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Briefly. But see my old articles for details!!

In The Astro-physics realm of distances, masses,etc:-


You may, many decades ago, have heard about some 2-1 velocities to magnitudes discrepancy. It was denied by orthodox astronomy.


Quite right. There is no 2-1 velocities to distances' discrepancy.


However(I am an amateur who has studied this field intenselfy for a long life-time.),

- I found a strange anomaly in spectroscopic devices. Which is showing velocities at half what it should be showing!

I also found that velocities are only recorded to half a circumference distance.(When they should go full circle!) So vels. are recorded AGAIN at half what they should be!


Space distances(maximum) of ALL fields, are full circumference!!

So we need to multiply all velocities by 2, and then 2 again!! 4x altogether!!


(Now orthodox distances have been increased 2x and 2x again(4x altogether) down the decades. Which fits my calculations(roughly)!)


There is no connection between distances x4 and my velocities x4. No known one(by the orthodox)that is!!


Velocities(SO called!) reveal distances, you see. So there is agreement!


I discovered that The Cosmological Red Shift is simply the angle of the view to the horizon. (Of each field!)(Not just galactic,etc.)(We are simply viewing ACROSS the horizon, (My)wave ANGLES. Not velocities!!


Red shifts are in fact not velocities at all! But space per (orbital) vibrations!


Furthermore THERE IS NO OPTICAL DOPPLER'S EFFECT!!(Though Auditory is true enough.)


(I found that it is simply external wear and tear on light,etc!!)(Maybe internal too.)


I also found that because "velocities" and magnitudes(apparent)(I found too that apparent mags times absolute mags is A CONSTANT!!)should be equal in value, that we really need to multiply mags by 2, and then 2 again to make them correct!!)(v x mv = K.)


(ALLELGED)Velocities have NO relationship to space per orbital vibrations!

Also, there is no relationship between velocities and distances.(Though there is between my wave angles and distances,ETC.(Space per orbital vibrations)!)

They are wrongly calling s/vibs velocities!!(No connection WHATSOEVER!!!!)


I find that time has no beginning nor end.

And that all spatial distances are endless, thought not limitless!!(Distances around the surfaces of any globe are endless, though not limitless!!)


(This is because we live upon THE SURFACES of all fields.(And these are circumferential!!))


There IS NO expansion.(Nor Big Bang.) For ANY field.)

The orthodox(phoney) theory is beautiul and lovely. The truth is dull and flat.(So so called scientists have gone for beauty and loveliness over truth and LOVE!!!!)(The truth is so vast, that most humans CANNOT see the INCREDIBLE beauty and lovelines s THAT EXISTS THROUGHOUT!!!!


The apparent magnitudes are the converse of their absolutes!!


If the local stars all had the same intrinsic luminosity, they would LOOK equally bright IF all at the same distance away!!


Astronomers long for true distances.

They note a strange 2 to 1 discrepancy often popping up. My explanation clears this up!!


Maps,charts,etc. drawn up from ORTHODOX data shows a meaningless jumble.


Maps and charts,etc. from MY data(I ADJUST the orthodox!) show EXPECTED and MEANINGFUL patterns!!(Spirilla)(Predicted by my theory!).


My results are so accurate(I mean by correct distance, the TRUE distances(and masses,ETC.), NOT the MINOR corrections!!)(Astronomy distances are very chaotic.) - that you can tell THE WEATHER on the day of the recording!!


Furthermore my results show a zig-zag pattern, which when(correctly) enlarged for logs,etc. - are actually WAVES!!!!(Which makes sense!!)


The nearest star is(all objects go in identical twin pairs(two kinds, close and separated)) Arcturus(The Abo's are right!).). Sols IDENTICAL TWIN!!!! It is just over 2 light years away.



Arcturus only looks red because of the dust,etc.intervening. Actually it is yellow like the sun!!

I believe it has a solar system about identical to ours!!

So would have an Earth much like ours!!(Steady, NASA, steady!!)(Even only two light years is a long way!!)


