Tuesday, 9th August,  2,011.






I try to make things clear!




       Basically, what I am saying to those of you I can reach, is:-



       1.  That within two years most life forms upon this planet will perish horribly.(Due to what is called Nibiru.  Nibiru is the 9th(Was Planet X until Pluto with  companion Charon got demoted from planetary status) planet in our solar system(not officially discovered).  But known to The Sumerians thousands of years ago(a fact made known by Zechariah Sitchin via Nancy Leiden).  Named after one of their gods name of Nibiru.


       Nibiru has been captured apparently because the orbitary period involved is 3,600 years(Every 3,600 years this Nibiru complex orbits our sun causing great damage. Resulting in the destruction of nearly all the surface life of Earth, Mars, Venus,etc.(EACH TIME it comes along!!)  Due to the colossal gravity magnetic tides accompanying.)(By the simple expedient of going down The North Geographical Pole, THIS can be DODGED!!) Sol's small binary companion brown dwarf star Antoine and its retinue of six(at least five) planets with their satellites,etc. is RIGHT NOW merging with our(Sol's)solar system.  Along with, apparently the core of another of Sol's planets, Phaeton.


      What we have approaching us then is the star Antoine, with its six planets and their moons,etc. Plus captured planet Nibiru(The erstwhile Planet X.). AND captured planet Phaeton.  Along with many asteroids, comets, meteors,etc. dragged down by gravity from The Oort Cloud, The Kuiper Belt, and The Asteroid Belt. Which, with deadly poisonous red dust out of Phaeton's tail, and the masses of ELECTRONS that our sun is now increasingly entering(Did that kill many animals recently?)as it rounds the spiral arm - will rain down upon The Earth.)


      So WHY aren't we told this?! By The Authorities.


      Because they no wish to lose control of us!!


      And because ONLY their(those of the few who know) CHOSEN FEW will be able to get on the ships that can go with the necessary equipment WITHIN THE EARTH!!(NOT underground please note.  But along a surface which is SECRETLY contiguous with a surface which is ONLY SPATIALLY beneath us! NOT tactilely!!(When sailing WITHIN, you will NOT feel any descent!!)(And too gradual to SEE.)


      Only space for a few!(Did Noah say that? His ark could only hold so many!)




     Having understood the work-out of all this(AND having proved and confirmed that 2012 is the year of doom), and being VERY deeply concerned for ALL of us, I am desperately TRYING to warn you!(But am being almost totally ignored! Out of sheer disbelief at the APPARENT unlikelihood of what I am saying, PLUS not wishing to have pride hurt. But I only ask that you CHECK OUT my proof and confirmation AND view the many videos SHOWING the various objects NOW closing in upon us(aiming for the sun, but because we are very close to the sun, we can expect a hammering).  If you will not do this then who is to blame for your not fleeing down The North Geographical Pole(There is a huge tubular entrance near both poles leading down to a vast tropical paradise BELOW, yet NOT underground!!)(Where one should be safer!)?


       You would prefer a TERRIBLE DEATH to even RISKING having your pride hurt?!


       Is that SO??!!



       WHY are you SO SURE that I am wrong????


    We have heard much about 2012 being Doomsyear, but the modus operandi has been missing. Now I have given it to you.(Enormous gravity tides is the basic reason(the effects of that). Plus the damage being done by centrifugal force as our sun rounds the spiral arm!(Entering the increasingly dense fields of MASSES OF ELECTRONS running down the side of the spiral arm!)(We, being going around with the sun, suffer that too!  Centrifugal Force is hurling the magma up against the tectonic plates, causing our increasing disasters! Plus extra heat!  Which, together with the heat from Antoine the second sun - is what IS what is causing our growing heat!(HEAT, increasing(and cold) is going to be our problem now, as we pass through solar cycle 24, and a new La Nina!!)


    I think MANY will perish in the coming AWFUL HEAT...


   I don't see how I can spell it out more clearly to you, nor do more to get everyone to know!!



   Are you saying that you would prefer NOT to RISK a hurt pride rather than save ALL life forms upon this planet?!(Because that IS what it will mean!  IF you do not heed me AND GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE(North much easier than south.)(I know best HOW to DODGE the impending WIPE OUT!!)(Also design and mass produce my Faraday-caged SPECIAL helmets(To keep out most of the electrons AND the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust already falling upon us on Earth from Phaeton's TAIL!!)))


