Tuesday, 30th August,  2,011.






In the wake of The Comet!!(In The Wake of THIS BLUE comet, Comet Elenin, The RED DRAGON comes!!)





         H.G. Wells wrote a story with that title. In which a comet dropped red dust.


VERY prophetic.


        Phaeton's core is dropping red dust on us RIGHT NOW, from its tail.


        A correction:  I said that Comet Elenin contained hydrogen cyanide - which may enter our atmosphere when we enter ITS tail.


        However, this is NOT the red dust now falling upon us increasingly from Phaeton.  Though that too is deadly.


        It will be from Comet Elenin WHEN we enter its tail.


        AFTER it passes us, December, 2,011  or January, 2,012.





        I simply state what I glean from study.


        MUCH to worry us, is out there.




       I am extremely disturbed at the lack of response and interest I am getting.  We are talking about the extinction of almost ALL life on this planet(on a few others too))And how I can save you!)(But I DO need YOUR CO-OPERTION!!,asap!!!!. And those that survive(how HARD to!), it will a living DEATH - AND in an ice age!!!!  A small few have more or less agreed 2,012 doom,etc!!


      It is about as certain as certain can be, you see. I have PROVED and CONFIRMED that 2,012. is the year. Of the ENDING of this current set of CYCLES.(At least THREE of them, The Solar Quarter Cycle of 6,500 years, The Nibiru Complex of 3,600 years, and The Mayan Calendar Cycle of 5,000 years.  ALL COINCIDE 21.12.2,012!!!!  Plus the alignment with The Great Rift at The Centre of our galaxy by Earth and Sun. And all other cycles now on.  ALL END on that day!!  At least two SUPER DUPER cataclysms will occur AT THE SAME TIME!!(My PROOF and CONFIRMATION is completely independent of various OTHER INDICATORS!!)



      I cannot doubt!


      How hard to be MORE SURE!!




     Comet Elenin has a large blue halo. It is approaching close to another comet, Comet Garradda. So we have these two comets, close together, approaching us.


    Comet Elenin has a large blue halo tail - which we shall enter after the main object passes.



    Harbingers of DOOM!!



    Elenin will be gone on 16.01.12.



    On 14.02.12(Saint Valentine's Day.), about a month later, The Red Dragon Katchina arrives nearest to Earth(The name given to the blue and red threats to Earth,etc. Katchinas. By The Hopi Indians.)(Comet Elenin is the nice one, but still dangerous.  The one called Nibiru is the nasty one, which should not hit us, but pass at a million miles(The top authorities know, and have arranged for a very small chosen FEW to be moved into underground chambers, plus a hollowed out mountain. When the time comes.)


     Nibiru is the name given to Antoine, the brown dwarf star sun(accompanied by its six planets and their satellites,etc.etc.   and followed by FLEETS of UFO's,)(Coming to inspect their cattle, US.)(Perhaps to evacuate the chosen best ones! As I THINK that the inspections are in process all the time  via the alien abductions!!)(Their crop circles,etc. keep trying to apprise us!!)


      Weird and wonderful events get choked off, because this world is NEGATIVE. Which is why REPORTS of what I am telling you about are so LARGELY failing to make it through to The General Public.(IF you listen to me, you CAN GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, meanwhile wearing my SPECIAL FARADAY CAGED HELMETS!!(To keep out the masses of electrons AND the deadly red dust,etc!!!!))


       The reason the few of The Authorities in the know do not tell us, is because they wish to keep CONTROL of us, AND to avoid PANIC!!  A sure REBELLION if the mob found out that ONLY A FEW SPECIAL CHOSEN FAVOURITE ones were being saved(In the underground chambers.)(But FAR better to get down The North Geographical Pole, because underground will be VERY dangerous!(Best place is under water!  But WHO could stay down for the few years needed to dodge the very great number of killers ferociously attacking all humans and animals??!! EVERY evil and horror that you can think of WILL be happening all over the globe. Nowhere missed!!)(No food, poisoned water, hardly any oxygen left in the air.  And just about all humans AND ANIMALS stark raving MAD, and BAD!!!!  As all fight to survive!! Just THINK of it!(But if you listen to ME, you will GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, pronto!!)(Blood and wet red dust LOOKING like blood - will be everywhere!!)


       We simply need to organize fleets of cruise ships, preceded by ice-breakers, and GET WITHIN THE EARTH(but NOT underground(too dangerous,that!)!!) -loaded up with the best specimens of everything!!



        EVEN the slightest possibility of all this SHOULD make every one of us LEAP  TO ACTION STATIONS IMMEDIATELY!!



        However, VERY FEW believe me and the small number of others trying to warn the world!!


        I cannot help but smile at the injunctions to stock up on the essentials!  The point is(better than nothing, perhaps!) the disasters will be SO SEVERE that ALMOST  a waste of time EVEN TRYING to survive, UNLESS you GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.(I am referring to the GIGANTIC TUBEWAY ENTRANCE near to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!)



        It will be TOO LATE, you see ONCE NIBIRU(Phaeton) appears to all and CLOSE UP!!(Which can be EXPECTED within the next year!)(Striking fear and terror INTO EVERY CREATURE!!!!)


        THEN all the regrets and LAMENTATIONS in the world - will do you NO GOOD, AT ALL!!!!




         Yes, you prefer to believe that I am mistaken. Naturally.  But I am SO sure that  I AM NOT!!




         PLEASE heed what I am saying REPEATEDLY, to AS MANY as I CAN REACH!!(A pitiful FEW!!)




