Thursday, 31st December, 2,009.


I checked out Nibiru!

99.99% sure!


9 out of 10 are expected to die. ABOUT As near to Wipe Out as one can get!!

For the remaining 1 out of the 10, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FAR BETTER - had they gone, too!!

For the survivors - a living death, and HELL!!!!(All surface water will turn red like blood.(Some of it will be blood!!)(Even the SEA will turn red.)


There are photographs of Nibirus(Wrongly called Planet X). I studied these to see if any fakery was involved. THERE WAS NOT!!

All the possibilities I can think of were checked. Solid.

There is a HUGE object hurtling towards THE SUN at 200 m.p.h. With that size and mass IT MUST just about end all life on The Earth!!

Stock up for weeks. But I think MANY food,etc.shops will be deserted, though stocked with goods. And no one(much) bothering to steal. The survivors will be half dead with shock and fear. Many injured.

Stock up for weeks TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE.(As you risk being shot dead.)(If you loot.)

I can only give you the picture I SEE.


This is three years hence.


Though some will die before the BIG EVENT(The Passage), from APPALLING HEAT, choking red deadly dust, fires(and smoke), floods, and about everything unpleasant you can imagine. From Nature, Animals AND MAN!!!!


So PLEASE prepare mind and body AND SPIRIT, NOW.


As this huge planet closes on The Sun(and us, as we are so close to the sun), weird things will happen, with magnetism for instance.(Magnets will become increasingly wrong, and jump around(the needle will)!) (Imagine the effect on all forms of transport using magnetic compasses!!(Ships,planes,etc!!) And lurches of The Earth(So The Earth will jump around,too.).

Sink holes galore(wide, deep holes in The Earth)are already opening up.

The colossal gravity will play increasing havoc with the tectonic plates(The top crust will jump up over the lower one!)(And The Earth will invert.)The weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, appalling heat, fires, floods, ferocious winds, and MANY other AWFUL things(Like upwelling LAVA.) will rise to a crescendo. Before The Earth inverts.

It will pass us twice.

As it shoots around the sun(THIS is The Comet of Nostradamus.) And back out past us again.

I checked out the photographs(See for yourselves! Punch in Nibiru. Go to Zatarik's Signs of The Times.(I found it good.(There or near, look around!!) Study the photographs for yourselves.))

However the people displaying the photos made far better jobs than I can.


It is important to spread the news, but very discreetly.(Some better forewarned. Others told nothing.)

There is a film coming out called 2,012, but I think the real thing will be FAR FAR worse than that. (Not seen the film, but seen trailers.)


Rapture coming,too. And huge religious and spiritual revivals, as millions flock to the temples, churches,etc.(Making Billy Graham's Crusades look like damp squibs!!)


It is actually a good thing, as Sun and Earth,etc.line up with The Centre of The Galaxy. And other key line- ups also occur.


The bad is really only a re-action by Nature!(And Man.)


For God's Sake - PREPARE!!

Some say that The Earth will only fall on its side(in one hour!)(That would be far worse than a full inversion! Because the poles will melt completely and reform in Brazil and India!!)(Places like Northern Australia will FRY!!(Queensland,too.)(It will get VERY HOT before The Terrible Event.)

That would mean winds of 2,700 miles per hour!(For an hour!)(With tsunami "OVER THE MOON"!! (Many MILES high!!) Need I expound??


And a rather rapid sea rise of 440 FEET!!(Appalling heat would soon melt The Arctic and The Glaciers. Even Antarctica would vanish in a few years.(With Brazil and India TAKING THEIR PLACES!!)


The Internet is FULL of it.


And of course the film 2,012 is making it widely known!!



Read my earlier articles carefully, and you will see where I score.







Vic Conway.






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