   IF I am wrong, then you have ONLY to check my arithmetic in my L7 article's proof and confirmation, and POINT out to me EXACTLY WHERE I am in error!(Plus explain where SO MANY videos,etc. and reports are  wrong about all this!)(Just punch in on your computer internet browsers "Nibiru videos" and "Second Sun" videos.)


   I am not asking you to just believe me, I am asking you to follow my proof and confirmation, and study the videos SHOWING these objects!!


   Where is my reputation if I do not TRY to inform you?


   And where is yours if you won't even CHECK it out??!!



   What is it you find so hard to believe?  The idea that another star(plus its planets and their satellites,etc. could orbit ours every 3,600 years?(But there is both past evidence AND present SIGHT!!)(Every 3,600 years!)(But just about ALL stars go in identical twin pairs AND ORBIT each other periodically!)(Our astronomers are either unaware of the fact, OR do not wish us to know!!)(They know about Nemesis our MAJOR companion star, but few know about Antoine  our MINOR companion star.)


    AND you have the record of past cataclysms separated by 3,600 years, in which Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon(and more before that) all were annihilated!


    The fate WE are(within a few years) ALSO to experience!


    Perhaps you think it is absurd that our Earth is hollow and that there is a tubular entrance leading down WITHIN.


    Let me assure you that the absurd notion is the SOLID globe one! Simply because spinning globes of molten rock MUST, via centrifugal force, congeal(solidify) with their masses flung to the side!(In other words be hollow!) PLUS have giant tubelar passageways leading WITHIN!!)(This is a SCIENTIFIC, LOGICAL NECESSITY of PHYSICS!!)(Have you been making the easy but erroneous assumption that accepted "scientific" facts ARE necessarily logical?!)(ALL astronomical globes and fields are HOLLOW(They HAVE to BE!!)(Or Physics is wrong!!).)(You follow??)(All of the important things we get taught are untrue!!)



     Many people speak of SCIENTIFIC and LOGICAL as if  synonymous terms!! But they are NOT!!(Though they SHOULD BE!!)(Material Science does VERY GREATLY err about the IMPORTANT THINGS!!)


    I am NOT trying to stuff you up with a lot of NONSENSE!!




    Have you facilely believed that most people love the truth? No, it's the opposite!   People everywhere in general  DOMINANCE will immediately kill ANY great or important truths uttered by ANYONE!!(Didn't you know that?!)And kill the speaker of it too if necessary!!(Which is WHY all efforts to report weird and wonderful truths GET stifled at birth.(THAT is why the reports of Nibiru and a SECOND SUN are failing SO BADLY to get well known!!)(Humans are very unevolved spiritually!)(And are only technologically advanced so far as they are because certain ALIENS have taught us IN EXCHANGE for being allowed to ABDUCT us(we are their cattle!) AT WILL(For various reasons that suit THEM, not us!!))


     Do NOT be fooled into thinking that we live in an ENLIGHTENED AGE. We don't!!


     (Only a slight improvement upon the past! NOT the total elimation of ALL error!!  Improved, perhaps. But NOT perfected!!)


    Christendom was the old Western god. NOW it is SO CALLED Science!!  THAT is the god now.  And a PHONEY one!!(The MAJOR scientific truths get hushed up!!)("Science" is right(enough)about numerous minor things. But wrong about the IMPORTANT things!!)




     If these objects actually were in the sky, they would get reported by professional AND amateur astronomers?(No!  They either get suppressed,denied or explained away as something else!!)



     Why haven't people in general spotted any of these objects and reported them?  Because it is taboo to report facts that are not approved of by our rulers!!


     And because a second sun would be hidden by glare of our sun. Also be seen by AN EXTREMELY SMALL FEW at sunrise or sunset(when best viewed). Best seen down south due to its very oblique angle of approach.(To The Ecliptic.)


     The core of the planet Phaeton is VERY clearly seen as a small dark spot silhouetted against the sun.(Photograph,etc. it yourself, or view pictures done by others!!)(It is getting larger(approaching)!!)




      THIS is the object that causes us the most harm!(IT is wrongly being called Nibiru.(No.  Planet Nibiru, what was our Planet X - is not due until 2,078.)


      Phaeton is due Saint Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2,013.A.D.(Within TWO YEARS!!)(There is an AMAZING confluence of great cataclysms occurring(or about to occur)JUST NOW!!  It just HAPPENS that Phaeton is on a very irregular orbit, along with Nibiru, JUST WHEN Antoine and its planets,etc. are!!



      This is the object(almost as big as Mars)whose gravity and magnetic tides do such damage to the solar system every 3,600 years!!




