Monday, 11th January, 2,010.






Two suns in the sky! But how big is it? I mean in appearance.


I know that many will think that I am mad. But I see the situation very clearly. Except that I do not know how big this second sun is! The appearing disk near our sun!


Why bigger than the sun's disk on some photos. But smaller on others!!


I am baffled.



Despite being good at cracking mysteries!!



It also seems to be jumping around!



For that matter - so does The Earth!!(The Earth's Wobble LITERALLY doubled OVERNIGHT recently!!). An effect of The Nibiru Complex.



SOMETHING is approaching. Something HUGE.


Things are going on. HOW BIG IS THAT SECOND SUN DISK??!!




Awful cold up north. Awful heat down south.



Australia in another heat wave.



Fire threat beserk.



It is so hot BECAUSE of that second sun!!




It is going to get HORRIFIC!!


I see MANY dying of colossal heat!! Including me.



Brief today.



Please keep my reports. Could save your life!!



I have kept changing my story. AND changing the date of THE DOUBLE CATACLYSM ETC. But hang in there. You have NO IDEA just how HARD this riddle is!!

I think I have done well.





THAT is the QUESTION!!!!







Vic Conway.



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