Thursday, 21st January, 2,,.010.



A Confession.



Hands up all those who thought I was about to confess to a joke or a hoax??

Be honest now!


Our subject remains(in this H series) 2012. The End of the world, as we know it!!


Should I tell? (Sorry, chaps, NOT a joke or a hoax!!)


So the only way out for those of you hoping that I am wrong, is that I have made a mistake! Right??


Otherwise, I am right.



How many of you out there are on your knees sweating(sorry, perspiring) pints of BLOOD, praying that I am wrong?




Let that SINK IN a while...


I don't believe in backing LOSERS!!



I mean IN THE MAIN. - I could be wrong on minor points. SOME minor points.


Any of you think that I am mad? Quite a few I would think.



For backing SO unlikely LOOKING a horse!!



My problem is not how accurate I am, but whether I should TELL you.


For it CANNOT be stopped. And there is no refuge!!


However, I give you the benefit of the doubt. I prefer to know. And grant you the same latitude!


If I don't tell you I risk judgement by God.


If I do tell you I risk judgement by Man.



I will vote God!!


VERY few believe it.


It seems ON THE SURFACE so unlikely.


I know that.

I have explained WHY it cannot be seen.

Nor is likely to be(by humans in general)for another 2.75 years!



I tell you in case you want to make your peace with God. Fair enough??



I tell you for your sake(and mine)!!



I am human.



I cannot bear such a load alone.(Maybe I should be silent!!)




All right. Let us get down to the nitty gritty:-

We are all facing the MOST APPALLING destruction over the next 6 to 7 years.

And AFTER - for ANY survivors!!



I am saying "Don't get too upset, we survive into The Spirit World, and can re-incarnate! If not on Earth, then on another Earth SOMEWHERE ELSE. Or, stay in The Spirit World!!".



Just suffer death(perhaps painful), and its an easy ride from there. PROVIDED that you have pleased God MORE THAN MAN!!


I must give that qualifier.



I am a stickler for THE TRUTH. We live in an evil world. Not that humans in general are so bad. But that we fall RATHER TOO SHORT - of the standards required by GOD!!!! AND are ruled by wicked entities. In this order: The Devil.(DEMON) - Pan - The Reptileans - Low humanoid aliens - The Second Government - And selfish self-centred rulers in The First Government,ETC. AND and a ferocious MOB who force so many of us to believe what we KNOW to be true!!

Let's FACE it!!


We love life. Don't want to die. Do not want it to end.


For all its drawbacks, we enjoy it in some way or another! Right??



Eke out the best existence we can. With a careful eye to PLEASURE. Hoping for joy, if not Happiness!!(Misery in comfort AT WORST!!!!)


ALL shall be required to give account to GOD!!



I don't want to suffer in The Spirit World!


I am accountable and RESPONSIBLE.


Don't know about the rest of YOU GUYS!!!!



Maybe you others have a FREE TICKET or something!!


Or a "Get out of HELL free, card!!"(You get my drift??)



What is the problem? The problem is "Our weather,ETC. is deteriorating.". And, if we extrapolate the plot line, we find GROWING WIPE OUT!!!!


Not too far ahead! Global Warming, and all that. Cause? ALLEGEDLY Man and his greenhouse gases(aided by animals).(Man SUPPOSEDLY via his industry(AND domestica). Plus the gases expelled from both ends of our aiimentary tracks.(Farm animals in particular.)


Which is a load of CRAP!!(Man made global warming is!!)(Lot of money to be made sucking up to THAT line. Thanks to the over-generosity of one Margaret Thatcher!!)


So what IS causing global warming,ETC??


Very simple! Noticed the growing variations with temperature in space and time??


In the middle of summer, in Australia, it has actually been COLD(first thing). Anyone betting on FROST soon.(In Queensland's coldest parts.(And NSW's.))







Has the sun gone mad?

Hardly Global warming!!


WHAT happened?? To get this cold snap in the middle of summer?(In Australia,etc.)(First thing in the mornings.)



I am TELLING YOU ALL what I think is the reason. Got a BETTER explanation?!


Come along now!

Heard of Sun Cycle 24?

Closely connected to the sun spots cycles, roughly on average every eleven years.



How many remember Solar Cycle 23??


We had a lot of bad weather then.


It is due to the sun's periodicity of activity via sun spots,etc.(Via The Solar Wind and Coronal Mass Ejections,ETC.). Which occasionally blows OUR way, disrupting our Magnetosphere, and The Cosmic Rays hitting upstairs,etc.


AND hitting Earth's core,etc.


The result is increased heat, disruption deep down, hitting the tectonic plates and so on.

Which sends us bad weather, including seismic,etc.(LOOK at the increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,etc.ETC!!!!)



Just over 3 years back the sun spots,etc. stopped.


So COOLING set in. Of course!!


Cause? The power of Cycle 24!


SO powerful it shut the sun down. And cut off heat to The Earth!!