      It may be being argued by those who are suppressing these important FACTS, that if the people were informed they would create pandemonium.(I think they are stronger minded than that. Bit of a panic at first maybe, but THUS avoiding the PANDEMONIUM that will surely follow if they are not informed!(If told in enough time THE PEOPLE will ADAPT to the idea, and not create pandemonium later.  THIS is my argument.  So TELL THEM!!)


     The FACT (of Phaeton's close approach to Earth) will soon become evident to ALL!!(Because it should APPEAR soon in our sky looking like our moon, only red and four linear diameters larger!!)(I think we should be WARNING the people of this, not hiding it from them!!)(To give them TIME to adapt to the idea.)(It CANNOT be hidden for much longer!!)(So BETTER tell the people, authorities in the know!!)


     Even though VERY FEW will manage to get down The North Geographical Pole!!


     So they can at least PREPARE their minds for so horrible a fate!!



     VERY FEW should survive.(Though it should not hit us.)



     Even the Earth ITSELF is in danger of being destroyed!!





      VERY FEW will be able to get DOWN The North Geographical Pole. But that is no reason not to tell us of the fact!!



       Only a chosen(by WHOM??) few best specimens(in who's view??) of humans, animals,plants,seeds,etc. will go.






       Do you see the gravity of this?


       And HOW RESPONSIBLE I am?!


       Because I am one of THE FEW who know.


       I know BEST how to DODGE(Because I know most about WHAT is happening.) the coming WORST EVENT to hit Man on Earth, EVER!!(Future included.)





       That was just ONE of a number of things Man needs to be warned about!!






       So, I continue:-





       2.   Risking Hell after death if you do more evil than good!


       If you do more evil than good, then you invoke a spiritual law(Called The LORD), which AUTOMATICALLY LOWERS the vibrations of your soul!


       Thus increasing its weight!


       The result of this is to shut out beneficial influences from you by God,etc. both in THIS WORLD and life NOW. AND in the life to come!!(Close up your receptors so to speak.  YOUR fault.  NOT God's!!  PLEASE note, and note THAT WELL!!!!)



        In TWO ways:-



        (i) By causing you to fall to a lower level than the medium(average) once you have crossed into The Spirit World after SO CALLED death.(ONLY the physical body dies at death. Soul, YOU,  goes ON!!)


         And (ii) By causing you, via karma(debt) to suffer handicaps in your future lives!!


         For instance, a scar received in a previous life gets imprinted upon the higher vehicles,too. This is then retained and RE-imprinted upon the foeutus YOU have chosen to be your next physical vehicle!!



         So you see by doing more evil than good, you risk incurring the wrath of Man and God, NOW and in future lives, discarnate AND incarnate!!!!



         Whilst, if you do more good than evil, you go to Heaven and Paradise.(To the degree you do more good than evil!)





         Though not all of Man's Judgements are good!!(Witness Jesus for example!)


         He was murdered HORRIBLY for doing SUCH immense good!(Because humans are unevolved and the rulers of The Earth are evil.)(People will do ANYTHING to preserve their way of life! Destroying YOURS if necessary!!  So they slew the world's best hope!!)


         They preferred to please Caeser(!) RATHER than GOD!!



         ALL who try to follow Jesus can EXPECT similar treatment!! Proportionately, at least.





         Many hate Jesus out of envy. And because when good things get done the wicked lose out(lose out of the evil things they so love)!! So not only Jesus, but ALL who go that way suffer - according to their efforts' successes.  Or even for trying!!




       THIS(Following Jesus being so hard.) is why this world is in the state it is in!!




       Too little is being done to warrant God's beneficial influences!!






       Jesus was no fool.  Many think he was!  Oh,no. It is extremely hard to do good in this world of HATRED of good things.



       Don't be deceived. THIS WORLD is very wicked!!






        I think the delight should be in getting GOD to gain, not ourselves! By doing ITS will, as best we can! But that takes SPIRITUAL STRENGTH and courage and nerve. It is NO easy stupid thing - as some think!!(Not stupid because the doer gains increased happiness now and in the future proportionately. And strength because of the resistance one encounters upon even TRYING to do good, the dominant many and strong not YET seeing the wisdom of pleasing ALL MIGHTY GOD. Which I think is obvious SENSE!!



