE AGE for example. Or an exploding sun(ours).

Earth hit be a satellite, perhaps.

Or get taken in tow by Zola!!(To join the planets of The Second Sun!!)

Any, or all, of these things!!!!


And, finally, a plunge in temperature towards Minus 273 degrees Centigrade(Celsius).



Your body would just turn to powder.




I mention a few of the possibilities ENSUING the TWO super duper CATACLYSMS. Which are IMMINENT!!!!(The flea bites we are NOW suffering are but the steadily increasing PRE-CURSORS - OF WHAT IS TO COME!!!!)


In an EVENT Mankind on Earth has never faced before, NOR EVER WILL AGAIN!!



Why would I joke or hoax?? I have barely(if that!) enough time to survive, let alone tell lies I would not DREAM of telling!!



So you hope I am mistaken.


Yes. But not likely AT ALL. Except to a very small extent!!




I need to convince you. So that you will take HEED!!


I know that I cannot ENSURE that. If attain it AT ALL!!!!




Even IF false, you have QUITE a story here.

One I am FAR from capable of!!








Vic Conway.














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