When we view out we are seeing not the beginning of the big bang(it is little pops in all fields, not big bangs!!), but our own galaxy AGAIN!!(Yes. In the far distance!(Because we live upon the surface of a circumference!!)



Zwicky was right. Time two, as well as time one, exists!!


We also live on a star within a closed cluster of stars! NOT out in space!


We live near to the centre of this cluster.

Stars are created red dwarfs and then move up the colour spectrum and grow in size,etc. on the ends of invisible placentas!!(Which feed them!!)


I know these things with almost COMPLETE CERTAINTY!!



I shall be scorned and mocked, hated and reviled, I know.


But I seek THE TRUTH, not the foolish vain wishes of men!!!!




You study my articles VERY carefully. I use logic theorems.

I do NOT subscribe to money and popularity gaining views.



Probably true of all fields and sizes of heavenly objects,etc.





I could build an excellent PLANETARIUM of all of the night sky objects!!


It is important to observe that there is NO EXPANSION. In ALL fields and sizes there is only a slow linear curving growth!! There was NO BIG BANG.

True velocities, radial and otherwise are very small,, positive and negative.


The cosmic horizon in ALL fields and sizes is being misread as an expansion, and from a big bang.


The truth is the opposite of what we are being told. And this in all fields!!


We are seeing ACROSS hyper-space, NOT INTO space!!

Space per orbital vibrations are being misread as velocities(with small REAL velocities added or subtracted!).

The Cosmological Red Shift is simply (my wave angles!) our view ACROSS the cosmic horizon, the circumference that we are on!!


We are MEASURING AROUND the circumferential surfaces of ALL fields and sizes in red shifts(so called velocities that are nearly entirely space per vibs!!).

But ACROSS space in apparent magnitudes!


Thus we are getting two DIFFERENT READINGS.(Of BASICALLY 2 to 1 in favour of "velocities"(so called).)(Pi over 2 actually.)


THIS is what is throwing Astronomy via Astro-physics so badly out!!


There IS NO chaos OUT THERE. All is PERFECT law and order!


I have done maps, charts, tables,etc. and KNOW!!!!

Via beautiful patterns which were FULLY EXPECTED!!!!(By me.)


WHY are we being told lies?

Because if we were told the truth, our evil overlords would fall. So the people are being DELIBERATELY misled!!


WHO are our evil overlords?


Not the governments of the world, but THE SECOND GOVERNMENTS who manipulate them!

Ruled by evil aliens, The Reptileans, via the little greys,etc. then on down via The Illuminati, Freemasons,etc.

This was wilfully begun about one million years ago.

Mars was defeated and ruined.


We are being invaded by horrible aliens(who can take human shape) from another universe!


Who broke through into our universe(They are currently invading Orion. And have reached Sol and Earth!!) after gigantic experimental explosions went wrong, and ruptured The Space Time Continuum!!(Impossible to seal up.)

Lucifer was originally a good angel, and the highest.


What has happened is that God has been replaced by The Devil(DEMON!!). In the minds and hearts,etc. of men!!!!

Women and children should NOT be allowed to rule!!

Nor should we sacrifice humans to wild animals(sharks, crocodiles, lions and tigers,ETC.).


Astronomy is the great key.


You have only to check out my work TO SEE THE TRUTH!!!!



The truth is being WILFULLY withheld from us.

And WICKED lies told instead!!

ALL properties are being shown VERY WRONG. Not just distances, but masses and everything else!! Consequently we get misled!!

All who even TRY to get the truth out get shut up. Murdered if necessary.

I fully expect the same fate. At ANY time!!!!

I am The Prophet of The New Age.

I know more truth than all the rest put together!!

I am the Copernicus of the stars,etc!!!! NOT The Ptolemy!!

The Earth,etc. is just 6.25 years from almost TOTAL wipe out!!

You don't believe me?


Starting up VERY SOON.

This bad weather is NO THING compared with what is to come!!

About 6,000,000,000 humans, and many animals and plants,etc. ARE GOING TO DIE and MOST HORRIBLY!!!!


Wake up Earth Men!!

Your joy ride is OVER!!!!



Victor Conway.


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