        Have I made the mistake of trying to warn the world of the coming RECORD BREAKING CATACLYM(Within TWO YEARS!!(Indeed, it has ALREADY started(September 1st, 2,010.A.D.), rather than concentrate upon warning men of hell and hades(underworld)for those who do more evil than good.   I fear so!  But I see getting others to at least be warned, if not avoid, the VERY SOON COMING CATACLYSM as being of SUCH IMMEDIATE importance!!(DO I err??)(If so, I am sorry God. Perhaps I AM overawed by it,THEN!! Comparatively.)))




     I hate the WAYS of this world. I don't hate the world.




     3. Physical death is NOT the end!!(Many people fear death. But the death to fear is an untimely or painful one.(Not all deaths are painful.)(Or at the end of a life where you have done more evil than good!)(And thus fear Hell.)(Or one perhaps where too many people would miss you too much!)


      Physical death is NOT the end of YOU!! It is ONLY the end of your physical body! A welcome relief,often, when timely. Or if in great pain.


     Many think that they ARE their physical bodies. No, that is not so. We are our souls and personalities, NOT the vehicles we temporarily inhabit!!(We are no more our bodies,than we are the cars we drive when we get into them!!)(Just a temporary VEHICLE! For us to USE, whilst in the physical world!!)



     Physical death(the ONLY death to the minds of many)is the PERMANENT END of the physical body of course. No doubt about that!!  It will just rot away, vanishing for ever.



     However, we are unquestionably VERY MUCH more than our physical bodies.



     3.  We re-incarnate. Endlessly.  As we have done already.


     We take a sojourn in The Spirit World after physical death, in much the same way as when we awaken from a dream into waking life!  A complete change of world!!


     When we tire of this(The Interregnum after physical death.) vacation, or feel the need of a much tougher world whereby to grow faster in(The Spirit World is easier materially, but harder spiritually.  So though it is very pleasant, we don't evolve much(in the top half!)(!  And thus some wish to speed things up a bit.  Which can be achieved by getting born into the physical again. (Similarly to being in a dream and wishing for a more substantial life! Perhaps more challenging!!)


    We do this by condensing our spirit vehicle down to smaller than a pea, and having chosen our next parents, do enter the brain of the foeutus via the suture in the skull, in reverse manner to the way we exit our present body upon physical death. 


    Thus we possess it. But cannot(usually) get out again until it dies!!



    4. MOST other globes,etc. are inhabited. Not necessarily by beings like ourselves. Not all creatures are carbon based. And there are MANY different planes of existence.



   5.  We are visited often by aliens. ETC.


   The fact is, few of us believe the truth, we believe what we WISH(and disbelieve what we DON'T wish;  to believe)(Not that Truth cares!!) to believe. And often confuse this for the truth!!



   6.  Nearly all people believe that we cannot go back and change the past. Though many of us WISH that we could!!


   However!  This is not so.  We CAN, and MUST, go back into our past and do the things we ought to have done, but didn't; and not do the wrong things we did !


   Unless we do this. (Easy to do after death in The Spirit World.) We shall be unable to improve and gain a better self for our next incarnation!!




   7.  Another amazing thing that can be done, is have someone(even yourself)hypnotize you to do things you are unable to do.(For example: Not fear women.)(There are limits though!! But our PRESENT abilities CAN be improved!!)(The secret of hypnosis is to TRULY BELIEVE what your subconcious(or whatever)mind is being told!!)(Because we can(if able)do what we BELIEVE we can.)





   8.   Aliens are coming to inspect us soon. This is a bit of a worry.


   The Annunaki aliens who genetically modified our genes currently riding Nibiru will drop off and pay us a visit!(Before the main event, presumably. Which will be either a terrible death or have to stay on Earth after The Coming Worst of ALL TIME event!!)(For instance live in icy caves in a new Ice Age!!)


   9.   You get saved from Hell and Hades(The Underworld after death.) by repenting of your sins. This means not being just sorry, but BURNING OUT IN ANGUISH from your soul your sins!!


  10.  And you cannot even START to begin to please God UNTIL you accept CHRIST into your heart.


   And then LET IT LIVE OUT THROUGH YOU unto the maximum,








    We have been having too easy of a time of it lately. And Nature is a VERY GREAT balancer!!



    Ignoring me WILL NOT make what I am warning you of GO AWAY!!



    Isn't it wiser - to at least ALLOW for THE POSSIBILITY that I may be right?!


    By SIMPLY CHECKING what I have asked you to!!


    My motivation is CONCERN for YOU.(Worthwhile, I hope!!)(In particular THE SOON COMING DOOM!!)




    What is YOUR motivation for ignoring me??  ??


     The belief that what is not thought about won't happen??




     Be warned comrades!!




    Not far to go,now!!











































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