         What MORE can I do?  All of my efforts get resisted you see.  BECAUSE The NEGATIVE forces rule this world!! And they oppose ALL positive actions!!(A FEW others knows the basic details. But I am the ONLY person ON THE ENTIRE PLANET who has both proved and confirmed 2,012 AND knows hot to escape it!(Down The North Geographical Pole, but meantime wear my Faraday Caged special helmets - to keep out deadly poisonous red dust AND The Masses of Electrons!!)(I realize that few will go down North Geographical Pole(One thousand mile wide tubular entrance near there.), but THAT is OUR ONLY HOPE!! Going underground is too dangerous. And going under water for LONG ENOUGH is too hard for all but a few!)(To have best chance of surviving - you need to do two things: BELIEVE me. AND get down WITHIN through that tubular entrance up north!!  The alternative is almost certain and terrible death.(And even if by fluke you survived, it would be a LIVING DEATH. In UTMOST DESOLATION, AND in ICE AGE!!!!)



          Is it negative or positive to be trying to save as many of Earth's Life Forms AS POSSIBLE??!!



         How many teeth will YOU be gnashing for not having listened to me WHILE THE GOING WAS GOOD??!!





          I NEED TO blaze what I am saying ACROSS ALL THE SKIES OF THE WORLD in contrails!!




         I am the ONLY ONE to have PROVED and CONFIRMED 2,012, you see!!


        AND to KNOW about the WAY OF ESCAPE.(Down The North Geographical Pole!!)(Meaning down the huge entrance NEAR to it!!)(It is over a thousand miles wide.)(But in that vast wilderness IT COULD BE MISSED. So you need to take a BEE LINE north by GYROSCOPE(Because compasses WON'T WORK, and KEEP ON GOING!! - Until WITHIN THE EARTH(but NOT underground!!), and IN that TEMPERATE ZONE there!!



         I KNOW that what I am saying SEEMS so unlikely.



         I cannot help that!




         THAT(THIS) is how IT IS!!!!



          You think I may be some nut-case trying to attract attention to his self?



          THINK AGAIN!!


           I do not need attention to my self. I need it! To WHAT I am SAYING!!)





           Will you view the videos, PLEASE.



           Of "Nibiru videos" and "The Second Sun videos".



           No need to believe me, or my proof(In my M46 article. Or L7.)  and confirmation.  CHECK my proof AND confirmation, view videos, AND SEE FOR YOURSELF(VES)!!!!




            We have had it good for SO long, that many think that things will just go on and on like this!


            THEY WON'T!!




             Other generations have suffered.



             Now comes The Compensator.



             SO WE DON'T MISS OUT!!(As so MANY SO  FONDLY  imagine that they will!!)




              How wrong you are, people!!




               How UTTERLY and COMPLETELY  wrong!!




               Yes, I know, - and you THOUGHT you were having it tough(bad)!!



               Now we shall ALL learn what toughness and the bad REALLY is.(And this is ONLY materially and physically.)




                After physical death COMES THE SPIRITUAL reckoning!!  In HELL, if necessary!!!!





                The End of The World AS WE KNOW IT??!!





                 How VERY  VERY    true!!



                 The planet they CALL Nibiru, is Phaeton, ex where the asteroid belt now is!(THAT is coming too. Both planets of our solar system.)  The planet they call Nibiru(another one) is Planet X.(THAT one is not due near Earth until 2,078.A.D.)




                  And the brown dwarf star they also call Nibiru will pass(around the sun) about where Mercury is.  And ALSO disturb us!!






                  The big object that passes one million miles off, and does the most damage is Phaeton's core!!



                   THAT is due 14.02.12.



                    It is all very confusing.



                    I THINK I have it.






                Be WARNED, NOW.


      I do NOT jest!!


      It HURTS me to see so many grinning faces on television.(And frowning ones on the streets!!)


      THEY are TRYING to KID US  - that everyone is SO DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY!!




      Looking forward to UTOPIA  just around the corner??





     What a SHOCK you are in for!!








      THEN we shall SEE the colour,the TRUE colour, of THE HUMAN HEART!!(As THE MOB - GOES BESERK!!!!)



   You dig?



          Or are you STOPPING your ears??!!




          And CLOSING the eyes!!!!




         Phaeton, wrongly called Nibiru, shall appear SUDDENLY at the VERY LAST!!




         Don't believe me??










         For EVER is a very long time to REGRET not listening to me NOW!!



         I BELIEVE, Lord GOD!!



        I BELIEVE, Lord JESUS!!!!



       GET THROUGH TO THEM FOR ME, will you, BOTH??!!




 For I succeed SO PITIFULLY LITTLE!!!!



  The Destroyer is visible in the sky, and will be seen eventually EVEN IN DAYLIGHT.  But it is not Nibiru.  And it is not Antoine, The Second Sun. That brown dwarf.


   It is Phaeton, its CORE, now silhouetted against our sun, and approaching!




   THAT is the one that does so much damage!!




    I don't need a MAGNIFYING GLASS.


    I don't need a telescope!!


    I can SEE it in the videos.


     Silhouetted cheekily against the sun!!





      WHY can't more than a pitiful few of THE OTHERS see it??!!




       COME ON, WORLD!!








       The latest news is that a new strain of Bird Flu has broken out. Vietnam and China.  It is drug resistant.  And has claimed lives.


        Different strains of Flu are breaking out all the time. The worry here is that it is drug resistant.


        It may or may not be Swine Flu.













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