The heat we HAVE been getting was due SIMPLY to heat STILL IN THE PIPE LINE!!!!



THAT is NOW ending!!

THIS is where the cold is coming from!!

Got it??

However, there is a HUGE complicating factor!


Some stars(Yes, the sun is a star.) have close binary companions!(Most do, in fact.)

(And just about ALL stars have DISTANT binary companions! Identical Twins. YES!!(Half of them far apart(NOW). Half of them still joined so to speak.)



Don't get confused now. ALL stars(including our sun) have DISTANT identical twin binaries. Ours is called Nemesis. It is not due to circle our sun for another 18 million years.(Breathe easy. FOR NOW!!)(These binaries circle each other, yous see, in long looping orbits.)


Many stars have IN ADDITION, a CLOSE binary companion, which can be larger or smaller, and may be MULTIPLE,even.


We have taken it for granted that Sol is all alone. NOT SO!!(As just told.)






Sol has a close binary companion STAR. A small one, as it happens. But one with a retinue of planets and their satellites,etc.


I got the name of ZOLA (For The Second Sun, our close binary companion star to Sol) from somewhere.


On checking, I find that its name is ANTOINE!!



Not too serious I hope.



Now THANKS to Antoine, The Sun's CLOSE companion(which zooms by our sun(orbitting it for a while) every 3,600 years), ITS heat is DELIVERING US(for now!)(!!) from the COLD LAPSE - brought on by our sun temporarily getting put out by Cycle 24!!



Any complaints?? Well, don't send them to me, please!!




With the sun switching back on(Re-Activating(Not The M Class Flare NOW!!), AND Antoine approaching us on round two, plus El Nino? AND Nibiru, Antoine's seventh planet, which is hot, we should be starting to feel a growing HEAT problem!!



So, don't expect this cold spell to last...




Our next problem should be FRY UP!!




However, heat is NOT the ONLY thing being dished out by Antoine!!



Its gravity and magnetic tides, plus a few other things, are playing havoc INCREASINGLY with our planet(and four other worlds).(Fortunately Antoine comes and goes!)

Nibiru only passes us twice. A pretty scary event!!



Nibiru is the seventh planet of Antoine.(It used to be Sol's Fourth(Phaeton).)


The name of the sixth planet of Antoine is Homeward OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.




THAT is the planet the Annunaki aliens live on.(They apparently use Nibiru as a war stations base.)(It seems that they were not The Nephelim of The Bible(Who it seems were giants up to thirty feet tall)(Some still around, it seems.(On some Pacific Islands.)



They are good Reptileans - I understand.(The REMAINING Annunaki.)


The bad Reptileans were routed by The Space Patrol(A GOOD Universal Protection set.). - SO I UNDERSTAND.



These beings LOOK human! But are scaly.


Some of the small grey humanoid aliens have joined them. They, as slaves, to The Reptileans, serve The Reptileans in subjecting US!!


We are cattle to them, you understand!!



Now, my job is to apprise you guys of the facts.



To give you A CHANCE to build a SPACE AND OR TIME ark.(Build a time capsule,too! For the men of 3,600 years hence! 5612.A.D!!


OR, get on some alien farmers' good agenda(for evacuation).(Get your name down! But you have to be WELL behaved!)

OR try to get inside a mountain, deep underground, or even WITHIN The Earth!!


As it will be PRETTY ROUGH on Earth for the next 5 to 6 years!!


Peaking on May 8th, 2,016.


Do NOT commit suicide!(It does NOT work!!)




The bottom line is that Solar System TWO will pass through Solar System ONE. And cause great havoc.


Normally this isn't TOTALLY destructive.


HOWEVER, THIS time we can expect TWO, THREE or even more SUPER cataclycms over the next 5 to 6 years. Ending up in an Ice Age. And perhaps even DEEP FREEZE. With temperatures dropping towards MINUS 273 degrees Celsius.(Absolute Zero.)



Personally, I'm for tennis...






I am The Messenger.






I am deadly serious.




No way am I joking or hoaxing!!



And I seldom make MAJOR mistakes!!!!




I have beenc checking and re-checking my calculations for a long time,now!!





Disbelieve me AT YOUR PERIL!!




Vic.(Your buddy.)(I am here to WARN you, not to BURY you!!)

So you see comrads, perhaps you will believe me,now?! Yes??

Please yourselves, of course.

But myself, I would rather be a living fool, THAN A DEAD SCEPTIC!!!!



No good you hate ME.





I didn't arrange this!!






Come along, chaps. GET THE ACT TOGETHER NOW.







I am flogging my guts out to save as many as I can.





I need you to help me!

Save as many as we can!





NOT put up a stone wall of DISBELIEF!!





Vic.(Better to believe what we get told, and be proven wrong. Than to disbelieve and be proven wrong - DEAD wrong!!!!)




2012 is everywhere now. All over The Internet.

Yet on no one's lips!!

Not even the film!!



Denial is fine! BUT LET IT BE OF LIES - NOT THE TRUTH!!!!






















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