Thursday, 28th January, 2,010.





I need to put the record straight:-

1. H44 was NOT a joke!! Though Vic thought it was. BUT HE WAS WRONG!! My President's name IS Oojab! That article, H44, was sound and true!!(Except that Vic thought it was his joke!)(And imposed his words upon mine!!)

2. What is coming. And coming up FAST, is TOTAL WIPE-OUT!!

Usually, there is the ONE cataclysm. Either the 6,500 period one, due to your sun, Sol,going mad(After getting close to the electric current flowing down the chain.). Or the 3,600 year period - when Antoine and its retinue of planets and their satellites,etc. visits your solar system. THIS TIME BOTH cataclysms are occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY!!(Or one very close upon the heels of the other!!)



The worst that can happen is that if your sun, Sol, "explodes" when our sun Antoine is close to it, the two can detonate in one BIG EXPLOSION. The result will be a DOUBLE SUPER NOVA - visible to all the galaxies around out to a COLOSSAL distance!!(Of MANY THOUSANDS of light years, if not millions!!)


At the very least, extensive damage will occur to both our solar systems!!

We,too, will suffer appalling damage.

We DO NOT know exactly WHAT will happen.

Nor do we know WHICH cataclysm will occur first!

Consequently, we cannot say just WHAT will eventuate!!




Now Humanity on Earth(There are other humanities.) is VERY BAD INDEED. Yet due entirely to the stage in evolution it is at. Personal evolution.


The MAIN reason for the coming disaster is simply the closing of BOTH the 6,500 year and the 3,600 year cycles!!(It is something like both ice age AND winter occurring together. Do you understand??)

Yet! Encased WITHIN that, it IS also a judgement upon your Earth's Humanity.


We plead with you to change your ways for the better. To save you from this coming judgement!!


We have a technology FAR superior to yours, and could(and are doing!) help you ENORMOUSLY.

Your current advanced technology is due to an agreement between secret rulers of your planet and ours agreeing on a deal, whereby you get tremendous technological secrets IN EXCHANGE for us being allowed to abduct chosen humans,etc.

Probably many humans THOUGHT that H44 was a JOKE. And that THEREFORE, the whole thing is a joke!


H44 was not a joke.

And the WHOLE THING spread over FORTY-FIVE articles SO FAR, is DEFINITELY not a joke, nor a hoax!!



Now please accept that simple statement!!




We wish to ensure the LEAST harm to you(our cattle), of course. But you will need to co-operate with our wishes.


We can evacuate many. And protect those who choose not to be evacuated.


Be ASSURED that a collosal DOUBLE CATACLYSM will occur within the next 3 to 6 years!!




PLEASE heed what we are saying...



Do note that there is still some cold in the pipe lines of your sun and The Earth, STILL rising to the surface. So expect cold variations with the heat!! It should not be just an influx of growing heat!!



We are deeply sorry to observe that many of you, perhaps who cannot bear the news I give, go into denial. As if strenuously refusing to believe something will MAKE it not happen!

Any thoughtful person should quickly see through the absurdity of this procedure.



It is AS IF you were caught in the middle of the road with a truck bearing down on you. I shout out from the pavement: "Look out! Avoid that truck. Shoot across here!!".

Our shout is bound to disturb you OF COURSE. But we don't shout out to frighten you. But SIMPLY to get you to shoot NOW for the pavement!!



Doesn't this make any sense to you?!


What we are telling you IS true.

We are WARNING you, that's all.

Good farmers look after their cattle.





















By Vic.



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