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The Da Vinci Code



Briefly, The Da Vinci Code, is a code made famous by Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most versatile and able geniuses that has ever lived. Scientist, Artist, Etc. You name it.

About a millennium after Jesus of Nazareth died, Da Vinci did a huge fresco of The Last Supper.

Certain experts claim that a code unlocks a great secret: That Jesus did not die. But married the adulteress Mary Magdalene. And bore children by her. Also producing a genetic line, perhaps still going.(Wrongly called a blood line. - Because the BLOOD of the off-spring DOES NOT come from the mother!(And certainly not the father.) The mother's blood BY-PASSES the unborn child!! In the process of nourishing it INDIRECTLY.



The film: The Da Vinci Code is a brilliant effort to tell the story in detail.

Would the great Da Vinci perpetrate a lie?


There is no chalice shown. And the figure claimed to be Mary Magdalene is seated on the right of Jesus. (See the film for details.)


Now there are no known paintings of Jesus, and no photographs of course. Da Vinci painted from his imagination mostly. How did HE know the exact arrangement of The Last Supper?

Is the story of Jesus crucified a big lie? Did he survive the crucifixion? Was he merely human? Or was he God incarnate??

My argument is that the story may be true OF ANOTHER JESUS!!

Perhaps the one who lived(not The Teacher of Righteousness)about 500 years after Jesus of Nazareth died, also teaching love,etc. - Is the one who married, went to India and Britain,etc. Bore children. And so on.

Jesus is a common Christian name in Israel.

And quite a number of prophets taught love,etc.


I believe that Jesus was human, but very advanced. That he was crucified, but rose again PHYSICALLY. Jesus had CHRIST SPIRIT within him 100% almost, making him divine, but not GOD in person, though PERVADED no doubt!! I believe the line (For Jesus of NAZARETH, 2,000 years ago, was God, CHRIST, next - A GREAT BEING KNOWN AS THE CHRIST, then a very advanced human alien,next, a Great Venusian, and finally the PERSON Jesus of Nazareth. In the body we know so well through various imaginative speculations.


Mary Magdalene was dead 500 years after Jesus of Nazareth died of course. So it could not have been HER. However, some other female could have married a Jesus who taught love in (then Palestine), and produced children, went to India and Britain,etc.

We can speculate endlessly.

The Jesus we hear about through The Church is a Monster, I think, who never was.

Many gospels(Phillip, Mary Magdalene,etc.) were banned by The Church.(Originally of Rome.) Anthing teaching that Jesus was not God or The Son of God was suppressed.

I think the disciple or apostle Thomas is the truest. He wrote a gospel.

Remember that no thing was written down about Jesus for MANY years.


The Shroud (Of Turin) evidently produced a PHOTOGRAPH of the crucified Jesus!!


Via chemicals.



The film tricks us into believing that Da Vinci's portrait of The Last Supper was veridical. All springs from that(in the film).

How much of what went into the painting is true, though.

Much, no doubt. But NO CHALICE, and having Mary Magdalene take the place of John The Beloved, is pushing things too far.(In my opinion.)

John The Beloved looked feminine, maybe, but was male!


How can you have a supper without a chalice?


The film tries to portray Mary Magdalene(an adulteress, not a prostitute) AS The Chalice!!


I think co-incidental that the angle PAINTED was at a V from Jesus. Claimed to be significant in the film.

No. I don't think so!


I am convinced that the very powerful FAMILY lobby got this up. To strengthen the push for marriage and reproduction. By getting it to appear that Jesus of Nazareth was a supporter.(Jesus eschewed marriage. Promoted chastity! I do not believe that he would do this, then go and get married! Let alone have sex to produce off-spring. No!!


The Church picture of Jesus is a monstrous myth.(To deify Jesus.) But that does not make Jesus of Nazareth an imposter.


Peter is not the head of the church. The TRUTH is!

Nor is Paul. The line taken by narrow minded protestants!

And certainly not Mary Magdalene.

Nor any other PERSON.



Saint Thomas got the nearest to the truth!!



Survival of bodily death is a natural occurring event, not necessitating belief in Jesus!!(ALL creatures survive death.)(Though usually into a higher plane called The Spirit World.)


What SAVES the soul is goodness outweighing evil, in one, born of THE WHOLE SPIRIT of GOD, via CHRIST(God manifest)SPIRIT IN ONE.(Note: CHRIST is a SPIRIT, not a person! IMPERSONAL!!)(Though I think that there was a VERY GREAT PERSON called THE CHRIST - that POSSESSED Jesus(The Spirit was upon him, and so on.)(Humans DO exaggerate and distort so - to promote their wishes!!)(People believe what they want to believe. And see what they WANT to see. Not the truth. The TRUTH is FAR too hard for most of us to BEAR.)


NOT automatic. Jesus saved HIS SELF. Not any other!

Each of us needs to save his(or her) self - as Jesus said: "Save YOURSELVES!!".


Man has got this and much else "around his neck". Cock-eyed. TO SAY THE LEAST!!!!


I believe that it is possible to unite with GOD via Ecstacy.(Even that born of orgasm.(But VERY difficult.))(However, there are other ways to ecstacy(without drugs).)



Uniting with GOD is almost impossible. For most.

But unity with God via Ecstacy is possible.

Perhaps a much easier path to follow than the one followed by Jesus,ETC.

Sex and masturbation,etc. lead to organism, not ecstacy.

However, ecstacy CAN accompany orgasm.

Alas one usually ends up adoring the organism, not the ecstacy!!

There is no easy way to God.

But, via union of bodies(vehicles) in love(NOT lust), perhaps through ordinary kissing and embracing, it is possible.(No! Sex orgasm DETRACTS from union with God, and also from ecstacy!!)


It is very difficult and complex.

It is so tempting to replace ecstacy with orgasm!


Lower self denial. And certainly body pleasure denial is a way to God. The shortest but hardest route.


Narrow is the way. And FEW there be that find it!!


Nor is marriage a let-out!


Remember that many became enuchs to gain The Kingdom of Heaven. Hardly a sexual route! Nor an easy one!!

Uniting the higher vehicles(bodies) in The Spirit World MAY lead to union with God.



Tantric Yoga? I don't know. Probably not.






There are, I believe EASIER ways to get CLOSE to God (than the way Jesus of Nazareth took), and for so many THEY are choice.(But NOT the highest way!!)


I THINK that it is MENTAL suffering that best leads to God. (Jesus went the PHYSICAL AGONY route, and physical death, PLUS enormous mento-emotional suffering, of course, for the sake of those who could not see that the MENTAL route is the best way. Albeit so terribly hard.)


I doubt any one is yet sufficiently advanced to KNOW.






I have strayed far of course off the subject of a false Jesus.


But thought the points I raised additionally are well worth it!!





Vic Conway.





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