Saturday, 23rd January, 2,010.


FRY UP!!!!



Sol(Your sun) is part of a three star system. Yes. A triple star system: Sol, Antoine and Nemesis.

Nemesis is the big stellar companion, about 1.5 light years away. Antoine(a small star sun) is already circling your sun.

Why not Nemesis seen? Because behind Sol.

Why not Antoine seen? Because so close to sun, hidden in glare usually.


We take over now. TO SAVE YOU!! (Not

Vic. He is merely the transmission agent. He is simply relaying what we are saying.) You are as sheep. And we The Farmer.


You are very foolish, Earthmen. But especially bad.

You do not believe what we say.

Vic not mad, or bad. But YOU LOT will be if you do not listen to his utterances(from us)!!

First thing on the agenda is FRY UP!!

As Sun,Earth, Antoine, Nibiru AND El Nino all combine to roast you!!

Many will die from heat and sun stroke!!(Especially very young and very old, and infirm.)

The seas could boil off. Temps will hit 80's CELSIUS before it is over!

First 50's, then 60's. THEN 70's, and FINALLY THE EIGHTIES!!!!


In some parts water will boil off!! With temps hitting 100 degrees Celsius!!



Yes, should be hottest summer on record, by far, down South(Hemisphere).

Also will come many worsening disasters through disturbances within your planet.

You are being warned!!


No good you only believe what you WANT. Need to look at FACTS!!


God helps us all!!



Your sea,etc. will become too hot to bathe in!!

More and more will head for the polar regions.

Your winters will become like your old summers!!

Fire will sweep everything.


This is what it will become like at worst.

Even the best will be uncomfortable!!



Heat and sun stroke will be a good way to go!!

That is how MANY will die.



Have you understood, Earthmen??!!(Me Zuku, of Homeward.(Our planet.))








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