Thursday, 8th September,  2,011.





What is the harvest??








                   The Earth has been pushed over.  Cause is not Nibiru(approaching). Nor Phaeton(Also approaching).  But the simple fact of our sun going around the spiral arm it is on in the group of stars it is in!


           Creating Centrifugal Force which is pushing The Earth PHYSICALLY and GEOGRAPHICALLY over!!



           Pushing it over. Not on the CENTRE of its axis, but on the BOTTOM.(That is where The South Pole is!)



           This is why ONLY Northern places have experienced a variety of(it is varying from place to place) polar SHIFTS!!(INCLUDING the magnetic, but BASICALLY physical and geographic!!




            Now can you follow that??


            I suppose you are having difficulty BELIEVING it, but THAT IS HOW IT IS!!


            I am speaking TRUE!!




           You can't believe it? You mean you don't WANT TO believe it!  Which is a VERY different thing!!


           But, alas, I speak to THE CONVERTED!!(Some of you are. I hope!!)




            The Earth is toppling over FROM ITS SOUTH POLE! Because pushed over by The Centrifugal Force!!


            At the SAME time, we are experiencing an increasing refining of our matter and energy, making it more like Spirit Matter(and Energy)!!



            PLUS, there is a Dimensional Shift ALSO occurring.  That is, ALL the 64 dimensions we live in(Not PLANES, DIMENSIONS!!)  are now SHOWING UP. Starting to.



           Because of the GROWING effect from The Dark Rift at The Centre of our galaxy!


           The key is the Galactic Alignment of 21.12.2,012.



           Within 16 months,now.



           As we get closer to that coming alignment with our Northern Winter Solstice (21.12.2,012.) matter and energy INFLUENCES are increasing.



            Beings from other dimensions will increasingly enter ours. And some of ours will vanish into THEIR dimensions!!




            ALSO, as our matter and energy get finer, we shall find everything tending to FLOAT in the air, more and more. including ourselves.



            AND dead loved ones will appear and materialize!! Spirits and corpses.





           Then The Aquarian Age will start(22.12.2,012.), and increasing GOOD influences, spiritual and divine will play upon us.




            The dominant humans will hate that  and RE-ACT.



            Producing The Great Tribulation.




           Good aliens will evacuate one in two.



           Some humans will end up on lower planets. The low types.



           Whilst the good ones will end up on higher planets.





          We are entering The Parting of The Ways.



          And The Great CLEANSING!!




          Every mountain will be laid flat.




          And every valley raised up.  The physical and the metaphysical ones!!




          JUSTICE is returning to The Earth.





          Accounts are going to be cleared!!








        Those destroying our planet are going to be evicted.




        And the good souls who have been HIDDEN - will be made visible!!







        But first comes The DESTROYER!!   To level EVERYTHING!!





        Nibiru!(And Phaeton.)



        Mother Nature is about to show us who the real boss of this planet is!!



        THEN Father GOD will return to The Throne!!





        Yet it is not a judgement.






        Peace be with you.





        Everyone is about to get his desserts.





         Those who have been crying B.S.


          Are going to SEE who is issuing the REAL B.S!!










         And made READY!!





          The only JUDGE - is Ourselves!!



          And THAT judgement shall be Pitiless!!





         To your posts and stations EVERYONE!!



         The HOUR has come!!




          In Australia, cute and cunning Julia takes a vacation - to review her progressions "forward".




          Meanwhile invasion by asylum seekers(some of them terrorists!) is about to go into FAST FORWARD!!



           Australia simply cannot afford any of this.



           Nor can it afford its aids schemes and wars!!




           Rudd is sharpening his knives - eyeing a smart quick come back.(He is the man who dropped us in this mess. And VERY foolish Julia has topped it off!!)(But a few against him now.)


           But Julia should be safe enough until Christmas.


           Which might then save her for another few months.




           However The Inverting Earth is complicating things!!



           Getting in the way of our plans!!



           Doomsday 21.12.2,012?


           No.  Doomsday is March 5th(Some time in March,anyway.), or thereabout, 2,012.)


           This Polar Shift began about March 5th, 2,011.(It is THE CAUSE, not the result of, The Earthquakes,etc.)



           While the disasters began September 1st, 2,010.




            Comet Elenin, with brother Garratt, is coming into view.



            The terrible harbingers of The Red Dragon Serpent, Nibiru!




            Nibiru is NOT the cause of The Polar Shift. Our sun is! (Via Centrifugal Force - from rounding that spiral arm!)And our sun will GO OUT for three or four days, going BLACK.  While The Earth stands STILL for a like time.  As the moon goes RED. As red as blood!!




              The Earth will first tilt over from The South Pole. Which is why those down south think those up north are nuts.(Because nothing much happening down south!)



               Then, as our sun, Sol, gets further around the spiral arm, the tilt will be from The North Pole!!




                Finally Nibiru, via gravity and magnetic tides, will try to tear The Earth in half!!



                So we are in for QUITE  a trip!!




                Even the hearts of STRONG men shall fail them in terror and fear at what is coming upon us all.



                 FINALLY CHRIST shall appear in clouds of glory and descend to take his own OUT of it!!



                 After that, ALL HELL shall break loose, as men slaughter each other.




                  Now is NOT the time to go around wearing stupid simpering grins!!




                  I see nothing but grinning deliriously hyennas, especially through advertizing.



                  What a FAKE FALSE PHONEY LYING and CHEATING world WE LIVE IN!!


                   With ALL of us guilty to some extent or another, as we succomb to sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking!!



                   Same gender marriage INDEED!!



                   Euthanasia RUBBISH!!



                   It is ASSISTED SELF MURDER!!





                  By cowards who cannot take it!!






                 Are you ALL MAD??




                 Well, count me OUT!!





                I am ALL for GOD!!!!







                Despite my many mistakes.







               If the rest of you want to side with THAT MONSTER who is utterly bent on destroying everything -






              THAT is your choice, and call.(You who cannot distinguish between God and Devil. And between a pig's rear and the face of an angel!!)






               But it ISN'T mine!!





               Though I have done FAR FAR too much WRONG!!!!



               World is wicked and INSANE.




               Australia, WHERE is your MARBLES??!!





              WHY do you keep installing  IDIOTS??




              WHO voted this lot, this evil Association into power??!!




              Those who lag behind in EVOLUTION!!



              Who be too many and too strong(at pulling DOWN) for the rest of us!!























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